She did a terrific job! She was friendly and made me feel super comfortable. I can tell she'll be a great addition to the waxing team and I'd definitely book her again!
November 15th 2016
Cassidy A. | St. Pete Spa
It's always a great experience at Pia Day Spa with great employees and staff that truly care about the customer!
November 15th 2016
Makbule | South Tampa Spa
First time for a body scrub. It was quiet and relaxing. Wonderful experience.
November 13th 2016
Joan F. | South Tampa Spa
I had 2 hours of complete bliss! The massage therapist is amazing and pays great attention to details! Loved my massage!
November 13th 2016
Hadley H. | South Tampa Spa
I love the convenience of scheduling on line. Staff always is sweet and super helpful. They do a great job.
November 13th 2016
Antoinina W. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great as always. I really appreciate Pia coming in 20 mins early to fit me in!
November 11th 2016
Sara k. | South Tampa Spa
I think she is lovely and I felt comfortable so she was great!
November 10th 2016
Kheila L. | St. Pete Spa
I love my esthetician, she is so personable and sweet and very knowledgeable about what she does. She has made me look beautiful when no one else knew how. Thank you so much, I will always come to Pia Esthetics for me waxing needs.
November 9th 2016
Shelley Y. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician did a great job. I liked the fact that she asked questions to make sure she was doing things the correct way I wanted.
November 8th 2016
Jaida H. | St. Pete Spa
Had a wonderful experience at Pia this morning. So relaxing and peaceful. Thank you!
November 8th 2016
Erin | South Tampa Spa
Great first facial from the new esthetician. She was very professional and did a great job explaining things to me. I will definitely be back.
November 7th 2016
Kelly C. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was great! Pia's is a nice, relaxing place. I highly recommend!
November 6th 2016
Staci | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is great!! She pays attention to detail, is very friendly and does a great job!
November 5th 2016
Lauren | St. Pete Spa
I've been coming here for 3 years and not once have I left unsatisfied. Andrea is the best!
November 5th 2016
Cynthia | South Tampa Spa
Marvelous job! She was gentle, attentive and through. Thank you.
November 4th 2016
Khris | South Tampa Spa
Becky gave me a fantastic facial. My skin is glowing and her massage was super relaxing. I will definitely return!
November 4th 2016
Emily | South Tampa Spa
Very relaxing! Caree had a very nice touch for my facial. The massage on feet hands and neck were just strong enough. The towls were the perfect temperature. Caree did an excellent job and i would recomend her.
November 4th 2016
Colleen j. | South Tampa Spa
Caree was prompt and considerate during my appointment. She did a great job and was very professional.
November 4th 2016
Susan V. | South Tampa Spa
I only trust you guys for waxing services. I love the world class service you provide and the results are always great. Additionally the ease of online scheduling and completing forms online is so convenient!
November 3rd 2016
Jessica L. | South Tampa Spa
My nail polish always chips off within a few days. But Carmen must have some kind of magic because I am FINALLY going to have to take my polish off six days after my manicure. And they don't even look that bad now, I just know I won't have time tomorrow. She did a great job with everything else, too. I am only going to Carmen from now on.
November 3rd 2016
Erin | South Tampa Spa
She did an amazing job on my perfecto facial. She asked me what i wanted to get out of this experience and I told her to relax and see how the facial would clear and improve my skin. She helped me achieve that. She was very gentle and soft spoken which only further helped me relax and enjoy my facial. The massage portion of the facial was also great, She provided just the right pressure to my hands,arms, legs and feet. By the end of the facial my skin felt wonderful and appeared clear from blemishes and visibly healthier and brighter. I'm very pleased and would come again for this service.
November 3rd 2016
Taylor F. | South Tampa Spa
I was so happy to have found Pia's! Rhonda did a great job. I love my nails...
November 2nd 2016
Olga K. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia, and I absolutely loved it. I got a Brazilian wax, and she did an amazing job. She is very nice and friendly, and starts conversations. I will definitely be back for another waxing at Pia.
November 2nd 2016
Gabby | St. Pete Spa
I enjoyed my facial.
It was very relaxing and the staff were very professional.
November 2nd 2016
Diane D. | South Tampa Spa
She did a great job on my Lash Perm! She explained the different curl options before she started. Since your eyes are closed, She stated what she was doing on every step. The massage break was a treat. The treatment lasted exactly as long as she said it would. I love my new curly lashes!
November 1st 2016
Cristina E. | South Tampa Spa
My visit was awesome, the receptionist and nail tech are wonderful!!
October 31st 2016
Arlita L. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was awesome! I love the shape and color, she was very professional and my eyebrows look great! I will definitely be going back! Great service and people!
October 31st 2016
Lauren g. | South Tampa Spa
So professional and always quality customer service love love love this place
October 31st 2016
Julie C. | South Tampa Spa
As always, great experience at Pia! Love their new St Pete location too!
October 30th 2016
Stephanie B. | St. Pete Spa
The massage therapist was great. The massage was so relaxing, I felt like a million dollars!
October 29th 2016
Mary T. | South Tampa Spa
The nail tech did a wonderful job! She was very attentive and my manicure and pedicure look terrific. Would definitely go back and see her again.
October 29th 2016
Anna I. | South Tampa Spa
The therapist was absolutely amazing! I left feeling like a different person than when I walked in. I really appreciated that he took the time to tell me about the massage and show me the bamboo pieces he'd be using. I highly recommend him!
October 29th 2016
Suzy | South Tampa Spa
The massage therapist is amazing! The staff is so friendly. A truly wonderful experience!!
October 29th 2016
Amy D. | South Tampa Spa
The nail tech was great. She trimmed my nails short like i asked and did a great job with the paint.
October 29th 2016
Silvana | South Tampa Spa
I always have a pleasant experience at Pia Esthetics, South Tampa.
October 29th 2016
Sharon L. | South Tampa Spa
Love, Love, Loved Cassandra!!!! Very nice, professional, and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I recommend her and would like to see her from here out. She's the best and Ive been coming for almost teo years now. She'll fit perfectly in the Pia family
October 28th 2016
Tierra a. | South Tampa Spa
Cassandra was amazing!!!! I really enjoyed the experience! Thank you
October 28th 2016
Tierra a. | South Tampa Spa
No different than any other experience i have here. It was fantastic! She was excellent and done in a reasonable amount of time too. Really liked her!
October 28th 2016
Tori v. | South Tampa Spa
The service was great. She was extremely friendly, gentle, and made sure to get all the hair. I would be happy to have her services again.
October 27th 2016
Andrea D. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great. I love the way they turned out and she was really nice when i was getting my eyebrows done. And it didn't hurt at all.
October 27th 2016
Sarah j. | South Tampa Spa
She asked me questions about my skin & told me what she was going to do before applying the wax., which i really appreciated. She seemed very confident and did a great job. She took her time, was gentle & also offered to fill in my brows before i left. I think her work was wonderful. I would definitely come see her again.
October 27th 2016
Michelle h. | South Tampa Spa
First of all.... Amazing! The service was great. She took her time and made sure everything was as smooth and painless as possible.
October 26th 2016
Samantha p. | South Tampa Spa
Much easier than my first time ten years ago! Very impressed with Cassandra & the scream cream! Wo-hoo! I'll definately be back
October 25th 2016
Ede O. | South Tampa Spa
Kassandra was wonderful. She has great personal skills and put me at ease immediately. She was thorough in her waxing and ask my preferances to shape and areas. She is very confident and i would definetly request her on my next visit. She got nervous when Pia came in but she maintained her composure externally. She is very excited to be a part of he Pias team and will do well. Thank yu for allowing me the oportunity to meet her!
October 25th 2016
Donna R. | South Tampa Spa
Rhonda was very friendly and inviting. She made sure I was comfortable and did a great job on my pedicure
October 25th 2016
Meghann H. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone here is AMAZING with outstanding customer service. Thank you!!
October 25th 2016
Holly B. | South Tampa Spa
Kassandra did an excellent job. She was confident and gentle. She was also very easy to talk to. I thiink she will be a great addition to your team.
October 24th 2016
Cheryl F. | South Tampa Spa
She was fantastic ! Thank you so much for fitting us in last minute - everything was perfect. My daughters brows were HOCO ready and on FLEEK !
October 23rd 2016
gabby h. | South Tampa Spa
I loved my services. She was really professional and friendly.
October 22nd 2016
Catarina | St. Pete Spa
Amazing! She was super friendly, professional and knowledgeable! She really took her time even with my extractions!
My service wasn't rushed this time. Thanks! Front desk lady was also very nice!
October 22nd 2016
Marian G. | South Tampa Spa