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This was by far one of the best waxing experiences I've ever had
- and goodness knows I've had a lot! My esthetician was absolutely amazing - she made the experience pleasant and relaxing. She was very laid back and fun to talk to during the wax. She did an excellent job too -- I am very satisfied with the results, and definitely will be returning!
March 8th 2012
Jazzy | St. Pete Spa
I've now gotten waxed by four different women, and every time the experience has been more than satisfactory. Everyone is professional, easy to talk with, accommodating, and I'm always happy with the work done. Waxing can be a very personal thing and I fully trust the staff at Pia. Thank you for keeping a wonderful, local salon filled with great people and consistent results.
March 7th 2012
Cristen O. | South Tampa Spa
Awesome! It was my 1st wax and she made me feel extremely comfortable! She also gave me great explaination on the process, what to expect, and the future growth of hair. I will definitley be returning to see her!

The rest of the staff was also very helpful. They made sure to greet me as well as any new customers within seconds of our arrival!

Lastly, the music was great! While I waited for my friend to finish with her session,I found myself singing along to every song!

My overall experience was welcoming... I will be returning!
March 6th 2012
Amanda W. | South Tampa Spa
The St. Pete staff is nothing but wonderful! I came in just for waxing but had some skincare problems as well. My esthetician gave me some great advice on how to prevent these problems and did a quick evaluation of my skin and knew exactly what I should try. Oh, I should mention that the waxing technique all of the staff use on their clients is practically painfree and super fast! After the waxing, she gave me a few samples of the Dermologica cleanser and toner and had me feeling great when I left my appointment!
March 2nd 2012
Leah | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is truly amazing and so personable. She helps me to relax and have great conversation so that I don't focus on the pain of the bikini wax. She also listens to my concerns and makes wonderful suggestions. This is also the first time I had my eyebrows waxed in addition to the sexy bikini and my eyebrows have never looked better. I have been extremely happy with my esthetician both in terms of service and results. Because of her, I will continue coming back to Pia's St. Pete and even expanding my services. Thanks!
March 2nd 2012
Natalie | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time at Pia Spa and I found everything to be very enjoyable. They were able to fit me in on short notice and were nice and polite throughout my service. Additionally my esthetician was professional and provided me with suggestions as to how to continue good skin care practices. I will definitely be returning to Pia St. Petersburg.
March 2nd 2012
Molly A. | St. Pete Spa
Since I've been in south Tampa, I have gone to Pia esthetics, the customer service is excellent, and the atmosphere is great get away. I will defiantly be coming back since Pia esthetics meets all my needs. Thank you
March 1st 2012
Grace A. | South Tampa Spa
Hi Pia Spa,

My first spa treatment was extremely enjoyable. I was a little bit nervous, but my technician helped relax me and gave me the most beautiful European facial I ever had. I plan to tell my friends about it. See you soon!

February 29th 2012
Cheryl D. | South Tampa Spa
I can't say enough! From Nayla to Ashley to Leslie. I always received great waxing and nails. I am always treated with a friendly and professional experience from the time I enter til the time I leave.
Thank you guys!
February 29th 2012
Karen A. | St. Pete Spa
Everything was wonderful. April, the receptionist was very nice and helpful. Nayla was very professional and gave the most wonderful manicure and pedicure experience. I enjoy the calm atmosphere and definitely I am coming back.
February 26th 2012
Laura K. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing experience. The salon was very clean and bright. The women were all very helpful and sweet. I felt very comfortable and am satisfied by the results of my service. I will definitely come back. Thanks pia!
February 22nd 2012
Dominique J. | St. Pete Spa
What a truly enjoyable experience! I visited the Pia Salon for a bikini wax and my esthetician is the best. This was my first visit to her and to Pia, but not my first wax. She made me feel instantly comfortable and actually relaxed during a typically painful procedure. She's the utmost of professional in terms of skill, and also has such a warm personality. The price is reasonable, the location is great and the salon was immaculately clean. I'm a client for life!
February 22nd 2012
Caitlin R. | St. Pete Spa
Professional, kind, and talented. Your products are great too. I had a less adverse reaction (not as red and bumpy) as usual. A pleased customer:)
February 21st 2012
Cristina | South Tampa Spa
This was my first bikini wax and I was very nervous. My esthetician was very professional and put my mind at ease. And she made it as painless as possible. The whole staff was friendly. I will definitely be going back!
February 18th 2012
L R. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful experience! I am new to waxing and not very tolerant of pain. Pia's does a great job making it as quick and painless as possible. I'm hooked!
February 17th 2012
Amy P. | South Tampa Spa
Friendly service, on time, excellent brow waxing. Will come again.
February 16th 2012
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
Excellent - from check-in to check-out. Questions and service was wonderful and service was prompt, relaxing and quick. Perfect as usual- Thank you!
February 15th 2012
laura l. | South Tampa Spa
I had the pleasure of having a pampering 60min Chocolate Cake pedicure. It was by far the best pedicure I have ever had! I was lucky enough to have the nail room to myself and let myself completely relax. I was given a glass of sangria upon check-in and then upon the start of my pedicure there was a little plate of goodies waiting for me in the nail room that smelled like chocolate! Little Hershey Kisses and a tiny chocolate adult beverage was on the table next to me. Within those 60mins not only did my nails look great but I was completely relaxed and at ease. Pia's always pays great attention to detail. It truly is the best place in Tampa to get any type of pamering service. I was very happy with My Nail Tech's talents as my feet and nails look great! Thank you very much!
February 15th 2012
Meghann M. | South Tampa Spa
Best. Massage. Ever. Period. The massage was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had. I can't remember ever being so comfortable and at ease at a spa in my life. Customer service was top notch. Will be recommending to EVERYONE! Oh, and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's Day upon arrival had my lady beaming. Thanks again!!!
February 15th 2012
Daniel S. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia's, and I have been to other wax places in the area. I was very pleased with the outcome, and appreciated my esthetician's professional and knowledgable suggestions. The last place I was at was very quick to get me in and out and tried to get me to buy product that didn't even work for me. At this Pia's location, I felt very comfortable and really felt my time and money was worth well spent. I will definitely come back.
February 12th 2012
Savanh C. | St. Pete Spa
Always a very pleasant and friendly athmosphere and gentle touch. Best waxing in the TampaBay!
February 10th 2012
Maria C. | South Tampa Spa
Wax is always awesome here, the techniques, facilities, and service are the best I've found in Tampa. Completely Bare Wax barely hurt even though I missed my last appt. Pia's is very good at what they do.
February 7th 2012
Latrice | South Tampa Spa
I always find the manicures and pedicures at Pia to be outstanding, and my recent visit held up to the standard I'm used to. Excellent - truly one of the best nail techs I've come across.

Additionally, the entire staff is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I look forward to each visit and will definitely return for services!
February 6th 2012
Lindy P. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia and I had A great experience. I had the Fiji Pedicure and it was very nice- I really liked those products. I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in your nail service room. The lounges were fantastic and the music provided a nice atmosphere. Thank you!
February 3rd 2012
Shannon l. | South Tampa Spa
I have never been anywhere to be waxed before because I was afraid to go somewhere where I was going to be uncomfortable. From the second I walked through the door I felt 100% comfortable. Everyone was smiling and they were incredibly nice. I wasn't nervous when I was getting my wax which eased any pain of it and my technician was really comforting and kind. I am most definitely coming back and have been telling all of my friends about Pia.
February 2nd 2012
Samantha J. | South Tampa Spa
My experience at Pia was extremely nice. When I came in the receptionist greeted me with a smile and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. This we my second vist to Pia and I must admit I was a little nervous the first time I received a Brazilian wax but the ladies there made me feel relaxed by talking to me and letting me know how the waxing process work. After my first waxing visit now I'm hooked! Pia has a new number 1 fan and I would defiantly recommend this place to all my friends and family.
February 2nd 2012
Shawnta W. | South Tampa Spa
Outstanding customer service. Stellar service delivery and truly cares about the service being delivered for Pias to her customers. Need to clone her for all services!!! Great job!
February 1st 2012
Jean S. | South Tampa Spa
It was an awesome experience, my daughter and I both enjoyed it! the front desk was awesome as well. We will be back!
January 30th 2012
Denise H. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience this past Saturday. The receptionist was very helpful.My massage therapist - I cannot recall her name right now, she was wonderful and I really enjoy the relaxing massage. The nail technician.. again I have all names confused. But I know her family is from Panama, was very nice and did a great job. Looking forward to my Fiji treatment next time. I am sure you can check your records and give credit to these two great members of your staff. : )
January 30th 2012
Carmen | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia! I appreciate that it is a very relaxing place to come and the employees due their best to make the customer relaxed. The employee I had at my last appointment was wonderful. She tried to get to know me as well as explain what she was doing every step of the way through the appointment. I will ask for her the next time!
January 29th 2012
Mary A. | South Tampa Spa
I have been getting waxed for 20 years and this was without a doubt the best experience I've ever had and I will definitely be coming back. I had my forearms, underarms and eyebrows waxed and everything came out beautifully. She was professional, friendly and really did a terrific job. This is the first time I didn't have to go home and fix my eyebrows because she listened to what I wanted them to look like!
January 28th 2012
Erika R. | St. Pete Spa
I have been going to this location for a year now and every time, without fail, the service is EXCELLENT! They are consistently amazing! The team of ladies are always friendly and courteous.
January 27th 2012
Waleska | St. Pete Spa
I was running late but my specialist (and the receptionist) were gracious about it. She does a fabulous job with the extensions. Best money I ever spent!
January 26th 2012
Theresa C. | South Tampa Spa
I had the eyelash and eyebrow tinting done yesterday in S. Tampa - it was great! My 3rd time having this done and I can't recall the name of the specialist but she was wonderful - very friendly and sweet and she did a fabulous job! A lovely experience at Pia :) Thank you!
January 26th 2012
Christina | South Tampa Spa
The specialist was so pleasant and nice. The wax wasn't painful at all. I have been looking for a place where there is minimal pain and I love this place. I must admit, it's well worth it.
January 25th 2012
Fabiola P. | South Tampa Spa
No complaints, I had a great experience. I appreciate the fact that you have late evening appointments to accommodate my schedule. For years my friends have recommended Pia. Happy I tried it.
January 25th 2012
Rena C. | South Tampa Spa
She performed the Massimo facial on me, and to start with, it was probably one of the most relaxing and comfortable experience's. A few of my friends have raved about the facial so I had to see for myself. To say the lease I was not disappointed. I will def. Be back !
January 23rd 2012
Britni B. | South Tampa Spa
My most recent visit to Pia did not dissappoint. the nail tech made me feel very relaxed and she did a lovely job on my pedicure. I will be requesting her for future visits!
January 23rd 2012
Sommer S. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful job! Even squeezed in a lip wax which I wasn't scheduled for. Thanks!
January 23rd 2012
Libby R. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is amazing as usual!! You could get eyebrows done somewhere else and perhaps pay a lot less, but you won't get the quality, customer service, amazing professional attitude and just overall kindness that you get from Nayla. I will continue to go to her as long as I live in FL!!! Love her!!!
January 21st 2012
Rana | St. Pete Spa
I had the Fiji Bar Pedicure and it was wonderful! Other places I have been for pedicures, the technician talks a lot. Personally, when I have a service performed, it's my time to unwind. In my experiences with the 2 technicians I have had at Pia's, both were respectful of my silence which I appreciated. The front desk service as well has been very accommodating and friendly. I will definitely return for a pedicure and would like to try one of the wax options. Please keep up the good work with professionalism and customer service.
January 20th 2012
Jennifer D. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time visit to a Pia establishment. I loved every minute. The staff was very informative and welcoming. I received a pedicure service, which was one of the most relaxing I have ever expierenced. Trust me, I am an avid spa goer and just moved into the area looking for a day spa for all my beauty needs, and I found it at Pia's South Tampa location.
January 20th 2012
Suzy P. | South Tampa Spa
She was very professional and made my first bikini wax go very smoothly. Would definitely come back.
January 19th 2012
Whitney | South Tampa Spa
Great pedicure! Last minute appointment and really grateful to get in so quickly.
Love this salon! I have had many services here and have always been pleased.
January 19th 2012
Michele | South Tampa Spa
She's the best ever and the reason I continue to return to your day spa. But also, your overall business is top-notch. The Receptionists are great, too. When I email to ask for an appointment, their responses are quick and always friendly. And the atmosphere at Pia as soon as I walk in is pleasant. I never mind waiting a few minutes because it's comfortable in the waiting area and you have fresh cold water. (Thank you!) Most importantly, My Technician is so knowledgeable about the products that are best for me. Any time I point out to her something I need to address, such as a skin problem, she suggests the perfect product for a solution. And kudos to you for having such a variety of products to address different skin types and issues. I love your day spa so much that I pinned a link to it on You all are great, and I already have appointments booked through my wedding date in March. Thank you!!!!
January 19th 2012
Jess s. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous! I dare say my Brazilian was painless, and she made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. As always, I love the facilities in a quaint little house, it always smells nice and feels relaxing as soon as you step in. I will be trying massage and body treatments soon!
January 19th 2012
Cindy | South Tampa Spa
The receptionist was warm and courteous. Your facility is very inviting. Pia was excellent. She was on time for our appointment, gave me great information and did an excellent job on my eyebrows. I am looking forward to my next visit.
January 19th 2012
Bonnie S. | South Tampa Spa
WOW! Nayla and the entire staff at Pia's St. Pete Waxing Studio are phenomenal! They provide excellent waxing services. The receptionist greets you with a smile and friendly attitude. There is no other place like it in St. Pete.
January 18th 2012
Edie | St. Pete Spa
They always do such a fantastic job. So meticulous. I always leave fully satisfied by the waxing services!
January 17th 2012
Athina K. | South Tampa Spa
I had a Euro Facial and it was wonderfullllll. She was thorough and professional, and didn't try to push any products on me- which i especially appreciate. Excellent value, can't wait to go back!
January 16th 2012
nadia | South Tampa Spa