I love going to Pia spa.. My technician is awesome!! Highly recommend her. I also want to mention that Amanda was super helpful too.
At Pia you will get the whole package!!!!.
October 28th 2021
Merary G. | South Tampa Spa
My nail technician started off a full spa day with a wonderful pedicure and manicure - she was lovely and very detailed and made the whole experience so great. Will definitely be back!
October 28th 2021
Allison C. | South Tampa Spa
My technician really goes out of her way to accommodate my physical issues to wax what I need.
October 28th 2021
Coni S. | South Tampa Spa
Pia's Day Spa is THE BEST!!! Pia is FABULOUS. Her work is impeccable and she is very sweet, friendly and helpful. All the staff and front desk personnel are also very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend.
October 27th 2021
Glenda R. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent experience, as usual. This is one of my favorite things to do each month. The technician was great.
October 27th 2021
JP | South Tampa Spa
My technician was wonderful. She did a great job. Thanks, Pia and Team!
October 27th 2021
Desiree B. | South Tampa Spa
My experience with my nail tech is always good. She knows I like to close my eyes and relax and she is very gentle. I walk out refreshed and my feet look amazing.
October 26th 2021
Pam | South Tampa Spa
I like to get my lash & brows tinted every 6-weeks or so. I had tried a couple different locations before I found Pia Esthetics in South Tampa. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. My technician is simply amazing with her techniques and she will also recommend what color may look best. She is professional and the sweetest esthetician I have ever encountered. Love this place!
October 26th 2021
Michele P. | South Tampa Spa
Our Day at Pia's was outstanding from start to finish. We purchased two Getaway packages. Excellent value. The staff was very friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable. Products are of high quality. Felt very invigorated when we left. Will definitely return.
October 24th 2021
Michael W. | St. Pete Spa
This entire new studio is amazing, but it's only great because if the staff. The front desk is welcoming and my tech is LIFE. She makes you family and she is genuinely concerned about her customers. She's just amazing and I'm
So glad I've been her client for 9 years
October 22nd 2021
Miaza J. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent and professional service. She is so kind, patient, and gentle…
October 21st 2021
Jane N. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent experience ! So relaxing ams my skin is glowing ! ❤️
October 21st 2021
Michelle b. | South Tampa Spa
Everybody was wonderful to me today
My technician was very caring and helpful❤️❤️❤️❤️
So was the receptionist❤️❤️
October 20th 2021
Margarita G. | South Tampa Spa
I have had nothing but relaxing, quality, kind, professional experiences here! Everyone is fantastic, and she, who I usually get my nail services from, is precise and gentle, and really cares about the health of your nails (as well as everything looking good)! Such a comfortable and safe space.
October 20th 2021
Jen | St. Pete Spa
Each of my visits was very professional. Last one with her recently wonderful as she gave me some helpful information about dealing with ingrown hairs etc . I will keep coming back to this great salon ! Clean , efficient , professional always !
October 20th 2021
Sharlee | St. Pete Spa
She was awesome…. She listened and went above to make me feel good about my experience. I'll definitely be back to see her !
October 20th 2021
Alexis K. | St. Pete Spa
Always friendly and on time!! She does a great job making me feel pampered. My skin looks great after her
October 18th 2021
Kristine | South Tampa Spa
Front desk was very helpful giving me directions to location. My first time here and for a Brazilian waxing. She is a true professional . She provided step the procedure before beginning and explained all products. Recommend highly for any waxing
October 17th 2021
Jen M. | St. Pete Spa
An awesome job! One of the Best massage and facial I've had and I've had many in my life. Professional, knowledgeable! I will be back and I will tell my friends and family.
October 14th 2021
Marilyn’ | South Tampa Spa
She was very professional and knowledgeable as well as very through . Exceptional service all around!
October 13th 2021
Shelly A. | St. Pete Spa
My massage therapist was absolutely phenomenal. He asked question before we began, was friendly and welcoming. He checked in on me during the service, but most importantly was conscientious about letting me relax and enjoy the quiet. Will definitely be back.
October 13th 2021
Megan E. | South Tampa Spa
my technician is always so warm and kind! Very professional, great at her job my eyebrows are wonderful!
Everybody greets you and it's really cozy inside♡
October 13th 2021
Dee m. | South Tampa Spa
Best facial ever !
my technician was so accommodating it was relaxing ,my skin feels great. can not wait to go back in a month or so
October 12th 2021
Stephanie | South Tampa Spa
This is my second visit with my technician waxing my eyebrows. She does a fantastic job and has a calming and caring personality.
October 12th 2021
Catherine M. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent service while also being safe during this pandemic. My body thanks you!
October 12th 2021
Debra B. | South Tampa Spa
Everybody was very friendly ,the atmosphere was perfect to relax and the room was smelling very good.
October 12th 2021
Lena E. | South Tampa Spa
I am excited about the new location and I was so happy to see her after some time. She is beyond excellent at everything she does.
October 9th 2021
Mariaelena B. | St. Pete Spa
My massage therapist hands are like magic. Not only is he friendly and knows what he's doing, I always feel so relaxed after my visits with him!
October 9th 2021
Jen | South Tampa Spa
This new location is absolutely more intimate and tranquil. I only get to see my nail specialist once a month. But this may change as I love her and she is amazing as is all the family of Pia Esthetics! I'm going to book a massage one of these days. Love my Pia Esthetics FAM🤎
October 8th 2021
Miss D. | St. Pete Spa
Awesome as always. Also, tell her it is raining here a little. Lol
October 7th 2021
Alexis J. | St. Pete Spa
I am super picky about my brows and they look FABULOUS!!! I am so happy and my technician was so sweet!!!
October 7th 2021
Meghan L. | South Tampa Spa
I had an amazing experience with my services today. Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!
October 5th 2021
Cris H. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing every time ! So happy I found this place! She is the best !!!
October 1st 2021
Rachael | St. Pete Spa
As a 61 year old athletic female, I finally gained the courage to kick the razor and try waxing. She made me comfortable from the moment I walked into her room. She thoroughly explained everything to me and proceeded with care and concern for my comfort. I look forward to my next appointment as a very satisfied client! The salon is immaculate, with a pleasant decor, assortment of good products and a wonderful receptionist.
October 1st 2021
Mary A. | St. Pete Spa
She is amazing. Patient, thorough and informative. She took the time to explain the shape of my brows and then showed me how to fill them in to look natural. Shes a gem!!!
September 30th 2021
Kelly P. | St. Pete Spa
My technician was amazing. She works super fast and has a gentle hand.
September 30th 2021
Christie J. | South Tampa Spa
Thank you for taking precautions against Covid! I feel very safe while I'm here.
September 30th 2021
Emilie K. | St. Pete Spa
I love the new premises for the St. Pete spa. It is a bright, cheerful and soothing space. She is an awesome lady who is a perfectionist in her work and fun to chat with. She manages to complete the waxing process with speed, efficiency and a minimum of pain. She is my go to girl for all my waxing needs.
September 26th 2021
Penny M. | St. Pete Spa
She is ALWAYS a whole vibe!! She makes sure to provide a relaxing experience. She feeds off your energy and most of all she remembers EVERYTHING we discussed on the last visit & we pick right back up on the conversation like it never ended!! She will forever be my girl!! The new facilities are bomb as well!!
September 26th 2021
Kim | St. Pete Spa
Front Desk was wonderful and very patient, My Tech did an amazing job and a wonderful pedicure! After 16 years of going to Pia's I will not go anywhere else!
September 25th 2021
Anne C. | South Tampa Spa
A delightful experience. She was very personable! The manicure and pedicure were done to perfection. Highly recommend this place for professional service and great conversation!
September 24th 2021
Val D. | St. Pete Spa
She was very nice she took her time with me and made my service very comfortable and she's fast!! A Plus
September 24th 2021
Karen V. | St. Pete Spa
The online checking worked efficiently and notified me when the team was ready to see me. Upon my arrival, the receptionist promptly welcomed me. My nail technician was very detail oriented and professional.
September 23rd 2021
Jackie813 | South Tampa Spa
She was very personable, polite, and was thorough with my first ever Mani Pedi. She waited and listened to my requests, making sure she heard me correctly. I think she did a wonderful job. Thank you. Front desk receptionist was very pleasant as well.
September 23rd 2021
Britta | St. Pete Spa
This was my first wax experience and she made it as painless as it could be! She was very professional, warm, and non-judgmental. I'll be coming back to see her again!
September 23rd 2021
Caitlyn S. | St. Pete Spa
She is simply the best! I cannot sing her praises enough and I have referred several of my friends to her who were on the fence about getting their lady parts waxed and now are so glad they did. :)
September 23rd 2021
Cat | St. Pete Spa
From the time you walk in to when you leave the experience is outstanding. The new location is very relaxing and inviting. Whenever I am in St. Pete I will ALWAYS book an appointment with them.
September 23rd 2021
Diane E. | St. Pete Spa
The facial was wonderful, very relaxing. She is so pleasant and nice. It was a very good experience.
September 23rd 2021
Tina M. | St. Pete Spa
I would give her a million stars if this would let me! I've been going to her religiously for years and would follow her to the ends of the earth. Thanks again! Also, I love the new location.
September 22nd 2021
Katy G. | St. Pete Spa
Everyone was very friendly and up beat. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was very fast and efficient. She kept a very positive attitude the entire service and did a great job!
September 22nd 2021
Monica n. | St. Pete Spa