My esstheticican did a very nice job during my wax appointment! She was very professional, funny, and made me feel comfortable. I definitely give her a zillion hearts❤️
July 7th 2017
QuaMauri N. | St. Pete Spa
Back before I had kids I came to Pia's regularly but over time it's slowed down. I came this morning for brows and a pedicure - following a minor personal trauma - and just being at Pia's filled me soul! They did amazing work rescuing my eyebrows and then I had a perfect pedicure. Thanks for years - decades- of reliably outstanding service, without fail.
July 7th 2017
Nora | South Tampa Spa
As always, my esthetician was professional, on time, friendly, and courteous. Plus she is an incredible waxer!
July 5th 2017
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
I am from NC, visiting family in the area. My experience today was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable. I've been receiving waxes for a couple years, but you never know what kind of experience you're going to have when you go to a new spa. I recommend this spa to anyone in the Clearwater/St. Pete area. She was right on time for my appointment and I was out of the spa in 25 minutes!
July 1st 2017
Alexandra B. | St. Pete Spa
I love every one and everything at Pias. From making the appointment to walking out the door it is always excellent service and care. My esthetician today was amazing as always. Thank you all!
July 1st 2017
Donna R. | St. Pete Spa
Every time I go and get a Brazilian wax (besides the pain of waxing) I feel welcomed, everyone talks to me so it helps forget about the pain, and everyone is very knowledgeable and professional. It's great and I recommend to my friends.
July 1st 2017
Donna K. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent as always!!!! Been going to Pia Day Spa for 8 years. Service is always excellent. She always makes me feel super comfortable.
June 30th 2017
Patty | St. Pete Spa
First visit there & it was great. Quick, easy, and almost a painless experience as I was getting a waxing service. 5 stars!
June 30th 2017
Nicole J. | St. Pete Spa
It was a pleasant experience from the moment I walked in. I had an early appointment so they made me a cup of coffee and made me feel very comfortable. I had tried other waxing facilities and after going to Pia I know I should have gone there in the first place! Overall, my best experience. Very thorough and meticulous. Perfect!!
June 30th 2017
Chelsea H. | St. Pete Spa
Always a awesome experience. I recommend Pia to all my friends. Been getting waxing and nails done here for 3 years and will not go anywhere else. Customer for life
June 30th 2017
Kathleen c. | St. Pete Spa
Worth the drive from Tampa! Excellent at what she does, professional, and just the best. I won't go anywhere else!
June 29th 2017
Jennifer H. | St. Pete Spa
The professional staff at Pia's always provides great service with courtesy.
June 29th 2017
Julie M. | South Tampa Spa
Service was great, per usual. All the staff members at pias have great customer service. Greeted kindly as you enter and service is always right on time.
June 29th 2017
Krissy | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was absolutely wonderful. She chatted with me the whole time to get my mind off the pain of the waxing. She is so experienced that I was in and out in such a short period of time without compromising quality.
June 29th 2017
Krista P. | St. Pete Spa
First time getting lash lift & eyebrow tint. My esthetician was super friendly and did an awesome job! Both services were painless & quick. I would highly suggest both of these services and for someone who doesn't want to have the upkeep of lash extensions... lash lift is a great alternative!
June 28th 2017
Noel H. | St. Pete Spa
I had a wonderful experience. My esthetician was professional and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable. The front desk staff person was also very friendly. I did not wait long and I love the location and atmosphere.
June 28th 2017
Marian L. | St. Pete Spa
I have been coming to Pia for about 2 years now. I love the service and professionalism of all their staff. They made me feel comfortable from day 1. They continue to exceed my expectations. I will not go anywhere else.
June 28th 2017
Tiffany | South Tampa Spa
Outstanding experience! It was truly inviting and relaxing! Thank you for such a great experience!
June 27th 2017
Vivian K. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent eyebrow wax and pedicure. Staff is professional and personable and she did an excellent job.
June 27th 2017
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
The front desk staff is awesome. I literally have all of my needs met when I walk through the door.
Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure all services are exceedingly above expectations
June 27th 2017
Tori J. | South Tampa Spa
I have thick eyebrows, which Pia has waxed for years beautifully-however I have gaps which I've filled with powder. With an honest and pointed consultation, we decided to add to my already thick eyebrows with micro blading, to fill the gaps. Thank you Pia-nice work-I couldn't be happier-You are the eyebrow guru!
June 25th 2017
Dana P. | South Tampa Spa
Whenever I get a massage I never want to leave. Oh gosh, so relaxing and takes me to my Zen Place. He is top notch in his field. I look forward to my next massage. If allowed, I may book two 90 minute sessions back to back. Thank you and thank you Pia!!!
June 25th 2017
Scott P. | South Tampa Spa
Nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff, quality of service and professionalism of Pia's! Love coming here!
June 25th 2017
Chrissy C. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone there is always so pleasant, and I'm always greeted with a smile! My specialist is the absolute best! My waxing is always perfect!!
June 23rd 2017
Jaida H. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first Brazilian wax and my girl made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be back in 4-6 weeks.
June 22nd 2017
Montoya W. | St. Pete Spa
Always a warm greeting when walking into this inviting house. My esthetician has a gentle skill with waxing. This is why I've been returning since Pia was first opened in St Pete.
June 22nd 2017
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
I always have an amazing experience here. The staff is friendly and the results are great. They do a fantastic job.
June 21st 2017
Paula S. | St. Pete Spa
Always greated with a smile. Never need to wait for appointment. All staff is friendly. Love Pia's
June 18th 2017
Ladonna S. | St. Pete Spa
I am satisfied each and every time I visit Pia's, which is a testimony to their exceptional service and consistency since I have been going for years. There are not many businesses that manage to provide a great experience visit after visit after visit, but this is one that does.
June 18th 2017
Sara M. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing first time experience! We will be back again very soon.
June 18th 2017
Hailey R. | St. Pete Spa
Kind and quick service. I returned for waxing services after a few years and the great service has somehow improved! I recommend ByPia to everyone I know. Thank you for making a somewhat daunting self-care experience so relaxing and enjoyable.
June 17th 2017
Jean | South Tampa Spa
lovely! Professional and pleasant with genuine feedback and answers to my questions. Front desk very efficient. Very nice to receive quick offer and delivery of green tea with honey with smiles.
June 16th 2017
Heather l. | St. Pete Spa
First time at Pia's and it was fantastic!! I will definitely be a repeat customer from here forward- cannot say enough good things!
June 15th 2017
Michelle A. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first facial I've ever received. I chose the "deep pore rescue" facial since I have congested pores that I just wanted to free! She asked me if this was my first time and walked me through the process and explained everything she was about to do and put on my face! She asked me about my skin concerns and we talked more about my skin regimen and products I use. She gave me recommendations on how I could reduce my blaackheads and clogged pores. My skin feels so clean and relaxed! The foot, arm and neck massage that came with it were also amazing!
June 14th 2017
Sara | St. Pete Spa
Great atmosphere and wonderful staff! Always appreciate my visits to your spa!
June 14th 2017
Donna T. | South Tampa Spa
My first time microblading, I'm so pleaded with the results.
June 14th 2017
Andrea w. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first visit to Pia Esthetics and I will definitely return. Overall, everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Super sweet and did an amazing job on my pedicure. The atmosphere was warm and comfortable. Like getting a pedicure in my living room! I can't wait to try some of the other services they offer.
June 13th 2017
Lori A. | St. Pete Spa
I have been a Pia client for quite some time now but have never used your facial services. After speaking with usual girl at my wax appointment she educated me on facials and what she would recommend for my skin. I booked the appointment before I left that day. I was very impressed with the facial I received. I felt to refreshed and already knowing how she works I knew it was going to be a great experience. I purchased the skin care line and really like it so far. I can't say enough about her experience and professionalism she is top in my book.
June 11th 2017
Kathy w. | South Tampa Spa
Great service. Very professional. Courteous and caring. Thank you!
June 10th 2017
Dianne L. | South Tampa Spa
I came here for the first time for a brazilian wax. I was nervous because Ive just moved to the neighborhood and I wasn't sure if I was going to find a waxing profession experienced in the way I was used to (Ive definitely had a few fakes). My waxer was wonderful! We had a great conversation plus she used a gentle method that made this experience the most painless ever. 🤗 If privacy is a concern for you Pia uses disposable bikinis and waxes around them so youre always kinda covered. Never had that before. 5 stars ✨ 👍🏼 thumbs up!
June 9th 2017
Megan F. | St. Pete Spa
What an amazing experience!! She was caring and attentive and my feet have never looked better! I look forward to my next visit!
June 9th 2017
Penny T. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone there is always professional and pleasant. The massage is always great and really helps with my back pain.
June 9th 2017
Brett N. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first visit to Pia, just delightful. The Nail Tech has an infectious smile and a fabulous personality. And the nails...just beautiful. I am so happy that I found Pia. I will be back. Thank you!
June 8th 2017
CA | South Tampa Spa
Truly wonderful! It was pouring down rain and they greeted me with a towel to dry off. I had a fantastic facial and she really helped bring my skin back to life. I will be a Pia regular customer! Highly recommend
June 8th 2017
Steven B. | South Tampa Spa
Check in was pleasant- I was greeted by other staff and the front desk staff and offered refreshments. My spa treatment was great- on time, clean, and completed to my satisfaction. Friendly and personable.
June 7th 2017
Brittany D. | South Tampa Spa
I am in love with this place! The ambiance was perfect and the receptionist was so sweet. I got the completely bare wax and my esthetician was so awesome! She kept a great conversation to keep my mind off the (slight) pain. So happy with the results and even more happy with the experience. I can't wait to go back!
June 7th 2017
Caroline C. | St. Pete Spa
Such an amazing job on my eyebrows! I love the fact that when she waxes anything it doesn't hurt more than it should. She followed what I said and didn't make my eyebrows too thin and she doesn't force other treatments on me.
June 6th 2017
Melissa H. | South Tampa Spa
Professional and wonderful to speak with. Waxing has always been awkward and difficult for me to keep up with... she made it easy and zero awkwardness. I would definitely recommend pia for any spa services.
June 2nd 2017
Regina C. | South Tampa Spa
My esthetician was absolutely amazing. I got a brazilian wax and she made me feel comfortable the whole time and informed me of everything to expect. This being my first time, I didn't know what to be expect. But now all my worry is aside. Thank you so much! You should have a shirt saying "I survived my Brazilian wax"!
June 1st 2017
Leticia j. | St. Pete Spa
I had an awesome first experience here, and I will certainly come back in the future! There was a mix-up with scheduling, because I had thought my appointment was on the wrong day. But the receptionist was SUPER nice, and within 10 minutes, a massage therapist was ready to take me. Everything was done so courteously and efficiently, and I couldn't have been more impressed how quickly and willingly they remedied the scheduling situation, and gave me an awesome experience. Also, he was an amazing massage therapist!
June 1st 2017
Emily | St. Pete Spa