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I have been in the beauty industry for almost 9 yrs. and have been a client of Pias for about a year. I drive over an hour to come to her spa because I always feel welcome and appreciated when I'm there. They are never too busy to chat or assist me with whatever I need. They are professional, accurate, and freindly, and I know from experience how difficult these qualities are to come by. Best of luck, Pia, and keep up the great work!!
July 11th 2005
Alecia H. | South Tampa Spa
Pia has changed my life!! I tried four other places in Tampa before finally striking gold. I have been going to Brazil for almost a year now, and every trip gets more delightful than the last. I owe my life to Pia, Nayla, and Zeyna! Thanks ladies!
July 10th 2005
Amy | South Tampa Spa
Brazilian Bikini wax

Ive only had it done twice. But I love the results. It took me forever to find somebody that did these. I called salons for days before i just typed in braz. bikini tampa and found this place If I had friends that would be as adventurous as me then they would all be going there too. The first time I went was last summer and Pia did it. The second time was w/ Nayla. I should go again soon. Thanks you girls are great at what you do.

July 9th 2005
Lisa S. | South Tampa Spa
I've had sphynx waxes in all of the locations that I've lived, but at Pia's it's by far the best! No pain, attention to detail, and great company!
July 8th 2005
Michele | South Tampa Spa
I had my first Brazilian Wax at Pia Esthetics, and it was nothing like I expected. I did go online first and do a little pain research, and I ended up purchasing the No Scream Cream. I am excited to see you are now selling the cream. Since it was my first wax, I'm not sure as to the true pain level, but it was the least painful experience ever. I have told all of my girlfriends about Pia and my awesome wax expert, Dana. Thanks so much!!!!
July 8th 2005
Lisa M. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutely amazing!!! The pedicures are the best in the world, and the waxing experience is ultra comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxing and warm and the staff is super!!!
July 8th 2005
Marzena | South Tampa Spa
Pia is the best waxer I've been to and the fastest. I've told many people to go to her who are unhappy with their current waxer and they've all been very pleased and new pia customers.
July 8th 2005
Erica R. | South Tampa Spa
I love Pia's! Pia and Nayla have created a warm and bright environment that is fun and relaxing at the same time. If they can make waxes enjoyable, I imagine the other treatments are absolute heaven.
July 7th 2005
Lindsay | South Tampa Spa
It's been awhile since I've been there but certainly due to no fault of Pia's. Life got in the way. :-) I was always pleased with my experience, both the results of my waxing and the service of the staff. Pia's is truly the best!
July 7th 2005
Destiny | South Tampa Spa
Pia is wonderful! She is professional, quick and worth every penny. I recommend her to everyone I know!
July 7th 2005
elizabeth | South Tampa Spa
it was my first time having a sphinx wax and the technician, Nyla (sp?) was super. it was nothing near as painful as i expected it to be. i had no irritation afterwards, just a little redness. the staff both on the phone and in person were warm and friendly. i recommend Pia to everyone i know.
July 7th 2005
Donna | South Tampa Spa
I had my 1st Brazilian Wax @ Pia's in June and loved it!!
Didn't hurt a bit- Pia and her staff are very affable, and the facility is very nice- I will be going back. I was VERY PLEASED!!!!!!

Pass it on
July 7th 2005
Chris | South Tampa Spa
I get bikini waxes from Nyla and she is the best! I will never go anywhere else to get a wax.
July 7th 2005
Victoria H. | South Tampa Spa
My first time at Pia's was nerve racking as it was my first bikini wax. Nayla was not only masterful at doing a quick and clean job, but she was also masterful at easing my nerves! She was so wonderful at making me feel relaxed. Now I'm a regular and wouldn't go anywhere else. Now I'm chatting and laughing through the whole process!
July 7th 2005
Stephanie | South Tampa Spa
i love the environment of the shop the feeling is calming and peaceful, oh ya and Pia has good Tea!!!. No but honestly i live in Palm Harbor and my mother and best friend both come with me for that 40min drive to Pia's because she is so good at what she does. it is important to make the clients feel comfortable and Pia is just wonderful. were so glad we found you Pia!!! we just love u!
June 29th 2004
Feryal | South Tampa Spa
Always a very good service. Clean environment that smells nice too!
June 29th 2004
Debbie G. | South Tampa Spa
I think you are the absolute greatest at what you do, and have recommended you as often as the topic comes up in conversation! Thanks for being such a wonderful professional and I PROMISE to come see you soon!!!
June 28th 2004
Monet | South Tampa Spa
Pia does a great job of making you feel at ease, even during something as personal as a bikini wax!
June 28th 2004
Kelly | South Tampa Spa
Pia always does such a nice job with her waxing! I always appreciate her work, and she's so pleasant to be around as well.
June 28th 2004
Lindsay | South Tampa Spa
Pia, I have really enjoyed the services I have had at your establishment. I look forward to endulging in facials. I have raved about my results so I'm sure that you will have new customers from my networking soon! Thanks!
June 28th 2004
Darcy | South Tampa Spa