Reviews by Location:

Pia sets the standard for top tier customer service. The receptionist who book my appt made the process go fast, easy, and convenient. The receptionist was so professional and officiant yet kind. Mi tech brought it home for me. The Amazing! She is! I have found a gem name! You are surly missing out if you haven't had the honor of experiencing she's highly skillful services! Alex-The Amazing! Thank you! See you in 4-weeks!
April 14th 2022
Bilan E. | St. Pete Spa
I have been a customer for almost 12 years now, even after I moved to Tampa. She does such a great job and is such a kind, funny lady, I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere despite battling I275 traffic!!
April 13th 2022
Jennifer H. | St. Pete Spa
she is amazing! She makes you feel at ease the whole time, and I always have a great experience with her. I started waxing with her after a recommendation from a friend and it was the best decision!
April 13th 2022
Paige K. | St. Pete Spa
My mani & pedi was wonderful, relaxing and fun! I love the spa atmosphere vs going to a nail salon. Also feel good about my technicians expertise and having professional grade products used. I am looking forward to going back and will book my waxing here as well.
April 13th 2022
Debbie | South Tampa Spa
I had an excellent experience at Pia! I have never had a back facial before and it was so relaxing. It felt really good to have my back exfoliate and I left the facial feeling super zen. My technician was great and explained the whole process/steps of the facial since I had never had a back facial before. I also love the free samples of some of the products she used. My mom got a relaxation massage at the same time as me and she really liked it as well.
April 9th 2022
Hannah P. | South Tampa Spa
This is my 2nd time booking with Cindy and she was just as amazing as the first time. She takes the time to listen to my skin concerns, and provides useful feedback and suggestions without being pushy. The sweet lady at the front desk is always wonderful and helpful.

I don't have a lot of time to carve out for booking an appointment so the fact that you can book online is really great for me. The spa itself is so adorable and they do a really good job to create a relaxing and calming experience. I was just there this week and am already looking forward to my next visit!
April 8th 2022
Kayla H. | South Tampa Spa
My technician is amazing. She is so knowledgeable, welcoming and personable. I enjoy my time with her.
April 7th 2022
Shemega | South Tampa Spa
I had a great first experience with my technician. I felt very come with her and she was efficient and gentle.
April 7th 2022
Samantha m. | South Tampa Spa
Always a perfect job! Very good at what she does and is always pleasant and timely.
The front desk is always accommodating , helpful and efficient. Thank you both for making my experience a great one!
April 1st 2022
Diane D. | South Tampa Spa
It is always a pleasure coming to Pia's. AMAZING as always. My facial was thorough and relaxing.
March 25th 2022
Sabrina | South Tampa Spa
Don is PHENOMINAL and the reason I love coming here for Massage. Always well worth it
March 16th 2022
Sarah | South Tampa Spa
Donald was exceptional! His hands glided with the perfect firmness and I can’t wait to come back!
March 11th 2022
Windsor C. | South Tampa Spa
The staff was fabulous. The pedicure was one of the best and most relaxing one I have ever had. I will be back soon.
March 11th 2022
Christine A. | South Tampa Spa
BEST OF THE BAY!! Will never go anywhere else. Thanks again!
March 11th 2022
Larissa M. | South Tampa Spa
I love this place ! I’m always treated with kindness and respect! Amazing 🤩
March 10th 2022
Rosie A. | South Tampa Spa
as always, was friendly, considerate, thoughtful about needs, and provided simply a great service.
March 9th 2022
Kat | South Tampa Spa
Sweetest bunch a ladies & gentleman you will ever meet, when you book an appointment at Pia. Please go check them out, for a pampering fit for royalty.
March 9th 2022
Ms.Dee | St. Pete Spa
This is my second waxing with her. She is personable and puts you at ease in what could be an uncomfortable situation. She sees that the pain level is minimal and is thorough.
March 9th 2022
Marianne | St. Pete Spa
Another awesome visit! Thanks for always giving excellent service.
March 8th 2022
Renee O. | South Tampa Spa
She was AMAZING! Getting a bare Brazilian wax at 39 weeks pregnant but she made it as comfortable as possible and went out of her way to do an extra great job which I really appreciated!
March 4th 2022
Rebecca K. | South Tampa Spa
I had an amazing experience! This was my first time ever being waxed and she was so nice about it and talked me through the whole thing. Definitely will be going back!
March 3rd 2022
Taylor W. | St. Pete Spa
Staff was polite and professional. The massage was wonderful.
March 3rd 2022
Lee A. | St. Pete Spa
Fabulous, kind people here. She does a fantastic service and she is great to just be with. Go!
March 2nd 2022
MB | St. Pete Spa
I was running late and they were so understanding. I got right in without waiting.
February 28th 2022
Annie j. | South Tampa Spa
Extremely professional and polite. The massage is excellent! I highly recommend Don!
February 27th 2022
Steve | South Tampa Spa
Always a great service and very professional. She is amazing!!
February 26th 2022
Melissa H. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love!…she keeps you talking, as she’s doing her job. I’m never sore after, and I never have any redness. A real gem!
February 26th 2022
Debbie M. | South Tampa Spa
I loved my experience at Pia was awesome from the front desk receptionist to my tech a beautiful spirit and welcome atmosphere I was Pia would recommend to anyone.
February 25th 2022
Celissia W. | St. Pete Spa
She really is the best there is! I highly recommend her to everyone!
February 25th 2022
Jaclyn c. | St. Pete Spa
She was so sweet, very kind to find all the blonde hairs hiding in different lighting. Quick and efficient.
February 25th 2022
Kelly G. | St. Pete Spa
One of my highlights when I come to St. Petersburg from Columbus, Ohio is my visit to see her at Pia's. Her work is extremely detailed and she is so pleasant to talk to. I am always greeted graciously by the receptionist. My nails always looks perfect!
February 24th 2022
Diane E. | St. Pete Spa
I always leave so relaxed after a session with Don. His hands are like magic! My shoulders and neck have been bothering me due to sitting at my desk for hours and Don was able to bring me some relief. The Spanish guitar playlist playing in the background was a bonus. I'll definitely be back!
February 24th 2022
JJ | South Tampa Spa
I always have a great experience with staff and for my services. Everyone is very attentive and friendly. Pia is amazing and her microdermabrasion facials have saved my skin, she has done wonders for me I will always be a loyal customer!!
February 23rd 2022
Lorena C. | South Tampa Spa
All around wonderful experience! Warm and friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in. She was informative and sincere. She explained the facial process, as I had never had one. Came out feeling relaxed and refreshed. Great service! Definitely coming back!
February 23rd 2022
Patricia M. | St. Pete Spa
Everything was wonderful. It’s my second time having a facial and as I told her it was the best two facial I’ve ever had. Front desk receptionist was very friendly and pleasant. I love the new location. I’ll be back this summer hoping to bring my daughter for a spa package.
February 22nd 2022
Carol P. | St. Pete Spa
Don made my experience wonderful. He told me everything I would need before we started so I could relax the whole time. He did a wonderful job listening to my requests as well. Highly recommend him! Will be going back.
February 22nd 2022
Emily L. | South Tampa Spa
Phenomenal job. I was able to relax but also felt like my skin was actually taken care of and cleaned. Definitely will come back again! Literally the best facial I’ve had in a long time!
February 22nd 2022
Amanda M. | South Tampa Spa
The BEST facial I’ve ever had. She was phenomenal - gentle touch during my facial but was still able to provide firm pressure during the massage portion of my appointment. My skin looks amazing and I left the spa feeling so relaxed. The only thing left to do is book my next session!
February 21st 2022
Holly | South Tampa Spa
I always have a great experience at Pia for my waxing. Tazla is great and all of the technicians I’ve seen there make me feel comfortable and always do a great job. Professional, clean and friendly is how I would describe Pia in St. Pete!! Would not go anywhere else for my waxing needs.
February 21st 2022
Lori M. | St. Pete Spa
She is a wonderful nail technician. You never feel rushed and she does amazing job! Thank you so much!
February 20th 2022
Andrea L. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone is so polite and very professional. My message is wonderful.
February 20th 2022
Tina M. | St. Pete Spa
She was my backup nail tech prior to COVID (I went to the same amazing lady in N. St. Pete for many years). During COVID, I switched to her permanently because: A) she is awesome; B) she is much closer to my house; C) she is talented; D) she is kind; E) she is conscientious, doesn't rush like so many other people, and she CARES about providing a quality service; and, F) she is safety-conscious. And, I will say it again, she is AWESOME. Also - I am really traditional with what I like for manicures and pedicures and she always accommodates my preferences and doesn't try to steer me towards things I don't like. All in all, she provides great services!!
February 19th 2022
Robyn R. | St. Pete Spa
She was great! I really enjoyed the entire experience and will definitely come again!
February 19th 2022
Stefanie B. | South Tampa Spa
She always does a great job on my brows! She’s so sweet and easy to talk to!
February 17th 2022
lauren s. | St. Pete Spa
Thank you for a warm welcome and superb massage experience. I always am pleasantly please with my experience at PIA.
February 17th 2022
Denise S. | South Tampa Spa
My technician did an amazing job with my brows! They have never looked so good. And just in time for my vacation. She took the time to ask me what I was wanting and they turned out perfect!
February 16th 2022
Dee L. | South Tampa Spa
My technician was outstanding. So professional. Best facial I’ve gotten.
February 15th 2022
Aubrey W. | South Tampa Spa
I visited the S. Tampa spa this morning. The front desk woman was very welcoming and friendly! The Technician completed my brow lamination and wax. She was incredibly friendly, meticulous, and did a great job! Truly enjoyed my visit and already scheduled my next appointment. Thank you!
February 14th 2022
Jaclyn B. | South Tampa Spa
Bypia is a 5* customer experience overall they listen interpreted my wishes and provided an experience above my expectations she knows her profession inside and out I would have no hesitation recommending these spa services in the future to anyone looking for a clean professional spa service
February 12th 2022
leanne | St. Pete Spa
My technician was awesome! The facial was relaxing and my skin feels rejuvenated. My family and I have been to Pia multiple times and will definitely recommend them to anyone.
February 11th 2022
Lovelynn R. | South Tampa Spa