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I'm from Philadelphia, PA, but whenever I come to Tampa to visit our daughter, I make sure to book an appointment for a mani-pedi at Pia's. Amazing, very knowledgeable, and absolutely gives me the best mani pedi that I've had anywhere. I would give 10 + stars.
February 21st 2018
Frannie S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience getting my eyebrows waxed at Pia. The Esthetician was very professional and efficient and did a great job. I will definitely be back to Pia's
February 19th 2018
Kelly | South Tampa Spa
Elizabeth at the front desk was wonderful, grabbing our attention and welcoming us from the moment we walked in. Doreen was FABULOUS!! She was very informative and helpful and made sure she did a healthy combination of demonstrating techniques to us and giving us hands-on experience while coaching us through communicating with each other.
February 16th 2018
Charlie &. | South Tampa Spa
Very professional and friendly. She did a great job and made sure I was comfortable and pleased with the results! You have a top notch staff!
February 15th 2018
Amy H. | South Tampa Spa
I had such a great experience! I was running 20 minutes late for my appointment and the Front Desk and Massage Therapist where still able to accommodate me and able to give me my full 60 min massage! She did such a great job with the massage as well. I will definitely make seeing her a regular thing. Thanks!
February 15th 2018
Destiny G. | South Tampa Spa
AMAZING!!! She was efficient and moved along quick! Thankful she was able to make so enjoyable!
February 13th 2018
Taylor D. | South Tampa Spa
Pia Esthetics offers top quality service and products across the board. I trust the level of care, cleanliness and professionalism over any other. I have very discerning tastes, and consider my “me time” and money well spent at Pia. My esthetician was especially considerate, informative and attentive during my most recent facial. Can't wait for my next visit!
February 10th 2018
Jillian W. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician did such an amazing job! This was my first time and she immediately made me feel comfortable. She kept the conversation going to keep me distracted and best of all, the pain was much less than I imagined! I will definitely be coming back and working with her.
February 10th 2018
Hannah M. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time getting a wax so I was terrified. The front desk and Pia put me at such ease! A way better experience than I thought. I will be going back regularly!
February 9th 2018
Casey | South Tampa Spa
As always, a well trained, knowledgeable front desk that anticipates my needs and the best aesthetitian in At. Petersburg!
February 9th 2018
paula | St. Pete Spa
What a wonderful job waxing! I booked a sexy bikini but wanted a Brazilian. She went out of her way and accommodated the Brazilian even tho she had another appt after me. I can't wait to come back!
February 7th 2018
Jessica H. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was very pleasant and professional. I will definitely be returning.
February 7th 2018
Stephanie R. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing! It was my first time being waxed in 5 years and she was so very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her! Thank you Pia's for being so amazing!
February 7th 2018
Danielle R. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent spa experience! I really enjoyed getting a little bit pampered yesterday by my tech and my skin felt so clean and pretty when I left. The front desk receptionist was also very friendly and helpful!
February 7th 2018
Karen P. | St. Pete Spa
When you want to feel 100% comfortable when getting a wax experience. Go to Pia esthetics and your hold world will change for the best
February 5th 2018
Shartell F. | St. Pete Spa
Continues to be the only place I'll go for a full bikini wax. Love this place!
February 4th 2018
Lauren M. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience, my girl was very professional, and thorough, did an awesome job on my facial, I would definitely recommend her! My face looked and felt so good. Desk staff very cheerful, courteous, honest and helpful.
February 4th 2018
Terri u. | St. Pete Spa
My experience this time was phenomenal. From start to finish everyone was very kind and the service was excellent.
February 3rd 2018
Audrey p. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful facial! The spa is relaxing and the products are deeply nourishing. Pia is the best of the best and she is an expert in her field.
February 3rd 2018
Kelly H. | South Tampa Spa
As always, my esthetician was quick and efficient. I'll never choose any other option than a wax procedure by her. Super sweet and she makes this uncomfortable experience a breeze. Thanks always!!!
February 2nd 2018
Danielle C. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first completely bare bikini, my first wax altogether. The place is beautiful and My esthetician was so nice and made the whole experience less stressful. I will definitely be back!
February 1st 2018
Alex | St. Pete Spa
My facial with Megan was amazing and relaxing! I love the day spa with Glow!
February 1st 2018
Shelly H. | South Tampa Spa
Terrific experience. Everyone was very nice and Feride was spot on and very thorough!
January 31st 2018
Linda S. | South Tampa Spa
My Tech was great friendly and knowledgeable!!!!I will be back!
January 31st 2018
Carol B. | St. Pete Spa
Ines always make my lash appointments relaxing and comfortable. I love chatting with her and sometimes I even take a power nap. Her work is impeccable and I love how natural and fresh my eyes always look when she does my lashes.
January 30th 2018
Christine C. | South Tampa Spa
Although I do not live in S. Tampa, I am frequently here to visit my daughter & family. Every single time I come, I schedule an appointment at Pia. My daughter introduced me to Pia, and I love going there!she is awesome for all my waxing and eyebrow sculpting & tinting needs. The people at the front desk are always friendly & helpful. I love Pia, and look forward to going every time I'm in S. Tampa!
January 27th 2018
Jinky A. | South Tampa Spa
This was only the 2nd time I've ever had a microdermabrasion treatment (the 1st time was at a different spa) and it was FAR better than what I was expecting. I generally have low expectations when trying a new spa or a new aesthetician , but I was blown away.
Pia is fantastic at what she does.
The treatment felt smooth, fluid and relaxing.
I knew I was in the hands of an expert!
January 27th 2018
laurel g. | South Tampa Spa
Had a very relaxing prenatal massage . She was experienced and professional. Loved the cozy space of the spa.
January 27th 2018
Ivana | South Tampa Spa
Everyone is always helpful and friendly. The Skin Care Specialist did a great job on my facial. It was very relaxing and my skin looks great. I will be back again.
January 26th 2018
Lisa O. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing as usual! Great service. My girl is the best. I don't trust my wax to anyone else!
January 26th 2018
Pam | St. Pete Spa
I feel right at home at Pia's and my esthetician is always professional and a good listener. I know her for a while and highly recommend her services. Enjoyed.
January 25th 2018
Sherrie | St. Pete Spa
I LOVED her , it was my first time waxing and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed .
January 24th 2018
Lisbet d. | South Tampa Spa
It is great to support this local business. Always a great experience at Pia/St. Pete. Nayla is truly an expert at her craft. The facility is always clean and the front desk is warm and welcoming. Could not think of trusting anyone else with my waxing needs.
January 22nd 2018
Waleska | St. Pete Spa
Excellent service! I'm beyond thankful that Sol is back. I'm sure you know already what an asset she is to your spa.
January 22nd 2018
Larissa M. | South Tampa Spa
It was my second time getting a perfecto facial and I enjoyed it even more than the first, which I didn't even think would be possible. She was able to extract a black head and calcium deposit I was concerned about. The whole experience was so relaxing. She massaged my arms, hand, feet & legs and it felt wonderful. After leaving my face felt perfect! Can't wait to go back!
January 21st 2018
Ashley Y. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic. She is one of the best. She loves what she does, is very friendly (but gives space too-- not constantly talking, which can be tiring), and was very comfortable. And most importantly, she seemed quite skilled and confident in what she was doing. I am 100% satisfied with my wax and I would absolutely see her again for this service.
January 19th 2018
Charnell | South Tampa Spa
Spectacular experience as always! I always feel so pampered even after an eyebrow wax. I'd never go anywhere else
January 19th 2018
Katy | St. Pete Spa
She is always wonderful! She's not only very professional and good at her job but she's also hilarious and sweet and personable. I absolutely adore her. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my waxing needs!
January 19th 2018
AJ | St. Pete Spa
My Tech was amazing! She made the Brazilian wax a breeze, she kept conversation going with me the entire time and made the experience a good one and not awkward at all. I'll definitely be back.
January 16th 2018
Serina N. | St. Pete Spa
As always AMAZING!
I (foolishly) took the winter off, and she made bareable (pun intended) what could have been a VERY painful experience (for this girl with a pain threshold of a 1-2 on a 10 scale) !
January 13th 2018
Karen A. | St. Pete Spa
From the front desk to the Technician, you guys made me feel very comfortable. For a man that was very important.

Thank You!
January 12th 2018
Shawn J. | South Tampa Spa
This was my second time getting a Perfecto Facial here. It was better than I remembered and I was so happy the first time . It was so relaxing. My esthetician was great. She was able to extract a blackhead & calcium deposit that were bothering me. My face feels renewed & looks amazing. Also, the foot, hand & arm massage was perfect. I'm so happy I found this place.
January 12th 2018
Ashley Y. | St. Pete Spa
I had the deep tissue massage with Jeff today , and it was wonderful. He explained, directed, and questioned just enough to meet my needs and to give some nutrition advice, but he allowed plenty of time for me to relax into the quiet music and just enjoy. I'll definitely book with Jeff again.
Next, I had a massimo facial under Leslie's skilled hands. Again, minimal conversation, plenty of TLC, superior skill, and a totally relaxing time out of time.
January 12th 2018
Sandra I. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia Esthetics spa is nice environment. Friendly and professional staff-with excellent spa service. Great beauty product.
January 11th 2018
Marthdury | St. Pete Spa
I've been a customer at Pia's for several years now ~ I have a great experience every time. It's super clean and smells great from the moment you open the door! All the staff there is great- but Nayla knows just the right shape for my brows. One Happy Hair free Lad here!
January 6th 2018
Karina G. | St. Pete Spa
Rachel was very accommodating and caring. The atmosphere is always very welcoming and comfortable. I have been here for a deep tissue massage and a Brazilian wax. Both experiences were lovely and left me feeling relaxed and beautiful. Rachel was very concerned for my wishes and feelings during my wax. I am very pleased with the results and made my next appointment! I love this place and the location is perfect.
January 6th 2018
Audry C. | St. Pete Spa
Rachel is hands down the best technician ever!! It was my first time going and she made me feel so welcome and comfortable. It was like hanging with a girlfriend the whole time, and time flew by!! Such a professional and quiet atmosphere!!! This will be the only place I go to from now on!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make me feel beautiful and welcome!!! <3 <3 <3
January 5th 2018
Caluegh | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was wonderful and accommodating. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. She was concerned about my wishes and feelings. She was easy to speak with and made me feel comfortable. The wax looks great and the cooling gel she used at the end felt wonderful. I am very pleased and did book my next appointment.
January 5th 2018
Audry C. | St. Pete Spa
I was looking for microblading touch ups for both my mother and I to save us from the drive to Orlando where I originally had it done. From the second I made my appointment, to my consultation to the actual service I can say that Pia's has found long term clients with both my mother and myself. The very sweet and helpful staff was great, the digital confirmations were even better! Pia herself was so welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the process and involved me every step of the way to make sure I was happy and completely satisfied. 3 days after the procedure and both my mom and I are already getting amazing comments and have given out her name twice.....I'm in love with my brows!!
January 5th 2018
Dina L. | South Tampa Spa
Whenever i️ go to Pia's, i️ know i️ am going to get great results. As always, my eyebrows are shaped perfectly & no breakouts.
January 4th 2018
Francesca A. | South Tampa Spa