Reviews by Location:

I thoroughly loved the job that Zeyna did on my eyebrows. Ever since the first time she did them I will not go anywhere else.
January 11th 2006
Amy D. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent service, as always. Pia is so sweet and a great waxer!
January 9th 2006
Karen W. | South Tampa Spa
Once again, my waxing experience was great. Pia is so friendly and sweet, she makes a potentially painful experience very enjoyable and painless! Thanks so much for a fantastic job!:)
January 9th 2006
Annesophia A. | South Tampa Spa
This was my 2nd visit with Nayla. I drive 45 mins. from Westchase to see her. She is the best all around. She is quick and she keeps you talking so your mind is someplace else when she is working on you. She always has something good to talk about and does not mind talking about her life verses boaring idle chit-chat. At first your place was hard to find but after the first time I had no problems finding it again however parking is really bad. I wish you guys were closer but I will continue to drive 45 mins as it is well worth the trip. I have not tried any other services but I am looking forward to doing so. I am even going to make an appointment for my fiance to come down and have some work done. I am so glad I found you guys and everyone is always so nice and it helps a person like me that you keep calling to confirm my appointment untill you actually speak with me...keep up the great work and keep looking around for a bigger place :-)
January 9th 2006
Julie R. | South Tampa Spa
First of all it was the best wax, no stray hair, beautiful shape, fast but not rushed, with little pain. Pia made me feel very comfortable and welcomed! I showed up early and she sqeezed me in. I am going to schedual a bikini wax for somtime after the 10th. Thank you for you wonder services.
January 9th 2006
Carrie | South Tampa Spa
as always, nayla rocks. she makes the wax quick and easy and keeps a great conversation going to entire time. shes the best.
January 9th 2006
Donna H. | South Tampa Spa
I received a massage on Saturday and it was awesome. I am going back every week to her so that she can work out some of the tension that I have. She is very good!
January 9th 2006
Kelly B. | South Tampa Spa
I love it... everytime I go to your place its a great experience from walking thru the door to walking right out of it! I was early for my appoitment and I was taken right in. I love that you have extended your hours of operations, which makes it so much easier for those of us that work. Keep it up! I recomend you guys to everyone!

Monica :)
January 9th 2006
Monica C. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great. I received a gift certificate to Pia for a pregnancy massage. I have only had one other professional massage, and when I left I felt like I should really treat myself to this more often. I was worried about how I would lay since I was due in less than 2 weeks, but Orit made sure I was comfortable and did a wonderful job. I look forward to coming back some time soon.
January 9th 2006
Ashley S. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is always warm and kind! She makes a very painful waxing experience into a pleasant one!

Every one of my experiences at Pia's has been great! No complaints!!!
January 9th 2006
Marisa | South Tampa Spa
Pia I feel very comfortable at your salon. Your services and your staff are outstanding and I will always recommend your services. Your professionalisim is utmost perfection. I wish you much success in the future, I have no doubt your salon is the one of a kind experience. Thank you. Karen Pace
January 3rd 2006
Karen P. | South Tampa Spa
My facial was very relaxing and thorough. The staff were all very professional and knowledgable. I appreciated the application of powder afterwards so I could finish my errands without looking scary.
January 3rd 2006
Katie P. | South Tampa Spa
Pia's advanced skill with waxing combines with excellent attention to her customer's well being. She completes all aspects of the wax with care, precision, and speed. Her friendliness and competence put me completely at ease.
January 3rd 2006
Susan M. | South Tampa Spa
As always I had a wonderful visit at my last appointment. I enjoy going to Pia's for many reasons. The staff is friendly and very knowledgable. The atmosphere is very relaxing. I feel like I am visiting with family and close firends when I am there. I hope to continue to be able to have my services taken care of at Pias for years to come. Thanks guys!
January 3rd 2006
Kristina | South Tampa Spa
Once again Zeyna made this a good experience. She is very good at what she does and is an asset to you business.

Thank You
January 3rd 2006
Lyndette A. | South Tampa Spa
I had the was great! Zenya did a great job as always! My skin looks and feels so much better now...I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my apperance and the way I feel...going into the new year and the eve night of parties was sooo much better with great skin! I don't know what I would do without her..she is fabulous!
January 3rd 2006
cara c. | South Tampa Spa
My facial was wonderful. The service was excellent. Everyone was very friendly during and while making the appointment.

Thank you,
January 2nd 2006
Sabrina C. | South Tampa Spa
Let's put it this way, my eye brows are finally straight....thank you!
January 2nd 2006
Rafina A. | South Tampa Spa
I was very pleased with the service I was provided. I love the Lashes.
January 2nd 2006
Victoria W. | South Tampa Spa
She is friendly and welcomes each client with a big hello and a smile on her face. She makes the whole brazilian experience a comfortable one
January 2nd 2006
Charo V. | South Tampa Spa
I had a very nice and relaxing time and I enjoyed my experience. All the employees were so friendly and made us feel very well. I hope you get the new building:)
January 1st 2006
Nadia A. | South Tampa Spa
Completely professional, friendly, and astonishingly efficient. We were finished with my first, rather involved waxing in 20 minutes - with great results! Thanks, Nayla.
January 1st 2006
Yvonne | South Tampa Spa
Not only is Pia an expert in a the most pain-less and clean wax but she does her best to make the customer feel at ease. Everything in the store is presented as calm and clean. I recomend this store to everyone.
January 1st 2006
Julie M. | South Tampa Spa
Pia did a great job with the sexy bikini wax. A little closer than the other girls. It was great to meet her. I never have to wait long for my appointment and the place is great.
December 28th 2005
Marie G. | South Tampa Spa
I think the eyelashes look great! My own are really short and this really makes them look prettier and you can actually tell that I now have them. Pia is always sweet and kind when she does the work on you. She always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I always enjoy seeing her and coming into the new place.
See you in January and Happy New Year!
December 27th 2005
diane s. | South Tampa Spa
As always, Pia is great!! The place looks better every visit! LOVE the framed article!!
December 27th 2005
Melissa W. | South Tampa Spa
As always I was very pleased with the wax treatment. It was quick, painless and very thorough. Thanks!
December 27th 2005
cristina | South Tampa Spa
Pia is very nice, sweet and professional. She does an excellent wax job, which is why I will only book my waxings with her. Her demeanor is always warm, friendly and courteous. Although I wish she had a salon location closer to me, I am willing to make the drive from my home in New Tampa to Pia Esthetics...simply because of the level of service that I receive. I am a difficult client to please because I expect perfection when I am spending money for any if Pia can make me happy then she can please anyone :) I highly recommend her!!
December 27th 2005
Nicole L. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is esceptional! No lesser word describes how well she performs her art.
December 27th 2005
Kathy C. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla and Pia are wonderful! :-)
They have added new services on information provided which I think is fabulous, and they work around my ridiculous schedule which means more to me than they will ever know!
December 27th 2005
Lisa G. | South Tampa Spa
I went to get a gift certificate for my sister and the lady there told me that it had to be done online. I ordered it that night, and a day later I received at home. My sister loved your service as well.
December 27th 2005
Yeisy V. | South Tampa Spa
I have been wanting to get a brazilian wax for sometime, but worried about finding someone qualified to do the job. I am so pleased with the work that Nayla did and her professionalism. Nayla helped me relax and her speed made the experience worth doing.I made another appointment to keep it up. I am so glad I found her!
December 27th 2005
Jana C. | South Tampa Spa
I just love her!!! I think she does such a fabulous job! Ever since I found this spa and her waxing, and facial abilities I have not gone any place else. Not only is she great at what she does...she is always personable, friendly, and makes my overall experience even that much better.
December 27th 2005
cara | South Tampa Spa
From the informative web site to the professional, yet relaxing atmosphere Pia's proved to be a very pleasant experience. Nayla really put me at ease, and the results were great! I've already reccomended Pia's to a couple of my friends.
December 27th 2005
Carolyn W. | South Tampa Spa
As a repeat customer I enjoy my experience with Nayla very much. She is extremely talented, professional and very nice. I look foward to coming to your salon and of course the only improvement I would make is the parking.
December 27th 2005
Molly H. | South Tampa Spa
As usual I had a great experience with Nayla for this appointment. Having started out with regular bikini waxes I quickly moved on to Brazilians. For this appointment, I received the Sphinx wax and was more than pleased with the results. Nayla does such a great job and is extremely personable.
December 27th 2005
Jean F. | South Tampa Spa