Pia was great...and very knowlegeable! The staff is wonderful and the atmosphere is extremely welcoming and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Pia's South Tampa to all!
September 28th 2011
Tara C. | South Tampa Spa
My waxing was incredible - it was painless and so neat! She was absolutely wonderful and knew how to do her job properly. She was extremely professional and also very friendly. I would come back to her to get waxed in a heartbeat! Pia Aesthetics has such a comfortable atmosphere and all the staff is so nice, it's a great place!
September 27th 2011
Athina K. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at your spa, I just moved here from Orlando, and I have to say that I was very impressed! She did a fabulous job, I have found my new esthetician! Thanks again and I will see you soon.
September 27th 2011
Marsha M. | South Tampa Spa
I've purchased two gift cards for people who had never been to Pia and both have been thrilled!
September 27th 2011
Shannon K. | South Tampa Spa
I love coming here. I'm always greeted with a friendly welcome. I never wait for extended periods. My specialist was very thorough and made me feel at ease by providing constant conversation with me.
September 27th 2011
Jasmine S. | South Tampa Spa
Had a wonderful experience with Leslie ... to be repeated for sure.
Nayla was her magnificent self the week before giving me the confidence to continue on ... even brought in MaMa... for a mani & pedi. Wonderful experiences, waxing, mani & pedi were had by all. You definitely have two committed clients in St Pete!
Thanks for your expertise which is truly appreciated.
September 22nd 2011
Lori L. | St. Pete Spa
I cannot tell you how much I love going to see Nayla! I have referred many friends her way! What a great woman! So happy to have her wax me! I had a facial yesterday and she did an amazing job!
September 22nd 2011
Amy | St. Pete Spa
As always, my experience was superb!!! The receptionist is always sweet and very professional. Nayla has done an amazing job since day one and has not disappointed yet! I will continue to go back and recommend to all my friends.
September 22nd 2011
Mari | St. Pete Spa
nayla is fantastic! i always appreciate her good mood and her expertise, and she does a wonderful job!
September 22nd 2011
Paula D. | St. Pete Spa

I can't believe I waited so long to come in to Pia. I can't wait to come back! Great people, great service, great relaxation...totally worth every investment!

September 21st 2011
Lindsey | South Tampa Spa
I have been to Pia before. The environment is professional and relaxing. All personnel are very friendly and efficient and tended to all my needs. The services were great, well done, professional and efficient. There are so many spas in the Tampa area but I keep coming back to Pia - I know I will have a great experience. Thanks so much!
September 19th 2011
Johanna E. | South Tampa Spa
From the reception area to the massage and the facial, the experience was top notch! What a great little escape! Thank you!!
September 17th 2011
Rebecca S. | South Tampa Spa
I love love love you guys!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else and expect good service like you guys provide! I like everyone there, I think you are the best!!!!
September 17th 2011
Cherelle W. | South Tampa Spa
I received a deep tissue massage. She was very professional and gave an amazing massage. I also purchased makeup and was color matched by one of the girls; again she took her time and was super helpful. Lastly, the front desk girl was efficient, personable and welcoming. Overall, a great experience, I will definitely come back and will refer others. Thank you.
September 16th 2011
Kelly M. | South Tampa Spa
Super happy with waxing. She is professional, energetic and has a plan to renew my over-waxed brows! Love the location, love the overall cleanliness and atmosphere of the spa. Being pregnant, I also have to mention how much I LOVE the way it smells inside! Definite repeat customer.
September 15th 2011
Laura C. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful massage - very relaxing and thorough. John was a pleasure and very attentive. Thank you! Looking forward to my next service.
September 15th 2011
Jessica R. | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely adore her. She is professional and extraordinarily detail oriented. She is also a very caring and giving person and it comes across in all that she does. I have been seeing her loyally for my lashes for over a year. I get stopped regularly on the street concerning my beautiful lashes. I regularly tell people to see her.
September 12th 2011
Laureen | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely had an enjoyable experience. I have been advised to continue waxing by my doctor and I feel very comfortable at Pia in St. Pete. My specialist is AMAZING!!!
September 11th 2011
Joni | St. Pete Spa
I received excellent service as ususal. I always love coming here and I have NEVER been let down!!! Thanks again!!!
September 11th 2011
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
Great waxing experience. Cant wait to try the pedicure next time!
September 11th 2011
Carina C. | St. Pete Spa
I loved my facial I had! It was very relaxing and comfortable. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards. It is worth the money and every experience I have had at PIA in St. Pete has been a great one. I love love love PIA day spa! :)
September 11th 2011
Rachel S. | St. Pete Spa
This was my 2nd visit to the salon for a full wax with the same esthetician and I feel the same way I did the 1st time. I am so happy to have found this place. I remember that She worked at both a Tampa location and this location, but that she was coming to St. Pete full time, and I am so glad she did. I am so at ease with her and find her very friendly and for this being only my 2nd time ever having waxing done, I think that is very important for a new client. I will definitely continue to see her for this service and will probably look into other services.
September 11th 2011
Heather H. | St. Pete Spa
This was my best experience I've had yet in the 2 years I've been going to Pia Esthetics! I finally got to meet Pia and have her as an esthetician. I didn't even know Pia Esthetics was named after the owner and she happened to work for her own company! She did a great job with my eyelashes and gave me great suggestions and reasons why my lashes turn out the way they do. She massaged my hands while waiting for my lashes to tint which I never had done before. She was so great/nice and educated that I asked about scheduling a time to get my chin waxed next time with her. She looked at my chin and said there was no need having to schedule an appointment for such little amounts of hair and that she'd just pluck it with my next eyelash waxing/tinting. She ended up just plucking what I had on my chin while I was there during my eyelash waxing appointment.

I think it's amazing she created this company 8 years ago with her husband and she is still providing treatments to customers across all places. You can tell she loves her job and customers and knows how to run a business and is all about making customers happy. It's great she's still working with customers when she can just be doing the business aspect of things.
September 10th 2011
Kate D. | South Tampa Spa
She made what can be an uncomftorable situation very comftorable. I will be happy to comback and see her for future appts.
September 9th 2011
Lyndette A. | St. Pete Spa
Everytime I visit Pia's in St Pete I am greeted by a friendly and professional receptionist followed by a great experience. She always makes me feel comfortable and I am so fortunate to have found her!
September 9th 2011
Jennifer H. | St. Pete Spa
Had my first pedi at the new nail salon in St. Pete. Very relaxing atmosphere. Love the new expansion! Pick me : )
September 9th 2011
Nina G. | St. Pete Spa
As always she is great. Congrats on the new bigger location! I'm looking forward to a facial sometime soon
September 9th 2011
Amy | St. Pete Spa
She is always excellent. I won't go to anyone else for waxing or a facial. Your front desk receptionist is also consistenly efficient and friendly. I love coming in for appointments at Pia. I love the atmosphere and the friendliness and professionalism of everyone there.
September 9th 2011
Jess S. | South Tampa Spa
Fabulous brazilian waxing, as always. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
September 8th 2011
Marisa B. | South Tampa Spa
I've always had a wonderful experience. Even my very first wax. The staff is always informative and gentle. I would recommend pia to anyone
September 8th 2011
Latrell g. | South Tampa Spa
Outstanding experience. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to have Pia evaluate my eyebrows and make them look fabulous! I will be back!!!
September 8th 2011
Jean S. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first visit to Pia's and I was immediately put at ease. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is very friendly. I came in to have my brows shaped and was extremely happy with the care and precision that She took and how they turned out. To make a good experience even better, I was told that the St Pete location would now be doing manicures and pedicures - something which made me very happy to hear. I look forward to my next visit.
September 8th 2011
Rasa G. | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful! As always!! Pia and crew run a beautiful day spa. The atmosphere is peaceful, the music calming, and the employees are courteous and professional. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
September 8th 2011
Melissa F. | South Tampa Spa
I just came in to purchase more product and to make another appointment and the receptionist was very helpful (I forgot her name). I was in and out quickly which was nice for my schedule that day. I look forward to coming back in next week for my facial and waxing.
September 7th 2011
Ashley K. | South Tampa Spa
She was wonderful. So nice and made me feel very comfortable. I wish I was always in Tampa so I could always go to her. She does a great job, quick and painless. Glad to have found her.
September 7th 2011
Maria L. | South Tampa Spa
I had a prenatal massage and it was great! I felt very comfortable with the massage therapist and he really was able to hit some knots that I didn't know I had. He also did a great job at making sure I was comfortable lying on my sides. I would definitely recommend him! I also loved the decor and ambiance in the room, as it made it very relaxing.
September 7th 2011
Alexandra R. | South Tampa Spa
Literally the BEST wax I have ever gotten! I have been waxing for over 2 years and I just recently moved to Tampa, FL. I was very nervous to get a wax from some one new at a salon that I knew little about. I wax IT ALL off and often this can be a painful expirience. This was the LEAST painful wax I've ever gotten. In addition, I had an appointment for a sexy bikini wax because I made my appointment last minute and this was all they could put me on the schedule for. She was so quick, she was able to wax everything in 20 minutes! VERY HAPPY with my experience at PIA!!! Cannot say enough about this wax! Soooooo happy!!! :)
September 6th 2011
Katie B. | South Tampa Spa
I love to get my nails done, but shy away from manicures because they rarely last 24 hours. My last two experiences at Pia have changed that. My first experience at Pia was for a mani and pedi was great. The pedi was so relaxing I almost fell asleep in my chair. My callouses were soft and the polish lasted almost a month. The mani lasted for just over a week without visible chipping. The last mani I had is going on a week, and still looks great. A few minor chips but nothing that would make me take all the polish off. I will definitely be back!
September 5th 2011
M.E. | South Tampa Spa
I love this place. It was my first time and I must say I was very impressed. The Nail Service was excellent and I can't wait until my next appointment.
September 5th 2011
Robyn W. | South Tampa Spa
So sorry I cannot remember the name of the two aestheticians who did my wax and facial yesterday - both services were excellent. The facial
was particularly exceptional - SO relaxing - skin felt/looked great.

Please thank both techs for me, and thank you Pia. We are so lucky to have your spa in S. Tampa.

September 4th 2011
Ellen H. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was fabulous. I will never get a bikini wax anywhere else. :) Thank you!!
September 3rd 2011
Lauren W. | South Tampa Spa
She is amazing. I did go to south Tampa, but when I heard she was is St. Pete...I quickly changed locations. She is gently, quick, and super nice. I will continue to go to her until I no longer have hair (ha ha)
September 2nd 2011
Amy | St. Pete Spa
On this visit I received a full bikini wax (2nd one ever) and she made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She also gave me some helpful care after waxing information that I hadn't received after my first full one (at another salon). I've already set an appt. for my next waxing and I'm looking forward to indulging in some of your other services. Thanks to Ashley for doing an awesome job!
September 1st 2011
Nicole D. | St. Pete Spa
Fabulous--the eyebrow wax may be the best I've ever had. Sorry I can't remember the name of the employee.
September 1st 2011
Elaine L. | St. Pete Spa
She did an amazing brazilain wax. It's been difficult finding somewhere to go in the Tampa area that's reasonably priced and does an excellent, painless, fast job when it comes to waxing! The spa staff was also extremely friendy and welcoming :) Will be coming back regularly! Thank you
August 30th 2011
Kelly P. | South Tampa Spa
I had reflexology last Saturday. It was absolutely fantastic. I will definitely do it again.
August 29th 2011
Rachel M. | South Tampa Spa
She did a great job on my brazilian wax. I'm glad to see the full service spa is opening soon. I hope Pia will consider opening a location in Sarasota. : )
August 29th 2011
Tasha | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is the BEST!! She always makes me feel at ease when getting waxed. The reception is very pleasant and I thoroughly enjoy myself every time I go there.
August 28th 2011
Vickie | St. Pete Spa
My overall experience was wonderful.. I travel for work so it is hard to have a set schedule on maintenance for myself..I was in town yesterday and called last minute for a quick wax and was accomodated. The receptionist was very friendly and nice, she was also accomodating to my needs. The wax person was also very nice and quick, just perfect! My greeting as I arrived was so nice and pleasant..I will be back for sure..
August 26th 2011
Dominique M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience. My esthetician provided me a blissful experience. As a 44 year old woman, I am seeing the signs of age and I am a bit tearful about this. She recognized this and I felt like I was being treated by a friend, rather than an aesthetic professional. I have already set up an appointment with her for next month.

The facility is warm as is the receptionist. I apologize for not knowing her name. She was a brunette and worked on the 25th. I hope this helps because I would like her to receive recognition for her professional and warm demeanor.

August 26th 2011
Yolanda B. | South Tampa Spa