I was a little nervous about getting a wax done as I had never had it done before. I went to the website and was ecstatic to find information that calmed my fears. I like to be informed about procedures beforehand. The staff was very friendly from the time I walked in the door, till I went upstairs. Ana was friendly, she kept my mind at ease. She attentively answered my questions about the wax process. I was pleased by the facility, fragrant and very clean! I will most certainly be back for more services! I have already told my cousins about the spa. Thank you.
October 27th 2006
Rosalie S. | South Tampa Spa
I have been going to Sol for waxing and have now added Orit for massage. They are both fantastic. Sol gets the shape of my brows perfect every time and never irritates the area. When it is done, she dusts loose powder to cover any redness so I don t have to leave with that just got my brows waxed look. Her other waxing is great too, she gets every hair, no matter where, and leaves me with smooth skin and less chance of ingrown hair. Recently I tried Orit for massage. She too is fantastic: knowledgable about aches, pains, stress on the body and fun to talk to. I was really sore from a long drive and a long week out of town for work, she got me functioning again! That is saying a lot! I have also been to Pia for waxing and some of the other girls for facials. Everyone here is so professional and friendly, I really don t bother with shopping around for spa services anymore...I just call Pia!
October 25th 2006
Amie E. | South Tampa Spa
I loved my experience at Pia. I went as a gift to myself for my birthday. My face definitely needed a facial and Ericca was great. I loved the location... very nicely decorated. All employees extremely nice. Ericca did a really good job at explaining what she was doing and making sure I was relaxed. It was the best experience. I will definitely become a regular at Pia. Thank you!
October 23rd 2006
Mariseli V. | South Tampa Spa
My experience at Pia s is ALWAYS a great one! Everyone on the staff is so nice and easy to talk to, the decor is happy and refreshing and the services are FAB! I always recommend you to all my friends and will be a client of yours for years to come! Thanks!
October 20th 2006
Randi S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience at Pia Esthetics on October 17. I have always been pleased with the staff and the outcome of my appointments at Pia s. I had never had Ericca for an appointment before and I was slightly skeptical, but she did an amazing job and was personable, efficient, and easy to be around! I will definetly come back to her - or to any of the members of the staff. Thank You! Ciao
October 18th 2006
Caroline B. | South Tampa Spa
I had the Massimo facial. It was very relaxing and thorough. Overall, a great experience - I will definately be back.
October 17th 2006
Lisa F. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful, the best wax experience I ve ever had, thorough, professional, just wonderful!
October 16th 2006
Elizabeth A. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience with Ana (eyelash tint). I ll certainly return and request her specifically.
Thank you.
October 16th 2006
Pamela G. | South Tampa Spa
Very professional and informative staff members. The experience is very relaxing and without pain. I highy recommend the services offered at Pia Esthetics.
October 15th 2006
Brenda J. | South Tampa Spa
I just wanted to tell you that I realy enjoyed my experience at Pia yesterday. Sol does such an amazning job and goes above and beyond what s expected every time. I wouldn t go anywhere else for my services. Thanks Sol!
October 15th 2006
Danielle L. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was incredible! I will definitely be back. Very impressed with the staff and Pia! see you soon.
October 15th 2006
Kim | South Tampa Spa
Great service. Everyone was very courteous. Prompt & professional. I m glad my fiancee is a regular customer of yours, and I look forward to going again myself!
October 15th 2006
Daniel G. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience. I loved the spa, I will definately will be coming back and will recomend it to my friends! Thanks!
October 14th 2006
Baubi H. | South Tampa Spa

Had a relaxing experince during my Sept visit. It was a special day for me because I spent time with 2 nieces, enjoying manicure and pedicure.
Especially fun because one niece had never had either treatment done professionally.
The glass of sangria was wanderful and added to the overall ambiance of the setting.
Unfortunately I did not get the names of the staff and I hope we didn t bore them, as we chatted throughout the afternoon.

Both nieces are in school in the Tampa area, while I was visiting from Massachusetts...they selected your Spa randomly and we were pleasantly surprised.
October 14th 2006
Linda S. | South Tampa Spa
It was great! Thank you for taking the time to discuss the service prior to waxing my eyebrows.
October 13th 2006
Christy F. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great once again! The new cream (in lieu of my Aloe) gave me no rash - Thanks!
October 13th 2006
Cynthia K. | South Tampa Spa
Your shop is very energizing and rejuviating - as a spa should feel. The receptionist was very friendly adn help me navigate the deluxe esspreso machine. Alex was very friendly and the facial was great. I got a this treatment as a gift from a friend and I bought a certificate for someone as well.
Higly recommened to my friends and associates.
Thank you .
October 12th 2006
johanna s. | South Tampa Spa
Great Eye Brow Wax. Pia is the best! I find myself trying to think of other treatments I will get just to return to Pia. The shop is really looking nice and I like looking around at all the products.
October 11th 2006
Stacey S. | South Tampa Spa
They were very professional and friendly. They created a comfortable and relaxing environment. I d recommend this service to any new client in the tampa bay area.
October 11th 2006
Veronica V. | South Tampa Spa
The facial was wonderful. Ana was great! She really took her time and offered a lot of advise and tips! Loved the mini makeup application at the end. The spa is great and i can t wait to return!
October 11th 2006
Leslie S. | South Tampa Spa
My experience at Pia s was great! It was my first time in there and i was greeted by 3 friendly staff members. One of them was Sol, who performed my wax. I recieved the sphynx wax which can be very painful and embarassing for some. Sol was amazing. I could tell she was highley trained at waxing. And made me feel very comfortable. I also loved the retail section.
October 11th 2006
Nikki V. | South Tampa Spa
I loved it! Very relaxing and quick...I definetly want to go back and have recomended this place to many of my friends. I was very impressed!
October 10th 2006
Emily D. | South Tampa Spa
I was first introduced to Pia Esthetics through your website...LOVED IT!!! It was very thorough and explained everything that you could want or need to know. I was impressed enough to call and make an appointment. I received a sphynx wax for the first time in my life. The information on your website made me feel comfortable in the fact that your staff was knowledgable and well trained, enough that I was willing to come to Tampa. Nayla did a wonderful job and made me feel comfortable and talked with me through the whole experience. In fact, I set up another appointment with Nayla for this month. She, along with the rest of the staff at the spa, is great. I plan on making your spa a regular part of my life. Thanks to you all...Jayne
October 7th 2006
Jayne F. | South Tampa Spa
Over the past five years I have lived quite a few places; Miami, Detroit, New Orleans and now Tampa. Finding a good spa for pedicures and waxes is often tough. I found Pia through ........ and made my appointment. I have not been disappointed. I have come back for my brazilan and have sent my husband to see you as well. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. That and a beautiful home to visit and enjoy:)
October 6th 2006
Jenifer M. | South Tampa Spa
Pia, as always, was wonderful. Helpful and offering suggestions and solutions.
October 6th 2006
Gwen S. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca is Awesome!!! She s always so professional, polite and the best wax I have ever had...The spa is so clean and inviting. I highly recommend Ericca and the spa to my friends!!! Thanks for a great experiences. Karen
October 2nd 2006
Karen P. | South Tampa Spa
very comfortable and not weird at all. ana had some good info re: the horrible ingrown hairs i ve been getting, so i m using the get the bump out religiously because she explained how it works and why. good job!!
October 2nd 2006
carol w. | South Tampa Spa
I received the Chocolate Massage yesterday and it was fabulous! It was my first time getting a real salon massage and it was a great experience. Nikki was very professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My overall experience was great! The staff was friendly and the feel of the place was very welcoming!
October 1st 2006
Bethany B. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great mani/pedi! The pedi was awesome, I love the coconut oil and the chocolate parafin smelled so yummy! Great service as usual!!
September 30th 2006
Nicole M. | South Tampa Spa

Great job once again Pia! I always love the look and feel of my eyebrows once Pia does them. Looking forward to coming back!
September 27th 2006
Patti V. | South Tampa Spa
I used to live in Miami, where I was a regular at a salon where they only performed waxing. I was very comfortable going to this Miami salon to get what you call a sphynx because this is pretty popular in S. Florida.
I moved to St. Petersburg in February and I tried a salon near my home to get this done. I met with the esthetician before this appointment to make sure that she was able and comfortable in doing this type of wax. Despite this meeting, on the date of my appointment, she made me wait more than 10 minutes after my appointment time and did not have her materials set up. To make matters worse, she was completely unprepared and uncomfortable in performing this type of wax. She became frustrated and I was so humiliated that I told her to stop, paid (she charged me an extra $20 because of the difficulty !!) and left that salon and never returned.
I thought that I would have to drive down to Miami to get this waxing done. Thankfully, I did some research and found out about your salon through an old article in the St. Petersburg Times. I booked my first appointment with Nayla and was impressed by her professionalism and experience. I have recently seen Ericca and was also very impressed by her professionalism, ability to perform this wax quickly and with minimal pain, and her expert technique. I am very happy that I found Pia s. If it hadn t been for that bad experience in that other salon, I would not have found your great facility!
September 26th 2006
CDC | South Tampa Spa
I really enjoyed my experience with Ericca at the salon. She is very professional and extremely good at what she does. I am looking forward to returning to the salon soon.
September 26th 2006
Rosanna L. | South Tampa Spa
Ana did a great job. She made sure that i was relaxed and comfortable. She also gave me some great tips on skin care. As always it was a wonderful experience.
September 26th 2006
Valerie R. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was great! I was pretty nervous about having a brazillian wax and Pia was very understanding. She held great conversation during the entire experience helping keep my mind off of what was happening. She was quick and professional. I have already recommended Pia to numerous freinds who all want to get waxed. Oh, by the way my fiance sends a huge thank you!
September 25th 2006
Amanda S. | South Tampa Spa
I was so impressed with Yairi and her gentleness and kindness in my first pedicure and manicure in my entire life! I got a wonderful gift certificate for my 50th birthday, and now I know what I have been missing out on all these years! WOW!
Yes, I WILL be returning, again, and again, and I sincerely appreciate Yairi for being so sweet and caring toward me.
Everyone at your salon was top notch and I look forward to my facial and body massage, also included in my birthday gift certificate! :) See you all soon!!!
Thank you ALL for making my day at Pia Spa such a wonderfu experience. I see that you are also located in Winter Park. My father and two sisters live in Winter Park, and that is where I came from, before Tampa! I will be sure to pass this exciting experience along to BOTH of my sisters, who will LOVE to be pampered, as I certainly did!
Thank you ALL, again for your expertise and excellence.
Toula Bonie
September 24th 2006
Toula B. | South Tampa Spa
She did a great job making me feel comfortable as it had been a long time since I had this done and also made sure that I was comfortable since I am pregnant. I would definitely not only go to the other waxers I am used to and like but also her as I like her as well.
September 24th 2006
Mishel H. | South Tampa Spa
Alexandra was thorough and meticulous. I was very pleased with the service I received.
September 24th 2006
Jessica | South Tampa Spa
I came in for a wax, and although i couldnt get in with either sol or nyla, i was still very impressed! you all do such a wonderful job and i have recommended you to all of my friends! thank you!
September 23rd 2006
alexa | South Tampa Spa
I visited Pias yesterday for a full day spa experience. From the moment I walked in the door to when I left...EVERYONE was very kind, helpful and sincere in assistance and appreciation!

I started my experience with a massage by Orit. She s absolutely amazing and truly sensitive about tending to sore muscles, etc. I have another massage already scheduled!

I next went to Pia for a waxing and facial. She made me feel very comfortable during the waxing and there were a few times I was almost in sleep mode during the facial!

Finally, I visited Yairi for a manicure & pedicure. WOW! If you could only see my french manicure on hands AND feet! She did a phenomenal job and is SO knowledgable about natural and non-natural nail options.

Folks...this is truly an awesome place to go. Definitely, don t pass up the opportunity to try this place out!!!!
September 22nd 2006
Darlene | South Tampa Spa
I have to admidt that every time I walk into Pia Esthetics, I love looking at all of the products that are on display. I really like the variety and selection that you carry. I swear by the Depil Mousse and wouldn t use anything else on my body and highly recommend the product as well as your services.
September 18th 2006
Danielle L. | South Tampa Spa
This was a first time sphynx wax with Ana and I have tosay I was nervous about it. But she was very nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable and did an excellent job. I am very plaesed and would see her again.
September 18th 2006
Madison B. | South Tampa Spa
I just wanted to say that this was my first waxing with Ana and she was a very professional and friendly employee! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed especially for having a brazilian waxing which is very hard to not think about. She also recommended some awesome products that are working very well! I look forward to visiting Pia s again and hope that I have the same great service I receive each time I visit!
September 18th 2006
Angelica | South Tampa Spa
She was very sweet and did an awesome job on my eyebrows. I moved here from California this year and have tried many different salons...I wont say their names but they just weren t what I was looking for. I m happy I found your salon and I will stick with Nayla until I move again.
September 16th 2006
Amie | South Tampa Spa
Nayla did a wonderful job!! She asked me how I wanted my brows shaped and did them exactly as I asked. I was thrilled with the results and my entire experience there. Everyone at Pia was very helpful and friendly. I have already recommended Pia to my friends.
September 15th 2006
Diane D. | South Tampa Spa
She was great! Very light touch and did not feel like she ripped my face when she had to use tweasers to fine tune the arch of my brows. Was very nice and professional and explained the procedure since I had never had my brows colored before. She took the time to show me how to use brow make up to fill in the white spots and helped me find the products I wanted. She also helped get a brow brush ordered with the front desk receptionist. I also met Pia in person and she was very nice and welcoming.

This was my second visit to the salon and I think I will not only keep using the services but start referring friends there as well.

You run a very nice salon.
September 14th 2006
Liisa T. | South Tampa Spa
After such great experiences with Nyla and Sol, I did not think it could get any better. I guess I was wrong! Ana was GREAT and an excellent addition to your staff.
September 13th 2006
sara d. | South Tampa Spa
Ericca did a great job on my Brazilian. Very quick and efficient!

See you in a few weeks.

September 12th 2006
Teresa R. | South Tampa Spa
I like the fact that Pia is always consistent in her treatments. What ever I get done with her I am always satisfied. Thank You!
September 12th 2006
Debbie L. | South Tampa Spa
What a fantastic experience! Being new to the waxing world, I was a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. My esthetician was so nice, knowledgeable, and totally put me at ease. She was efficient and definately knows her stuff. Your place had an inviting atmosphere, and I really look forward to many future visits. By the way, your website is incredible too! One of the best I ve ever seen as far as information for the client and easy navigation. Thanks again! Lora
September 12th 2006
Lora N. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is absolutely amazing! Every time I go she always does above and beyond and makes me feel really comfortable. From the first time I saw Pia up to my last appointment the service has been outstanding, the staff friendly and helpful and most of all knowledgable. Thanks Pia!
September 10th 2006
Nakesha W. | South Tampa Spa