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Pia is truly the best. At 8 months pregnant, I was so worried to go in but desperately needed to have my eyebrows waxed for my maternity photoshoot. Pia has implemented every single process to keep her staff and customers safe and healthy. From a pre-screening form to ensure customers are not experiencing symptoms, or been in contact with those with Covid, online check-in, credit card info submitted online to avoid paying in lobby, waiting in your car until called, temperature check upon arrival, spotless rooms, Pia wore a medical grade mask and shield, and all customers must wear masks as well. For one of the few outings I have made in months, I felt so safe and cared for. Thank you, Pia!
July 12th 2020
Alexandra P. | South Tampa Spa
Due to the pandemic, it had been a long time since my last wax, my technician was very gentle and patient.
July 10th 2020
Kimberly’ K. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone is extremely polite and professional. Clean spa and feel comfortable in difficult times. My technician was awesome !
July 10th 2020
Diane B. | South Tampa Spa
So great! Eyebrows came out amazing couldn’t be happier! Staff was so welcoming, and all safety prosecutes were flawless.
July 9th 2020
Samantha | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic! I felt so comfortable with the precautions and care the team is taking now in light of COVID
July 8th 2020
Mary F. | South Tampa Spa
Very good experience and quality job. Social distancing and sanitizing practices are well in place and followed.
July 6th 2020
Jacqueline H. | South Tampa Spa
Really good service. My skin feels so good. They are definitely taking all of the precautions for Covid-19.
July 4th 2020
Cristina P. | South Tampa Spa
My technician always does a FANTASTIC job. She is very professional always makes you feel comfortable and she’s super sweet!! I’ve been to other wax places and none compare to pia day spa or my technician! THANK YOU!
July 3rd 2020
Shana W. | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic! All of the protocols put into place were followed and I felt very safe. Service was excellent as it always is!
July 2nd 2020
Jamie S. | South Tampa Spa
After a stressful day at work, it was so nice to have some me time with the amazing people at Pia’s. It was exactly what I needed to relax and de stress a little. Thank you ladies!!!!
June 30th 2020
Donna T. | South Tampa Spa
Very safe and satisfying experience. Already made my appointment next month!
June 30th 2020
Paula R. | South Tampa Spa
Amazing!!! It has been difficult to relax lately with all that has been going on. My skin has been breaking out from wearing my mask and overall I just needed some " me time". She was meticulous with my facial and took my necklaces off for me so they wouldn't get ruined and put them back on for me after my facial because I was struggling to do so with my nails. Those little things mean so much and are really appreciated!!!! I will be back again and again!
June 26th 2020
Constance V. | South Tampa Spa
amazing! love everything about this place and my eyelashes!!
June 26th 2020
molly m. | South Tampa Spa
I always love going to Pia’s but even more so with how safe I felt. They’re taking reasonable precautions to keep everyone safe but still provide a fantastic service.
June 26th 2020
Martini G. | South Tampa Spa
I could not have felt safer. Pia’s is taking every precaution to protect clients and staff. I felt comfortable and enjoyed my visit.
June 25th 2020
Tara | South Tampa Spa
Pia and staff have always been very helpful and professional at every visit for the past 5 years, and especially during the covid 19 pandemic.
June 25th 2020
Shelley G. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was really sweet and cautious of everything that has been going on with the pandemic. As an APRN, its nice to see people outside of the hospital who are caring for others and being responsible about it. Much appreciated. Everyone was very professional and courteous from start to finish as always.
June 25th 2020
marilyn j. | South Tampa Spa
My technician is always sweet, friendly, professional and pays attention to detail. She always does a great job on my pedi!
June 25th 2020
Michelle J. | South Tampa Spa
Such good service!! My Technician is so sweet and made sure to tell me what she was doing before she did it. I love it! Highly recommend :)
June 25th 2020
Jilian S. | South Tampa Spa
Loved my relaxing pedicure today! Everything was great. Check in was easy and the front desk attendant was very friendly and informative. Will definitely be back for my monthly pedicures now! Thank you!
June 23rd 2020
Alison B. | South Tampa Spa
Wow! What an amazing facial Pia gave me. Heavenly doesn’t even begin to describe what a luxurious experience it was. Not only was I given a wonderfully relaxing and “yummy” facial, I was treated to a lower leg, arm and shoulder massage while the steam and masque worked its magic. I’m so pleased with how my skin looks. In past experiences at other spas I’ve left with bruises post pore cleansing and mild blemishes that looked worse than before a facial. My skin looks fantastic and ready for public reveal without makeup. Thank you Pia!
June 23rd 2020
Sherry D. | South Tampa Spa
My first time at Pia from a friend's recommendation and wow... expectations was exceeded. My technician is amazing! Safety and care was her top priority. Very friendly and made my experience even better with her expertise. Front desk was polite and staff followed safety precaution guidelines. Will revisit!
June 21st 2020
Keyrine T. | South Tampa Spa
My massage therapist was awesome! Very strong hands :)

My facial was very relaxing!
June 21st 2020
Melanie K. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent - safety measures taken and easy to abide by. Warm, friendly, accommodating , and my eyebrows look amazing!
June 21st 2020
Kari L. | South Tampa Spa
I just have to say that I will really miss my technician! She’s wonderful and very through. I’ve been coming to Pia’s for years and she’s definitely a stand out!
June 20th 2020
Lisa N. | South Tampa Spa
So thorough and kind, loved it! Awesome awesome service!! So happy!!
June 19th 2020
Leanna L. | South Tampa Spa
My technician did a beautiful job. Lashes look super fluffy & on point. I love Pia’s! ❤️
June 18th 2020
Theresa C. | South Tampa Spa
I really enjoyed my experience was my first time and I got a microdermabrasion facial. Pia gave the best facial I’ve had. I could gather that she really cares. The whole experience was great and they took great care in making sure they followed cdc guidelines.
June 18th 2020
Haley D. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful experience, as always! Super impressed with all the great safety measures taken in light of covid to make my experience safe and comfortable.
June 17th 2020
Jordan K. | South Tampa Spa
Most relaxing and enjoyable experience. Used to live in Tampa and come back frequently just to get facials or waxes with my technician. Everyone working here is so friendly and well trained. Highly recommend to all my friends and family!!!
June 17th 2020
Kelly H. | South Tampa Spa
Clean, welcoming and comfortable!!!! My massage was wonderful and got really into all my tight spots. I will be back soon!
June 16th 2020
Tracey W. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful! She is very skilled and kind. The front desk and phone staff were helpful and friendly. A great experience. Thank you!
June 16th 2020
Laura C. | South Tampa Spa
It was my best experience yet. I had made up my mind to not do this again until Pia was highly recommended. I am very conscious of my body and she made it so comfortable. The pain level was much less and the quality of the service provided was above my expectation. Thank you for so much!! I will be back!
June 16th 2020
Trish S. | South Tampa Spa
Friendly, Fast and Efficient service! The waxing outcome was beautiful. I love Pia Day Spa
June 15th 2020
Victoria K. | South Tampa Spa
Professional and very patient with me ..... always showing a smile through her eyes behind the mask
June 14th 2020
Sylina R. | South Tampa Spa
My Technician is so good and painless. I love the fact that there was very little going back with tweezers. The person at the register was so sweet and the person selling aroma items was informative without being pushy.
June 13th 2020
Coni | South Tampa Spa
My technician was very patient and knowledgeable.... extremely professional with smile through her eyes!
June 13th 2020
Sylina R. | South Tampa Spa
If I could give 100 hearts I would. Friendly staff, my technician is the most valuable asset at Pias Esthetics ST. Also, I appreciate Pias taking the necessary precautions to keep me safe from COVID-19. Blessings to you for that, it shows you care about your clients and staff.
June 13th 2020
Larissa M. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at the Tampa location and I can’t wait to come back! The staff is so kind and helpful, and Pia was amazing. I’m so glad I finally booked my services now that they are open. Everyone was wearing masks and the entire spa was clean. I’m thankful for the regulations in place.
June 12th 2020
Baalika P. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience. All staff are nice and welcoming. Pia did a great job. I can highly recommend this salon.
June 12th 2020
Doug | South Tampa Spa
My first time back to the salon since COVID. Extremely impressed with how much thought and effort went into ensuring the health and safety of the clients. From checking in to the services I received everything was done with a priority on the making sure the customer 's and staff's health was kept in mind. Very clean, very thoughtful and polite staff. Great experience and health safe.Thank You to Pia and the staff for your attention to detail and a healthy business environment. Highly recommend Pia's😍
June 11th 2020
Tracie | South Tampa Spa
Amazing as always! Pia is extremely professional while also making me feel very comfortable. Beautiful spa, beautiful people.
June 11th 2020
Donna R. | South Tampa Spa
My service at Pia's was amazing - I was a little bit nervous about trying out the eyelash tint and lift but I'm so happy I did it. The Technician was FANTASTIC and so nice, she explained all of the steps thoroughly!
June 11th 2020
MKS | South Tampa Spa
Amazing experience! I am a returning customer and I am consistently impressed by the incredible service and professionalism. The transition they have made during coronavirus and social distancing is very impressive. I love this place and will be returning very soon!
June 11th 2020
Megan M. | South Tampa Spa
My first time back to the salon since COVID. Ver impressed with how much thought and effort went into ensuring the health and safety of the clients. From checking in to the services I received everything was done with a priority on the making sure the customer 's and staff's health was kept in mind. Very clean, very thoughtful and polite staff. Great experience and health safe.Thank You to Pia and the staff for your attention to detail and a healthy business environment. Highly recommend Pia's😍
June 11th 2020
Tracie | South Tampa Spa
My technician was incredible. I’ve never had my eyelashes tinted or lifted and wanted to try it out as like a baby step before possible doing extensions down the road. I can not tell you how impressed I am, I just keep looking at them in the mirror 😂 She was really great, she made sure everything was comfortable for me and explained the steps along the way.
June 10th 2020
maiken | South Tampa Spa
Let me start by stating : I was deathly afraid of the discomfort . My fear was put aside when the front desk attendant placed topical anesthetic on my eyebrows while I waited in the sitting room honoring social distancing. Pia was very responsive and in tune with my needs that were difficult to articulate. With sharing ideas we came up with a plan that was finalized into PERFECTION. I will not sugar coat - there is a slight discomfort . If you place earbuds in your ears and pump up the volume of your kick ass I’m gonna knock you out music - you WILL survive. Change your perception of pain and re direct into the music of your selection and you will be fine . The only thing that was missing were pre and post photos were not taken . Shame on us because the results are BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with my new eyebrows XOXO
June 10th 2020
Jenise | South Tampa Spa
Fantastic as always! So professional and cheerful-love coming here!
June 10th 2020
Daniela | South Tampa Spa
The service was fantastic, and my brows look great! Thank you
June 10th 2020
Sydney T. | South Tampa Spa
I loved my experience here! Everyone was very welcoming and it made me feel at home. My Technician was great and answered any questions I had. I would for sure book her again!
June 10th 2020
Kirby H. | South Tampa Spa