Reviews by Location:

Pia esthetics is a charming and wonderful place to be. The reception is always warm and welcoming and the staff is very professional. Being a make-up artist and skincare specialist myself its wonderful to have a place like this to go to for my own personel needs. Pia is an expert at all she does and no one can beat her at brizilians, shes the best around. I'll always remain a true customer and recommend this little hideaway of peace and harmony. Thanks for caring!
November 4th 2005
Kathleen D. | South Tampa Spa
The bright, crisp, clean surroundings and sensual aromas combined with the never-ending attention from the staff makes me feel that I am miles away on an island vacation when at Pia's.
November 3rd 2005
Lynn M. | South Tampa Spa
Always very timely and professional. I enjoy every experience!
November 3rd 2005
Angela G. | South Tampa Spa
I was in last week for a Sphynx wax and I was a little nervous. I had had it done once before, which was my first time, and it was a little painful. When Nayla did my last wax, she was awesome, it was easy and fairly painless. She was super nice, and has a wonderful personality, she really helps to keep my mind off of what I am having done. So needless to say that my last visit was great and I will definately continue to come in. I really enjoy the whole atmosphere of Pia, and all of the staff are so friendly and helpful. Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job. See you soon!
November 3rd 2005
Jordan S. | South Tampa Spa
Exellent experience. I have recomended my mother and sister to you. Service is second to none.
November 3rd 2005
Jordana P. | South Tampa Spa
I think Nayla does an excellent job at waxing. She is professional, but makes the client feel at ease. The procedure is almost painless, and very efficient. I think that all the people I have seen at Pia's are wonderful. I recommend this place to my friends, but I think they are scared to get a sphynx. I do tell them that they can get awesome massages too!
November 2nd 2005
michelle | South Tampa Spa
Made me feel very comfortable. Excellent job. Very professional. Thank you
November 2nd 2005
Kris L. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is fabulous! I only get my brows waxed, but she does a great job. I have a scar in one of my brows and she very skillfully works around it to create a natural looking arch.

November 2nd 2005
Adrienne S. | South Tampa Spa
I thought that she did a wonderful job. She is great at making sure that I was comfortable and ultimately satisfied.
November 2nd 2005
Natalia | South Tampa Spa
very pleased with the eyebrow wax I had done---will definitely return
November 2nd 2005
CatherineBergmann | South Tampa Spa
My waxing was awesome as usual. Pia is great. She is quick and almost painless. Pia takes my mind off of the waxing by engaging me in great conversation!
November 2nd 2005
Brooke C. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla always does a great job. She's the sweetest person and so nice to talk to. I actually look forward to coming in for a wax because the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff is, too.
November 2nd 2005
Jenny M. | South Tampa Spa
I always love to come to Pias. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and smells great. Thus far, I have only received waxing by Nayla, but shes great. From the very first time I called to make an appointment to when I sat down to be waxed, everyone was very pleasant and I never felt uncomfortable. I look forward to eventually trying more procedures as my budget permits. Thanks.
November 2nd 2005
Krystal G. | South Tampa Spa
Loved it - I had a great experience and I will be back again! Thank you so much!
November 2nd 2005
Jennifer E. | South Tampa Spa
I had a brazilian wax by Pia after reading her rave reviews on Citysearch, and it was absolutely the best experience I've ever had in this city and several others. The room is very comfortable, hygenic and private, and Pia made me feel at ease while expertly and thoroughly removing all unwanted hair. I will definitely be a repeat client. Thank you, Pia!
November 2nd 2005
Allison | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely love coming here. The atmospere is very relaxing and the employees are great. It has never felt weird. I get The Sphynx and Pia does a great job and it is inexpensive. I recommended this place to all of my friends.
November 2nd 2005
Sara S. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is incredibly proffessional and continually makes my visits very comfortable. I would change nothing about the salon.
November 2nd 2005
Jennifer v. | South Tampa Spa
No matter who is up front, I am always greeted and made to feel welcome. Nyla is usually who does my services and is always professional. I would recommend this salon to everyone.
November 2nd 2005
Becky S. | South Tampa Spa
I am pregnant and wanted a bikini wax. I have never had a brazilian because I was scared it would hurt way too bad. Zeyna was so careful and sensitive. She would pat the areas so that it would kill the sting. She had already finished with the sensitive areas and told me, You're all done, and I couldn't believe that it was already over and not bad at all. I have had regular bikini waxes before and this was the easiest one to get through and it was a BRAZILIAN! Zeyna is wonderful!
November 2nd 2005
Lindsay B. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla always does a thorough job and is very professional and pleasant!
November 2nd 2005
Robin D. | South Tampa Spa
I'm pleased with the results. Nayla is quick but gentle. The waiting area is inviting.
November 2nd 2005
robin b. | South Tampa Spa
Hi Pia;

I have been a customer of yours for over a year now and I am very happy with the quality of service you and your staff provide. You are excellent at waxing and Nayla has learned a lot too. If you are not availalbe which is very often (99% of the time), I know I am in good hands with Nayla. She makes me feel confortable, she is funny, charismatic and very helpful. Overall, you have done a wonderful job training her. Your salon is very clean, the environment is pleasant, welcoming, femenine and cheerful too. Most important you has the latest info on skin and make up products too.

Great Job - Keep it up!

November 2nd 2005
Charo V. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla was very nice and professional. She made me feel at ease. Nayla was very detail oriented and I feel she did a very good job.
November 2nd 2005
Brooke B. | South Tampa Spa
I LOVE my appointments with Pia! She makes the whole experiance wonderful and keeps me looking great. I tell everyone about where I get my waxing done. I can't say enough wonderful things.
November 2nd 2005
Jessica V. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first Eurofacial/Pumpkin special. The experience was very relaxing and professional. My skin looks great this morning. I am looking forward to my next facial!
November 2nd 2005
maria h. | South Tampa Spa
Pia does a wonderful job. She is very fast and efficient. She is an expert at what she does and her successful business proves this!
Her store is so cute with many products to choose from.

Excellent job-
November 2nd 2005
JENNIFER P. | South Tampa Spa
The atmosphere at Pia's is wonderful. I have always had a wonderful experience when I have gone to get my waxing. Everyone here is friendly, courteous and prompt. I have never had a bad experience. I have had both Pia and Nayla perform the waxing and they have both done excellent jobs. I tell everyone about Pia's and I will continue to come here for my waxing.
November 2nd 2005
Kristina S. | South Tampa Spa
I lived in NYC for 9yrs and always went to the J Sisters for my waxing. I live back in Fla now and believe me I am very picky! I have been very pleased with Zeyna. I think she does an excellent job just as I was used to in NYC!!!! I will definitely recommend her in the future to others.
November 2nd 2005
daniele p. | South Tampa Spa
I have never felt more at home when I walk through the front doors of Pia's. All the staff is very friendly and welcoming. It is actually a fun experience everytime I go.
November 2nd 2005
Annette B. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was and is wonderful. She does a terrific job - she is thorough and fast - and is always concerned about her client's comfort.
November 2nd 2005
Mary G. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was great! The entire staff was very friendly and accomodating. I will definitely return and recommend Pia's services to my friends & family.
November 2nd 2005
Lauren S. | South Tampa Spa
She is terrific. I have been going to her for months now for waxing and never once have I had a complaint. She always remembers the specifics to my treatment (sensitive wax, etc.) and does a thorough and complete job. I am very picky when it comes to waxing and I have lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Colorado to Atlanta...Pia's is by far the best place I have been!!! They are definitely good at what they do.
November 2nd 2005
L B. | South Tampa Spa
Each and everytime I am in the salon I have a pleasant experinece. The staff is always curtious and helpful. No matter if I am their client or not they are quick to make sure i have been taken care of if i am waiting and if they can help me be more comfortable. Not being the typical salon type i am very comfortable there and feel that people are glad i am choosing to spend my money there. I never feel like a number but a person and that to me is the sign of a great place.
November 2nd 2005
Wimpy | South Tampa Spa
I have always had a lovely expirience, in fact I've recomended Pia to everyone who's looking ofr a wax/ facial/nail services.
Everyone is easy to work and flexiable.
Keep up the good work!!
November 2nd 2005
Tori Z. | South Tampa Spa
I think you all do a wonderful job.I receive many services manicures,pedicures,waxing and facials.I have never had a bad experience and I would reccomend your spa to everyone.
November 2nd 2005
michele s. | South Tampa Spa
I was very pleased with the service I received at your salon. Nayla was just teriffic and I plan on having all future Brazilian waxes done by her. She was skilled, professional, and easy to talk to. I am looking forward to experiencing other beauty treatments there in the near future.
November 2nd 2005
Christy T. | South Tampa Spa