Reviews by Location:

My Technician was amazing! Super friendly and professional I will absolutely be back!
October 5th 2019
Bianca W. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is the absolute BEST at what she does! I wouldn't have anyone else do my waxing!
October 5th 2019
Alli | St. Pete Spa
Every other month I have my appointment at Pia St. Pete with my Technician. The best things I love about Pia St. Pete is the customer service and dedication to their services.
October 4th 2019
Sam | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was amazing. She did a great job targeting my trouble area with a deep cleaning facial. She was very knowledgeable and gave me tips on how to take care of my skin. Definitely recommend seeing her for your troubled skin.
October 4th 2019
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was lovely! Great experience! Shes also extremely knowledgeable and certified on how to perform Microblading.
October 4th 2019
Kara S. | St. Pete Spa
Excellent service and wonderful esthetician! Great conversation and superb job. I will be coming back and recommending to friends :)
October 3rd 2019
Cat | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was awesome! As painless as waxing can be, will come back for sure!
October 2nd 2019
Sami | St. Pete Spa
My experience at Pia yesterday should be the standard for all service businesses. Most importantly, my Technician did an amazing job on my eyebrows, like, perfect job. She and the front desk staff were congenial but not overbearing. It was a relaxing and professional visit. I'll be back!
October 2nd 2019
Shanelle | St. Pete Spa
It was a wonderful experience. I felt relaxed and very well exfoliated. I will be back in the future!
October 2nd 2019
Talia T. | St. Pete Spa
As always my Technician was wonderful. Kim (receptionist) is super sweet and makes you feel so welcome. I always have an enjoyable experience.
October 1st 2019
Kendra H. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time having my completely bare wax by my Technician! She did an amazing job. She engaged in great conversation which always makes the experience even better. Thank you for a great job! P.S. I've been a customer for over six years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!!
September 29th 2019
Patrice | St. Pete Spa
She is always such a great expert!! She waxes pain free and super fast. Best I have seen in my area.
September 28th 2019
Sofiya | St. Pete Spa
I always feel very welcome and well cared for here. My brows and lashes came out even better than expected.
September 28th 2019
Angeline | St. Pete Spa
Out of all the waxing places I have been to in Saint Pete, Pia's has been the best quality, customer service, and atmosphere. My Technician was so thorough and really cared about my skin. She went above and beyond with helping/teaching me about my hair and skin. Without a doubt, I will return to continue my wax journey with this spa. I felt supported as a customer and fellow female. I truly recommend my Technician and the experience she provides. Thanks y'all!
September 27th 2019
Lizzy B. | St. Pete Spa
In the middle of a very stressful week, my Technician gave me much-needed relief from tension I was carrying in my shoulder and back. Can't wait to see her again!
September 26th 2019
Kaci C. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is by far the best out there. She loves what she does and you can tell it. You are missing out if you don't go and let her give you the best facial you will ever have.
September 26th 2019
Peggy W. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is great and look forward to to seeing her every time! She is very professional and does great work.
September 25th 2019
Randi b. | St. Pete Spa
From the moment I stepped in the door, reception made me feel welcome and valued. My Technician gave me a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating facial. I'll be back for more!
September 25th 2019
Robin | St. Pete Spa
Overall great experience! Everyone was so nice and the building is clean and beautiful.
September 23rd 2019
Anna | St. Pete Spa
Second time visiting and it was as pleasant as the first time.
September 22nd 2019
Jade | St. Pete Spa
Love my Technician!!! Very professional and sooooo good at tinting my eyelashes.... Beautiful color and does so without stinging my eyes!!!!
September 21st 2019
Debbie | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is the best! She is the consummate professional - excellent at whatever she does, whether waxing (I have gone to her for years) or a back facial (my first). She is honest and caring and has her clients best interests at heart.
September 21st 2019
Sue S. | St. Pete Spa
Thank you to my Technician for yet another amazing waxing experience! My brows and lady parts look better than ever 💗☺️ So grateful to have found you!!
September 20th 2019
Nikki D. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was great! She made me feel really comfortable, explained clear answers to all my questions, and was such a bright and friendly person! Would definitely go back.
September 20th 2019
Paige N. | St. Pete Spa
I enjoyed my experience with my Technician. She was awesome. I love coming to Pia..
September 19th 2019
Rhonda R. | St. Pete Spa
Great experience! The spa was easy to find, had plenty of parking, able to take a same day appointment, clean & inviting, and the staff were all friendly & welcoming. My Technician was very professional, walked me through my services, & I am very happy with the end results! Go visit!
September 18th 2019
Phil | St. Pete Spa
It was a great experience from start to finish. My Technician is exceptional at what she does and exceeded my expectations.
September 18th 2019
Jason R. | St. Pete Spa
September 18th 2019
ron g. | St. Pete Spa
I had an amazing experience today. It's been awhile since I've had a facial, and I have to say it was great. I was made very comfortable and it was rejuvenating and relaxing. Thank you so much to my Technician.
September 17th 2019
Marcie C. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing, amazing, amazing. My Technician was so wonderful to me and made my brazilian wax the most enjoyable you could possibly make one. She also gave me great information about keeping my skin hydrated with Dermalogica. Love my new products. Amazing experience overall.
September 15th 2019
Elizabeth | St. Pete Spa
I'm always pleased with her job. Well done and I'm happy like always :)
September 14th 2019
Diosmara R. | St. Pete Spa
Great waxing experience with my Technician...very thorough and great technique.
September 14th 2019
Lynne | St. Pete Spa
Professional, quick and efficient. Everyone at Pia's is fabulous.
September 14th 2019
Donna | St. Pete Spa
Amazing experience with my Nail Technician! Best pedicure I have ever had! Thank you!
September 13th 2019
Tina | St. Pete Spa
My treatments were perfectly done and extremely professional. My Technician took her time leaving me feeling extra pampered and relaxed. I will definitely be back to see her again!
September 13th 2019
Ashley s. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was absolutely wonderful, this was my first time ever getting a wax. I was so nervous but she truly just made me feel like we was just friends having a conversation, that I completely forgot I was getting a wax. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! I will be back and I recommend anyone to her and to just come to Pia day spa.
September 13th 2019
Jeana S. | St. Pete Spa
My Nail Technician was absolutely amazing! Her attention to detail is world class! I will refer everyone I know to her! Thank you for being a master at your craft!
September 12th 2019
Tina | St. Pete Spa
So friendly- was just purchasing a gift card for a silent auction my son's school was having and the Front
Desk staff made it so pretty with a bag, tissue paper, beautiful hand writing. I'm a big fan of Pia's in general but this one is my favorite.
September 12th 2019
Kelli | St. Pete Spa
Love my Technician, she's the best! 💜💜💜💜
September 11th 2019
Wendy W. | St. Pete Spa
Always a good experience - skilled, personable staff, cozy, clean environment and efficient service. Thanks!
September 8th 2019
Debra C. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was great! It was my first Brazilian and she made it easy and was a true professional. T-minus 3 weeks until I see her again!
September 8th 2019
Katie | St. Pete Spa
New experience with Dermaplaning. Wonderful, made my next appointment already.
September 7th 2019
Debra t. | St. Pete Spa
I am new to town and have been choosing a different staff member each time so that I can find someone that I feel comfortable with and who does a good job. My Technician is very personable and friendly. I felt very comfortable with her and she was very easy to talk to. She also did a great job on my wax service and was more attentive to detail work after the strip wax was done than anyone else ever has in my waxing experiences. She is very thorough and I will ask for her specifically when booking my next appointment.
September 7th 2019
Billie S. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is amazing, as always, she is very professional and her waxing skills are impeccable my top two.... the front desk staff is very sweet and does their very best to accommodate each client.
September 7th 2019
Pamela B. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician was wonderful as always! I'll never go anywhere else and I tell my friends about Pia's all the time.
September 6th 2019
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
I love my Technician. She has a great personality and always does an absolutely amazing job.
September 6th 2019
Mariah K. | St. Pete Spa
My experience is always great. I love this place and the staff is A#1
September 6th 2019
Shartell F. | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is amazing!! Can't wait to return and get my brows done again. She has the best attention to detail!
September 5th 2019
Shannon G. | St. Pete Spa
This was the best pedicure I have ever had. My Nail Technician was very thorough with everything she did. Kim is always wearing a smile when I come in there. Thank you Pia for your amazing service!
September 5th 2019
Andrea | St. Pete Spa
My Technician is amazing!! I never have any anxiety about getting my brows done, and she consistently does a phenomenal job. She is also full of wonderful knowledge on skin care, products and what/when to use everything. I would trust her with any service, and would highly recommend Pia Day Spa for all of your beauty needs :)
September 4th 2019
kate B. | St. Pete Spa