Reviews by Location:

I simply love Pia St Pete! Everything from phone answering, to all services are outstanding.:-)
July 29th 2016
Cristiane M. | St. Pete Spa
Very friendly staff and helped me feel more comfortable (it was my first waxing experience).
July 28th 2016
Jackie | St. Pete Spa
Disappointed after my waxing was at checkout only 1 there started asking about facials and was told I could find what is offered on website wow sorry I'm gone
July 26th 2016
Trixie M. | St. Pete Spa
Nicole was great! I've had a hard time in the past finding a good eyebrow waxer that actually gave me results I like and with Nicole I loved my eyebrows! She was personable and sweet and overall I had a great experience. I will be back to see her for my next apt!
July 15th 2016
Lindsey A. | St. Pete Spa
Great service as always! Nayla is always happy and welcoming. I love the fact that I'm in and out so quickly.
July 15th 2016
Dawn P. | St. Pete Spa
Was amaZing i will totally come back. One of the best service i ever had. Love The place, very clean And quiet.
July 14th 2016
Fabiana S. | St. Pete Spa
As always awesome service, friendly atmosphere, and wonderful staff!
July 11th 2016
Debbie t. | St. Pete Spa
This is by far the best facial and waxing I have ever received! Everyone here is not only extremely professional, but amazingly kind as well. My brows have never looked so good and my skin is glowing! I have extreme brown spots from the sun and these facials have greatly improved my skin appearance. I will continue to come here on a monthly basis. It is well worth it. As a added bonus you get a fantastic mini massage as the products sit on your face---AMAZING!! The front desk receptionist is extremely kind and professional as well. Just an absolute pleasure to be here as a client!
July 6th 2016
Julie C. | St. Pete Spa
Heather was amazing! It was my first time getting waxed professionally and she made it comfortable.... and it didn't even hurt - just stung a little! Been psyching myself out for nothing!! Will be going back on the reg. Thanks so much.
July 1st 2016
Kim | St. Pete Spa
As always this is the best place to go, staff is the best and there is never a wait when you arrive for your appointment. Keep up the good work ladies
July 1st 2016
Shartell F. | St. Pete Spa
Always friendly and Excellent services. I drive from Clearwater because Pia is the best! Always satisfied.
June 24th 2016
Angel | St. Pete Spa
I think the new Fiji scrub is cool. There are some things that I would change and make better.
1. I'd get an eye mask/eye pillow to shield the clients eyes when they are on their backs
2. I'd use the scrub on the clients stomach., it's an important area and mine was not done.
3. I'd spend more time on clients hands and feet. Mine were just barely done.
4. I'd have a complete selection of scrubs out for the client to smell and sample prior to the treatment. Originally there were 3 for me to choose from., then my tech had to leave my room and get others for me to smell after my clothes were off and I was on the table.

Overall., I enjoyed the scrub and look forward to having an even better experience next time. Thank you
Heather is really sweet
June 12th 2016
CJ | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia as they give the best manicures and pedicures. Unfortunately I can only visit them in February and March while we are vacationing. I do miss them now that we are back home in Iowa. I will be excited to return to Pia in February!
June 8th 2016
Annette C. | St. Pete Spa
It's always such a treat to come and spend half a day at Pia's being pampered. The massage with Jeff was phenomenal. I have gotten many massages all over the world and this is probably in the top 5. Head to toe with the right amount of pressure and the right balance between relaxation and therapeutic! I then had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted - another great experience. I was very pleased with the amount of time taken to do the tinting. Followed up by a Fuji manicure/pedicure. Was a great experience and very relaxing! The only downside was that my manicure ended up turning a brownish/beige color after leaving the spa. I was told there was a new top coat that was used so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.
June 7th 2016
Jen G. | St. Pete Spa
Have been a customer for about 2 years. The entire staff is always pleasant and qualified at what they do. Always refer this location when asked where to go.
June 6th 2016
David K. | St. Pete Spa
Nicole is amazing and always does such an amazing job!!! I love it here!
May 30th 2016
Cosmo | St. Pete Spa
I dont want to review Nayla because she is amazing and I dont want the secret to get out! Seriously though if you need waxing services, you need look no further. Front desk is also friendly. Love this place.
May 25th 2016
Meghan | St. Pete Spa
Great job and pleasant experience as usual. I was surprised to see that the cost of eyebrow shaping went up from $18 to $20!
May 19th 2016
Andrea C. | St. Pete Spa
I live a few blocks from South Tampa PIA, but since I procrastinated in making my first appointment for the day I wanted, I drove to St Pete for my mani/pedi with Melissa. She was perfect - talked when I talked, let me relax when I wanted to relax, kept the conversation at a comfortable intimacy without being WEIRD, and my nails looked fabulous for a couple of weeks. My second time in, I wanted to try the closer location, but decided in the end to go back to Melissa. It's worth the drive to know who you're getting! :)
May 14th 2016
Tracey | St. Pete Spa
The staff was simply outstanding! Exceptionally professional and I absolutely loved my waxing! I will be back soon and I will be sure to tell others!
May 12th 2016
Peter J. | St. Pete Spa
Very professional and friendly. Nicole is awesome and the best!
May 9th 2016
Joanne M. | St. Pete Spa
Leslie was great like always! Waxing service was excellent and completed in a timely manner.
May 6th 2016
Samantha K. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pias!! I've been getting the same waxing service since 2005! First at South Tampa location, then Westchase, now St. Pete! Not only have the locations been accommodating, the front desk has always been accommodating... squeezing me in for those last minute emergencies! The spa is super clean and the energy is so fresh, just how I feel after a waxing service! All the staff are extra friendly! The aestheticians are super professional, and attentive to detail! My girl had her work cut out for her, and she rocked it! No additional at home tweezing required! I recommend Pias For lots of services! Thanks!
April 11th 2016
Nicole H. | St. Pete Spa
Nice, clean salon with great customer service! I have visited this location several times and it is top notch. Pleasant waiting area but you don't wait to long as I have never had to wait! Receptionists are nice and efficient.
Highly recommended!
April 4th 2016
Vicki | St. Pete Spa
After months of research, I picked Pia Wax, and I've been coming here ever since - going on 8 years now; will never go anywhere else. My 1st impression, and clearly every other impression...have been amazing. The front staff is always present, warm, kind and accomidating. My aesthetician is always spoken highly of by me - her expertise in waxing is flawless (I get Brazilian) , she always makes me feel 100% comfortable and she even builds enough rapport to always remember our previous conversations. Always a clean refreshed relaxed experience.
March 23rd 2016
Dawn | St. Pete Spa
I always have a nice experience when visiting Pia's. From the moment I walk in the staff is very courteous and professional. The salon is clean and aromatic. The selection of products for sale are top quality! My esthetician has always makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is knowledgeable about her profession and always does an outstanding job!
March 21st 2016
Kathy B. | St. Pete Spa
Easy scheduling for my first appointment. I requested hard wax and a specialty wax (French bikini) not on the menu of services. My esthetician was very accommodating and checked with me throughout the appointment to make sure I was getting what I needed. She also sold me a maintenance product to help with exfoliation. Will definitely be back, hopefully for more services.
March 19th 2016
JA | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is always fun loving and invigorating! I am a loyal fan of hers and will never have another eyelash girl! She is the absolute!! The young lady that greeted me upon my arrival the day of my visit always remembers my name and is so personable! She to is a delight! These two ladies are the reason why I keep coming back......they rock!!!
March 13th 2016
Sherry | St. Pete Spa
Customer service was great, front desk staff were friendly and accommodating. My esthetician was flexible following scheduling issues to ensure I could still get in for my appointment. She was professional and my wax was great. I'll definitely be coming back next month!
March 12th 2016
Lindsay | St. Pete Spa
My girl is amazing at shaping eyebrows. I get numerous compliments after I have had my eyebrows shaped. She is a pleasure to see and always welcoming.
March 7th 2016
Joanna S. | St. Pete Spa
As always, a very pleasant experience from the time you walk in the door until the time you leave. Very professional staff.
February 24th 2016
karen p. | St. Pete Spa
Love the entire staff at Pia! They are always so friendly and accommodating when I have to consistently reschedule because of my mommy commitments. They are so thoughtful with a can do attitude! Love my wax services.
February 5th 2016
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
My girl was great. Very professional while also being friendly. She kept me abreast of the process as I was new to this spa and made me feel at ease and comfortable. I'll definitely become a regular!
January 31st 2016
Lindsay | St. Pete Spa
It was so relaxing and everyone was really nice!! Esthetician was really nice and my eyebrows looked so good! Thanks for the amazing service.
January 30th 2016
Bianca R. | St. Pete Spa
Have been going to Pia's for over 10 years. It is by far the best place for waxing! They are THE pros. Tried others before finding Pia's. My specialist is great! So professional & personable & does an awesome wax. You will never go anywhere else after trying Pia's!
January 28th 2016
Terri E. | St. Pete Spa
I have been looking for a new brow wax and tint provider for quite some time, as the person I've gone to for some time has cut back on hours. I was very happy with the results, especially for the first visit. All staff were professional and friendly.
January 28th 2016
Lynda M. | St. Pete Spa
My girl was great! She did a fabulous job and was very friendly & professional the entire time. I was very pleased!
January 25th 2016
Kasey B. | St. Pete Spa
I have been going to Pia's for years and I won't go anywhere else. My esthetician is so good I drive from Tampa to visit her. Thank you!
January 25th 2016
Marisa | St. Pete Spa
I love this spa! My esthetician is awesome, as usual. She is very friendly, she makes you feel very comfortable and is knowledgeable. She answers all my questions, gives me advice when I ask and is professional at the same time. The rest of the personale is professional, friendly and helpful. They always work out an appointment for me even though I call at the last minute.
Thank you to the staff at the spa. I definitely recommend my friends and people I meet to this spa.
January 17th 2016
Karen C. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla always does and amazing and thorough job! She is the best
December 20th 2015
Kim | St. Pete Spa
My Esthetician always makes my eyebrow shape beautiful. I never feel like she will over trim them.
December 18th 2015
Lisa T. | St. Pete Spa
Pia Staff Members always do a great job at customer service. They always friendly and smiling. The services are amazing! I am a repeat customer and will keep coming to Pia St Pete!
December 3rd 2015
Samantha K. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was awesome. This was my first time at Pia's and I am extremely pleased. Usually, I bruise but none this time! Thanks, you are very gentle and made me feel comfortable. Definitely would recommend Pia's to everyone. Thank you again!
November 18th 2015
Mar | St. Pete Spa
This was my first waxing experience. It was made as convenient as possible with the ability to schedule over the phone and be out the door done in just over an hour. I really appreciated my esthetician's pace moving along quickly but not too fast as the area I had done was rather large. As most men would be I was a little apprehensive at first so I'm glad there was not a lot of waiting to deal with.
November 18th 2015
Brian W. | St. Pete Spa
My experience was great from start to finish. I was greeted with friendly smiles and good mornings from each staff member. This was my first experience and I was very comfortable with my esthetician. She was upbeat, friendly, and professional. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you!
November 14th 2015
Jana | St. Pete Spa
I have lived in St. Pete for 3 years now and have been to many places to get my eyebrows waxed. I was always unsatisfied with the way they came out. I heard about Pia's and my girl is the best! So happy I found her and will be coming back again and again! She is very good at what she does and is such a pleasant person that you can trust.
November 6th 2015
Michelle | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is fabulous! I have been coming to this Pia location for years and to Pia in general for about 7 years. She is always perfect, she has become a friend, and she makes my experience at Pia great! She also does an excellent job! I am always satisfied with her services, in fact, I travel from all over the country to come and see her at Pia. The weather in St. Pete does not hurt either!
November 3rd 2015
Carrie M. | St. Pete Spa
My first visit to Pia's in St. Pete was excellent. My esthetician gave me the best facial and eyebrow wax I think I have ever had. She was sensitive to my needs and followed my lead with conversation, asking just enough questions and letting me be quiet and relax. She has a gentle but thorough touch. I will definitely go back soon.
My nail technician did my pedicure and she did a good job too. She has a very nice, friendly demeanor.
November 1st 2015
Isabel | St. Pete Spa
It is always a positive experience when I go to Pia Esthetics Spa from the time I arrive to the time I leave! My esthetician is very friendly and always makes you feel comfortable. Not to mention she is able to wax you in a timely manner!! The front desk was also very kind and efficient.
October 28th 2015
Marisa | St. Pete Spa
Wonderful and relaxing experience during my recent visit at Pia. My esthetician discussed skin care options for me, which I am very excited to try. Purchased Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and scheduled a micro derm for next appointment! I highly recommend Pia Esthetics St Pete as their entire staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
October 19th 2015
Stephanie B. | St. Pete Spa