Reviews by Location:

As always my experience at Pia exceeded expectations. Both of my estheticians performed my services with expertise and efficiency. The rooms are clean and comfortable. I always feel like a million bucks when I walk out of Pia after a visit! Thanks!
October 19th 2015
Courtney L. | St. Pete Spa
Had a wonderful experience for my first trip to Pia. Google maps sent me to the wrong location but when I called, the receptionist was very helpful getting me to the right spot and very patient. My massage therapist made me very comfortable before my massage even started, being open to communication if the pressure was too much for a relaxation massage. It was great, he did an awesome job and I'm more than happy to recommend Pia to anyone.
October 19th 2015
Melanie | St. Pete Spa
I've told many of my friends about Pia and they are all loyal customers. What I especially like is how the entire staff makes you feel, especially if you are waxing timid. I've been to other places that make you feel uncomfortable and judged. Here, all the staff is kind, knowledgeable, and helpful whether this is a weekly thing or a once in awhile thing. Great job St Pete Pia!
October 16th 2015
Sarah | St. Pete Spa
I had a great experience, my esthetician was great as was the lady working the front desk. They were very knowledgeable about their services and the products they offered. They provided me with the best option for what I wanted and not an upsale, nor did they pressure me to buy product or sign up for any membership. I had a great experience and will use them again even though they are far from where I live!
October 14th 2015
Amber B. | St. Pete Spa
This is the ONLY place I go to for Brazilian/Bikini waxing. Everyone is super friendly. My esthetician is awesome. She always makes me feel comfortable and makes sure I am happy with the results. The best part is that they are super hygienic, they don't use the same stick twice; No double dipping!! Also they validate the parking garage right next to them, free parking?? YES. I highly recommend Pia in St. Pete.
October 9th 2015
Kheila L. | St. Pete Spa
Another great experience at Pia St. Pete! I always leave feeling - and looking - better than when I came in, and the personalized experience is unbeatable. My esthetician is simply amazing and each staff member is professional yet warm and friendly.
October 1st 2015
Diana N. | St. Pete Spa
Front desk staff was welcoming and friendly, The girl who did my spa treatment did a wonderful job. Thorough and informative. I was very pleased, especially appreciated the staff getting me in within 24 hours. Thank you.
September 13th 2015
Amy | St. Pete Spa
My specialist is a professional who does fantastic work with a smile. I am always happy with how I look when I leave.
September 12th 2015
Jill | St. Pete Spa
My experience here is always wonderful. This was my first time receiving a wax treatment. She was amazing, and an incredible representation for the service here at Pia. She was very attentive to my needs, personable, full of advice, and thorough with the service she provided. I am once again a very happy customer!
September 5th 2015
Christina M. | St. Pete Spa
Every time in walk in to Pia's in St. Pete it's a great experience. The receptionist is friendly, professional and knows me by name. my girl is always in time, friendly, professional and makes what once used to scare this low-pain threshold girl away from waxing religious to my pain free every 4 weeks bikini bare waxing! Thanks!!
August 23rd 2015
Karen A. | St. Pete Spa
My specialist had a very good, experienced touch and technique. She is thorough, precise and when she is finished - you KNOW you have had a facial. She is not sloppy, lazy or loose with her touch and everything she does from keep the covers properly in place to the way she applies product - is done with intention. To me, this is the difference between a real aesthetician and a place that is just there to take your money. I really enjoy the cleanliness of Pia's and the intimate nature of a small spa. It smells wonderful, they use good products and my specialist is a true professional.
August 16th 2015
Lisa B. | St. Pete Spa
amazing! She makes you feel comfortable. She does a through job! I absolutely would recommend to others!
August 15th 2015
Kelliann G. | St. Pete Spa
Thank-you for an amazing experience. You took you time explaining each process. You made me feel soooooooo comfortable. Thanks for teaching be better skin care practices. See you soon!!! Blessings.
August 12th 2015
Kay R. | St. Pete Spa
I have gone to Pia for a few different services and all of them have been great. I really enjoyed my massage and cannot wait to go back for another one.
August 2nd 2015
Megan | St. Pete Spa
My appointment was awesome!! My eyebrows look fabulous and it was a very relaxing experience!! When I come back to Florida this is definitely where I will be coming :)
August 1st 2015
Janelle C. | St. Pete Spa
Do yourself a favor and go to Pia's.
I would like to qualify my review by saying I have been getting my legs waxed for over 20 years, and have been to several places in the St Pete area in pursuit of a great leg wax. My former great esthetician left the business, and since then I have been looking for a new place to go and have tried several. I have now found my place!
I had heard about Pia's Tampa for several years and knew they had a great reputation. I called for an appointment and was thrilled there was an opening later that same afternoon. This was perfect! My appointment was for a full leg and bikini wax.
I have to say the entire experience was quite nice, and everyone could not have been more professional. From the moment I walked in the door, actually, I was greeted and felt welcomed. (I'm sorry I didn't get the receptionist's name as she was also very nice). My appointment was with a waxer who truly went out of her way to make me feel welcome. I am a large woman, and not one time was I made to feel anything but comfortable (and yes, I say this because that has not always been the case). She asked about my waxing history, asked my preferences, and throughout the session we talked about a variety of topics. At one point I mentioned the many times I was disappointed with waxing results (from some of the top salons in St Pete btw), but I quickly clarified that I wasn't saying that to create pressure--it was just conversation. My waxer was definitely a good sport about my commentary and i appreciated the conversation.
So what can you say about waxing? Everything feels great and looks great! It appears all the hair was removed--no missed areas, which is so nice! Amazingly, this waxing seemed to be less painful than those previously, which is a combination of the wax and the esthetician's skill. she was efficient, the entire process took about an hour start to finish, and that included making sure all the wax was cleaned off my legs and they were moisturized. Did I say how soft they feel? Like new legs!!!
The net of this review is that I would highly recommend Pia's. I absolutely plan to return the next time I need a wax, and if you are in the market for a great waxing.

The full leg and bikini wax was $79 plus tip, which may be (very) slightly higher than that charged by some salons, but is right in line with other spa providers in the area. In my opinion, the outstanding job by my waxer was worth it, and I would not hesitate to go back.

Pia's is located on 2nd Street North in the Plaza. There is minimal on street parking but there is a parking garage for which they will validate.
July 24th 2015
Diane M. | St. Pete Spa
This is the third Pia's location that I've visited and I am more than pleased. I switch locations when I switch jobs for convenience of course lol. Every location has amazing staff and St. Pete also did not disappoint! I was a little nervous because I've been a Westchase client two years but the specialist in St. Pete was great. Nobody wants to laying with their whohaaaa open for a rude Esthetician. She made me feel so comfy and got all the pesky ingrowns! I am so happy that again I've found another home in Pia's St. Pete. 💕
July 16th 2015
LaTanya S. | St. Pete Spa
I am so happy I found Pia Estetics.The spa is impeccably clean and every one is super professional. Its hard finding a place for waxing, but I lucked out and am thrilled I found my place! my waxer put me at ease, was very skilled, and made my wax as pain free as possible. I can't wait to return!
July 15th 2015
Jessica | St. Pete Spa
She was awesome. I will never leave this place. It's a five star experience every time!
July 13th 2015
Leigh | St. Pete Spa
I love this place! I always leave feeling so beautiful! Staff is helpful and friendly and the way they wax it doesn't really hurt and looks great! Best spa in St. Pete
July 11th 2015
Brittany A. | St. Pete Spa
I have had nothing but excellent service, she is great at waxing and facials! She has always be happy to service my requests. I adore her!
July 10th 2015
angie A. | St. Pete Spa
Everyone is also so kind, professional and courteous at Pia! I recommend it frequently! Thank you
July 6th 2015
Lucy C. | St. Pete Spa
I've been seeing my girl for over a year now and she is wonderful, both personally and professionally. She is such a perfectionist at what she does. Waxing can be awkward and uncomfortable, but she puts me totally at ease and I always leave feeling great. I've seen one other esthetician who was also great. I learned about Pia's from a friend and I pass along the recommendation to other friends now, too!
July 2nd 2015
Rachel M. | St. Pete Spa
The esthetician was great. I came in for back and nose wax. She was very attentive to my needs. I am 6'3" and deal with the public and need to be sure I have nothing visible in my nose. (wish more men felt that way) Definitely recommend.
July 2nd 2015
David K. | St. Pete Spa
My girl is awesome and really goes the extra step to create an outstanding spa experience!
June 26th 2015
Shannon D. | St. Pete Spa
Very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She was quick and did a great job. I'll definitely be coming back again to see her.
June 18th 2015
lyndi f. | St. Pete Spa
As always everything was great!!! This is a great place to go
June 15th 2015
Shartell | St. Pete Spa
My specialist is so amazing! She was recommended to me by my best friend. We both love that she makes you feel so comfortable and does a great job waxing. Very thorough and always easy to conversation with! She's the sweetest!
June 15th 2015
Sheena O. | St. Pete Spa
My nail tech's service were excellent. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy.
June 14th 2015
Lulu | St. Pete Spa
My experience was wonderful! I've been suffering from headaches for several weeks and after discussing it with the therapist...she worked her magic! I haven't had a headache since yesterday morning before I saw her, and I usually have 2 a day. She was very professional and attentive to what my body needed:)

I also treated myself for my birthday with a much needed pedicure! The nail tech was awesome!! She made me feel very comfortable and pampered! I have been showing my toes off ever since...they look soooo good;)

I will absolutely come back again soon!! Thank you for such a wonderful birthday experience!!
June 11th 2015
Saori M. | St. Pete Spa
my girl is absolutely amazing! She does a great job and actually cares about you and remembers you from your last visit! She's careful and focused and does a great job
June 10th 2015
Katie | St. Pete Spa
I've had three different people for waxing here and each one has done a great job. They all have made me feel comfortable and provided excellent service. This is, by far, my favorite place to go for waxing services.
June 4th 2015
Cassidy A. | St. Pete Spa
As always my girl did a great job on my brows and bikini line.The really super aspect of this visit was the fact that they were able to take me a whole day earlier when I called to say that I got off work earlier than expected and could be there in ten minutes.What a time saver! Thanks again ladies!
May 31st 2015
B | St. Pete Spa
Staff is wonderful. everyone is knowledgeable, and informative with a great personality. She makes me feel very comfortable. Everyone here is professional and friendly. Always recommend my friends.
May 25th 2015
Karen C. | St. Pete Spa
Front desk is always friendly and helpful, with appointments, park passes and services.. My specialist is great, personable and informative. She makes you feel comfortable.
May 24th 2015
Karen C. | St. Pete Spa
My specialist is a very hardworking sweet lady. I was delighted with the facial and still had a second day glow. We will be back.
May 22nd 2015
Susanna V. | St. Pete Spa
I absolutely love everything about Pia! I'm always treated extremely well, and I could not imagine going anywhere else. You guys are all amazing!
May 22nd 2015
Katy G. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic as always! I always have my lashes dyed. It's quick and easy, but makes a world of difference when I don't want to wear mascara. She is always super friendly and nice. My esthetician makes it fun!
May 21st 2015
Cindy M. | St. Pete Spa
I really enjoyed my time there and thought that it was a great experience.
May 19th 2015
Amber A. | St. Pete Spa
My lady is amazing! Always in time, very professional and thorough. She makes a painful experience bearable! Thanks Nicole!!!!
May 15th 2015
Karen A. | St. Pete Spa
Amazing service, as always! I love Pia St. Pete - she is the best!
May 15th 2015
Lorin | St. Pete Spa
My specialist was very professional and very kind. She made my first waxing experience as pleasant as good be, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone.
May 9th 2015
Ginny | St. Pete Spa
My lady has always been curtious, professional and just nice to talk to. She has many times gone above and beyond for her customers.
May 7th 2015
Joanna W. | St. Pete Spa
I thought she was fast, friendly, and through. I thought the room and facility was neat and clean. Everyone was nice!
April 30th 2015
sherrie | St. Pete Spa
This was my first experience with waxing, so I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable going in to the salon. The entire staff put me completely at ease. The receptionists welcoming smile and introduction to the salon, the expert manicure, and my waxers beautiful personality and waxing expertise made me an instant fan! I would also like to commend the other receptionist who took over after the am receptionist.
This is probably the friendliest, most comfortable salon I have ever visited. Because they don't do acrylics, you don't have to smell the toxic chemicals while getting a manicure/pedicure. The entire salon smells fresh and botanical.
I am a very private person with "body issues," and thought I would be really uncomfortable getting waxed. my waxer stripped those fears away from the second I met her. She is so comforting, experienced and professional, that I almost forgot I was getting waxed. Her process was quick, sanitary, and didn't hurt at all. The wax wasn't too hot, she used a clean stick with each application, and explained everything she was doing.
I highly recommend Pia in St. Petersburg to anyone and everyone looking for a full-service salon with great customer service, friendly staff, and a pleasant atmosphere.
April 30th 2015
Kelly | St. Pete Spa
Another fantastic experience at Pia's. my esthetician did a perfect job on my wax. And the massage was amazing. I left feeling very spoiled and can't wait to return.
April 29th 2015
Kelly O. | St. Pete Spa
Pia is the most professional and friendly waxing studio in the area. Also with the best service!! Never would think of going somewhere else!!!
April 14th 2015
Tiffany A. | St. Pete Spa
I always look forward to my appointments at Pia. They provide a customized wax experience just for me. For example, we know that a hard wax is perfect for my lip, while the soft wax is the go-to for everyplace else. The spa provides thoroughly professional services with an engaging personal touch.
April 13th 2015
Diana N. | St. Pete Spa
As always a wonderful experience. Love the fact that it's always such a peaceful environment. And I always feel welcomed and relaxed during my services.

Thanks Pia Staff! Muah!!!
April 12th 2015
Megen | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time getting waxed. My girl was very professional and kept me calm and distracted during the painful moments. Because of that, I think the experience was not as awkward or painful as I thought it would be. I'm definitely returning for my waxing needs.
April 11th 2015
Taryn Y. | St. Pete Spa