Reviews by Location:

Wonderful as always! The staff is so friendly and my esthetician does the wax so fast and painlessly and you just sit there talking and it is over in no time. Everyone is just so nice here.
January 30th 2013
amanda | St. Pete Spa
I had a brazilian bikini wax which you know can be quite painful. I always go to Pia's and my esthetician is the best. She is professional,makes you feel comfortable and is the closest to painfree as I've ever had with a Brazilian wax.

January 27th 2013
Susan M. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is the best! I'm such a wimp when it comes to waxing and she makes the experience quick and as painless as possible! She keeps the laughs and conversation going making the time go by faster. I won't go anywhere else!
January 16th 2013
Kayla G. | St. Pete Spa
So fabulous! I am in just once or twice a year but always feel welcomed back like an old friend by everyone. My esthetician does amazing work- very quick and painless. I just wish I lived in town so I could come in regularly. Such a pleasant experience.
December 31st 2012
Paisley M. | St. Pete Spa
After moving to St Petersburg a few months ago, the most daunting task was finding a new facility for brazilian waxing. I came across the Pia website and booked an appointment. I am so pleased that I did, as my esthetician is incredibly professional and thorough! I am amazed that there is so little discomfort during the procedure!
December 13th 2012
Beth M. | St. Pete Spa
I have gone to several different day spa's through the years and Pia is by far the best for the overall atmosphere, employees, prices, discounts and customer service.
December 12th 2012
Marissa S. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is extremely skilled, fast, and very nice! My eyebrows have never looked better and she does a fantastic job with brazilian waxing. I appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of the salon and how I can get in and out in 30-minutes or less. Most of all, I appreciate her lovely personality and the fact that she is so good at what she does.
December 1st 2012
Paula D. | St. Pete Spa
Love Pia's!! I never have to wait for my appt. and my esthetician does a fantastic job. Will not go anywhere else for any waxing service!!
November 26th 2012
Suzanne B. | St. Pete Spa
It is always a pleasure! It is so comfortable and quick to get a Brazilian wax. Not at all awkward as one would expect.
November 24th 2012
Teresa | St. Pete Spa
She was very personable and was very professional. I was offered coffee immediately as I walked in which was very nice. I noticed that they carried and used dermalogica skin care lines for their products and that is what I use at home. I would love to return for more services.
November 22nd 2012
Brittney z. | St. Pete Spa
Great as always! I've been coming to Pia Esthetics for over a year now . I have been doing my wax with my regular esthetician all the time,but the last one was with a new technician and she did exellent(I LOVE IT)she had great comunication as well . i definitely recommend Pia to family and friends.Thank you so much:) you guys work amazing!
November 22nd 2012
Diosmara R. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia's! My esthetician is the best. I was in freak out mode over how my eyebrows looked before Pia's. Now after coming to see
her for just over three months they are looking fabulous. Plus she is very professional, the location is clean and friendly. And the receptionist does a great job choosing nice music to listen to while getting your treatment. Great place!
November 16th 2012
Sara | St. Pete Spa
The shop is clean and comfortable. Everyone that I encountered was friendly. My esthetician was very nice and did a great job. I would definitely come back and recommend this place to anyone.
November 12th 2012
misvic | St. Pete Spa
I enjoyed getting my eyebrows waxed here. They did a great job and were very friendly. Ill def be coming back.
November 11th 2012
ashley j. | St. Pete Spa
I was just in there for my first time last week. I had a great eyebrow waxing experience and really enjoyed the ambiance. If I can ever get a free minute, I would love to come in for a massage. I plan to be back even if it only ends up being for my brows.
November 9th 2012
Amanda M. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was fantastic! I always have great service at Pia in St. Pete. The atmosphere is nice and the receptionist is always friendly and professional. I will continue to give this location my business!
November 9th 2012
Jacci R. | St. Pete Spa
My overall experience at Pia was wonderful! I will definitely be coming back!
November 5th 2012
Baalika P. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic service from the front dest to treatments!
I Highly recommend PIA!
Five stars.
November 3rd 2012
Chasansito | St. Pete Spa
I love going to Pia's to have my eyebrows shaped. It is a wonderful experience all the way from the lovely receptionist at the front desk, the beautiful display of products and once I arrive in the treatment room it is so relaxing. My esthetician has done a beautiful job of recreating my eyebrows. I am extremely happy with my results! Thank you!
November 1st 2012
Linda M. | St. Pete Spa
I've been going to Pia's for over a year now and every visit is perfect! My esthetician is always in time, if not early, professional, friendly, gives me suggestions on other services, and always makes me laugh.
October 28th 2012
Stephanie F. | St. Pete Spa
Received exceptional service as usual!!! I'm a loyal customer and will continue to be!! Thanks!!
October 28th 2012
Kimberly J. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is great. Does excellent work and is always extremely pleasant. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
October 28th 2012
Nancy B. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable. I felt she did a great job and I was extremely pleased and I definitely will be going back for more services in the near future.
October 27th 2012
Betty J. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was great! It was my first Brazilian wax and I was terrified. She talked me through everything. Even when I would jump and squirm around from the pain she would never get frustrated with me and helped me through it. I made another appointment for five weeks from now. Thank you!
October 24th 2012
Kayla G. | St. Pete Spa
I love Pia's! Everyone who works there is professional and friendly. My esthetician is the best esthetician I've ever been to. I plan to continue to go every two weeks.
October 20th 2012
Erika R. | St. Pete Spa
I liked the way this location presented inself on the outside and it just got better when I entered. I enjoyed the relaxing waiting area and that you have the option to sit while your being checked in and out. Everything was clean and nicely decorated. My esthetician was very nice, friendly, knowledgable and reassuring. She keep telling me that this is my wax, I'm in control while trying to make it as quick and painless as possible. (It was my first B wax, I still tear up sometimes from getting my eyebrows waxed.) So needless to say she had her work out for her lol Even though I cried and didn't allow her to finish the back, I will do it again in 4 weeks and I believe that it will be better than the first time like she said. I also bought the soap that she recommended.
October 17th 2012
Cherr T. | St. Pete Spa
I located this business via the website and I had driven by it several times. My esthetician was super sweet and explained everything to me before and during the eyebrow waxing. It was probably the most painless experience I have ever had and my eyebrows look amazing!! I found my new favorite day spa and will definitely become a regular customer
October 17th 2012
Eva | St. Pete Spa
I live in Old Northeast St. Petersburg and love Pia's downtown location. So close to me.
This location is esthetically pleasing and since I was getting a brazalian wax cleaniness is the utmost importance to me and it was just that. No messy waxing pans around or towels like I've seen in others.
My esthetician is the best. As you know a brazalian wax can be very painful. Ouch! Her technique is virtually painless. She is very professional and discreet. Easiest and best wax I've had!
Definately a thumbs up!

October 17th 2012
Susan | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is always professional in every way. She does a careful, painless waxing. Inevitably I receive compliments on my eyebrows afterward. She also offered extra advice and service -- powdering my brow to eliminate redness and recommending tweezers, per my request for those in-between weeks. The atmosphere of the salon is very soothing and the facility is well-maintained.
October 11th 2012
Sue S. | St. Pete Spa
As a new customer, I am very pleased to find someone as experienced as my nail tech. I had tried several other nail technicians in the area, and I will now return to Pia's because of her professionalism and expertise.
October 6th 2012
Jan J. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time getting a Brazilian wax, so I was a bit nervous, but my esthetician was amazing. Not only was she very friendly and professional, but she reassured me, was super quick, and was a great conversationalist so I didn't really think about what was going on! I was very pleased with the results and will definitely recommend Pia's to friends.
October 6th 2012
Cory B. | St. Pete Spa
I love my esthetician. She's great to talk to and always does a great job on my nails. She's got me hooked on gels. She's a credit to your organization!
September 27th 2012
Martha K. | St. Pete Spa
I had not visited Pia in awhile and forgot how much I enjoyed it. As always my esthetician was a joy. Her professionalism and personality are A . I will not stay away for long.
September 26th 2012
Jane H. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician was great. Her technique made my waxing experience nearly painless. I already rebooked with her for next time!
September 26th 2012
Beth M. | St. Pete Spa
I went to Pia's in St Pete for the first time 9/12/12. I was nervous because I just moved from Chicago to St Pete. I went to the spa in Chicago for 10 years. However, my esthetician was amazing! I was so impressed with everyone there especially her. It actually was the least painful brazilian that I've received. I usually am in so much pain, have to take ibuprofen after and my skin is red and irritated for several days. The redness disappeared by the end of the night. I already made my next appt. I will also check out the other services. She was so pleasant and chatty. That's even after I ended up getting lost as well and was 10-15 min late. Thank you!
September 23rd 2012
Kristy S. | St. Pete Spa
As always my Pia's experience was great. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
September 23rd 2012
Sara M. | St. Pete Spa
I went in for my bikini wax with my esthetician, which was great as usual, but I had my 5 year old daughter with me. The awesome receptionist colored with her the entire time to keep her occupied. Then, because it was our mommy-daughter day, she wanted to get her nails painted. They squeezed us in for pedicures with the nail tech, and they were great! She was so patient with my daughter. I love the team at St. Pete Pia and I have been sending everyone i know there!
September 18th 2012
Abigail | St. Pete Spa
I've been going to Pia St. Pete for over a year now and I recommend their services to all my friends. The whole spa is warm and inviting. The receptionist is so friendly and my esthetician is amazing. Keep up the awesome job!
September 16th 2012
Kristen H. | St. Pete Spa
Pia is great! I have been coming here for a year and always a wonderful experience. Staff is super friendly and welcoming and I have never left disappointed. Appointments are accommodating and convenient as well. 5 stars!!
September 12th 2012
Britt | St. Pete Spa
As usual my experience was great! My esthetician did my wax perfectly and my eyebrows look great and the day before she did my mom's pedicure and it looks fabulous! Another esthetician did my pedicure and took the extra time to make it sparkle! Thanks for everything!
September 9th 2012
Joni | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is fantastic! She is very meticulous, does not rush the procedure, takes pride in her job, and of course the end result is simply added beauty. She, and by extension all the staff are very friendly. I always feel welcome coming into Pia St. Pete.
September 6th 2012
Jonelle B. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician does a wonderful job. I have never been one to get my brows waxed (I plucked) and when I did, it would be maybe once or twice a year. Because of her, I am going about every 2-4 weeks and have been about 5 times so far. I even referred my boyfriend there. She is the best!
September 6th 2012
Tina | St. Pete Spa
I've been coming to Pia's in St. Pete for awhile now after my boyfriend requested I get a Brazilian wax. I read lots of horror stories about other places so when I saw the great reviews for Pia's I decided to try them. I've never regretted it. My esthetician is really fast with very little discomfort. She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, I would recommend her to anyone!
September 3rd 2012
Lolly | St. Pete Spa
This spa is charming, clean and very friendly. My esthetician was professional and educated me about my service which I appreciated. They serve you coffee or tea and water before your service which is cool. And the prices are definitely reasonable, I will be going back for sure :)
September 2nd 2012
Sara S. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is great!! I have been waxed at multiple places throughout the multiple cities I've lived in and she is the least painful
September 1st 2012
Kristen | St. Pete Spa
As always, my esthetician is professional, on time, and very knowledgeable. Pia St Petersburg is in a great location, friendly staff, always can accommodate your request, and flexible appointment times.
August 19th 2012
Stephanie F. | St. Pete Spa
She was fantastic! Took her time talking to me about my fears of last horrible eye waxing experiment. Did an amazing job on my eyebrows and definitely will be returning to Pia.
August 13th 2012
Kelly C. | St. Pete Spa
My esthetician is truly wonderful. She shapes my eyebrows every two weeks and does it perfectly every time. She is always professional, friendly, and fun. I thoroughly enjoy my time every time I come in.
August 12th 2012
Erika R. | St. Pete Spa
Pia Esthetics provides a quiet, accommodating environment for receiving personal care. The receptionist is always cordial and helpful. My waxing was completed in the most professional manner, while my esthetician immediately put me at ease by very quickly building a positive rapport.

I will recommend Pia Esthetics to any of my friends who are interested in high quality personal spa services.
August 11th 2012
Lawren | St. Pete Spa
I've gone to several Pia's over the years and received services from many estheticians and my esthetician is hands down the BEST! She is an eyebrow shaping expert!
August 10th 2012
Angie D. | St. Pete Spa