Reviews by Location:

Best wax ever. I have been getting waxed at Pia's for about 5 years. I am a lifetime client.
July 28th 2011
Rachel S. | St. Pete Spa
I was meant to be a client of the St. Pete location. I love, love, love it there. I ALWAYS get amazing service! My services are always on point, the quality and knowledge is unparallel. Compared to the spa where I used to get waxed in NJ, Pia's in St. Pete is top notch.
July 22nd 2011
Waleska | St. Pete Spa
I called to get an appointment for a wax and my usual specialist Nayla was not available, so I booked with Ashley. What a GREAT session! She was quick and it was super easy to keep the conversation going! She was knowledgeable on the renovation and what services were going to be offered. I cannot wait for you to have the other half completed!
July 17th 2011
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
Everything was great, as always
Can't wait for my next appointment in the enlarged salon.
July 14th 2011
Amy M. | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was nice and professional. She made feel very comfortable and relaxed. Next time I will definately ask for her.
July 7th 2011
Blanca D. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla and her staff are friendly and professional. Waxing 'certain areas' can be somewhat intimidating and worries here. Friendly conversation and gentle handling will put you at ease. I will be back again and again!
July 7th 2011
KerriMc | St. Pete Spa
Great service. I will be back for sure.

Also very happy with the spa itself. Very clean and professional.
July 7th 2011
Fionuala M. | St. Pete Spa
I had another wonderful experience at Pia's. Nayla is a true professional and expert with wax. I look forward to my visits always knowing that I will be in good hands.
July 5th 2011
Kristin O. | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was terrific! Fast, thorough, efficient and 100% delightful. Her skillful waxing and pleasant conversation took my mind off what is often a painful experience. I'll definitely be back!

July 2nd 2011
rebecca d. | St. Pete Spa
What a wonderful studio! I've been waxed elsewhere in the past, but was always disappointed. Nayla was wonderful. She was so meticulous about my brows! Everyone I've ever been to elsewhere tries to make them exactly the same, and they always look odd, and grow back funny. When Nayla does them, they look great! And the Brazilian wax, she is so gentle,and she chats the whole time, so it helps to take your mind off of the service, but some how she makes it almost painless. Love,love, love this studio. Always on time, and so nice from reception to waxing.
July 1st 2011
Beth J. | St. Pete Spa
This was my second time getting my underarms waxed. The first time was at another salon and it was a disaster. Nayla at Pia was wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable for my waxing...a procedure that is all too often embarrassing and uncomfortable. Can't wait to go back for my Hollywood wax!
June 29th 2011
Vickie M. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla was absolutely fabulous. She new what she was doing. She was funny and definitely knew how to take your mind off the waxing. This was my first appointment and I have my next one in 4 weeks. Because of her I definitely wont be going anywhere else.
June 29th 2011
Cara L. | St. Pete Spa
As my first wax experience (lower legs, bikini and underarms), I was really impressed with the cleanliness of the place and knowledge and friendliness of your staff, especially Ashley. She kept me talking and was super-quick, which helped with the experience :-) and also got me out of there fast. Your receptionist that day (I didn't get her name) was very sweet and helpful, answering several of my questions. She noticed on my paperwork that the day I was there was also my birthday and gave your usual birthday/email discount. It was such a nice experience. I'll definitely be back. Thanks, G. in St Petersburg
June 28th 2011
G. i. | St. Pete Spa
Perfect everytime! I love this little adorable studio. Very welcoming and comfortable. Very happy and satisfied with my services.
June 25th 2011
Katie N. | St. Pete Spa
very quick, very professional, very informative and sweet too. Thanks so much
June 24th 2011
Mike | St. Pete Spa
Pia is my favorite spot for waxing, and I've been to them all. This location is easy to find and parking is made simple by their parking structure use across the street. When you walk in you already feel relaxed- the building is small and calming, unlike other busy, fast-paced waxing studios that feel more like a hospital waiting room. They offer a variety of coffee and teas, and if you do have to wait (I've only waited once, but for few minutes) the receptionist is friendly. Nayla is as thorough as she is quick with her waxing services. She's engaging and makes you feel calm, and she also offers great skincare advice when asked. The prices are very reasonable and the service and attention to detail is matched exquisitely, unlike other places where they rush you out. Two thumbs up for Pia St. Pete!
June 23rd 2011
LAM | St. Pete Spa
The experience was great. It was organized, on time, and efficient but also pleasant. I needed to get in and get out quickly, but also want to have the experience be somewhat 'nice' and it was just that.
June 23rd 2011
Mattie | St. Pete Spa
Nayla and the St. Pete team are amazing! They are the best at everything they do from waxing to the complete service experience. It is amazing how they can take a simple waxing appointment and make me feel so beautiful!

June 23rd 2011
Michelle S. | St. Pete Spa
I had a great, first experience at Pia's. I have a significant amount of experience with waxing services both for my back and my chest. I've never had a more pleasant experience - both painless and quick. I'll definitely be back soon, thanks!
June 19th 2011
Justin R. | St. Pete Spa
As always, everything was fantastic! Nayla always is fast! No pain when you are with her. It was great while she was doing my brows she explained how she liked to leave them fuller so they could frame my face. Whether you are a first timer or have gone bare below before, she is the ONE to go to! Always a pleasure and thank you so much for being so great to visit!
June 19th 2011
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
There is a reason I keep going back to see Nayla over the past year since she's opened her location-she is great at what she does. I can always count on consistency as well as reasonable prices.
June 15th 2011
Carrie | St. Pete Spa
My experience was very good! I had my first full bare bikini wax 6 weeks ago and I was very nervous but my specialist (i think it was Nayla?) made me feel at ease and comfortable! I recently came back for full bare bikini wax and again felt more comfortable and will be when my next wax is due! Thanks for a great experience !
June 15th 2011
Lauren w. | St. Pete Spa
After somebody nearly ruined my eyebrows elsewhere, I found Nayla at Pia St. Pete. She is wonderful! My eyebrows have never looked better! Thanks Nayla
June 15th 2011
Anna G. | St. Pete Spa
Great job! It was my first time and she made me feel very relaxed. I plan to do it again at Pia's! Thanks!
June 12th 2011
Aimee A. | St. Pete Spa
Welcoming, comfortable, professional, PLUS I look and feel great! THANK YOU for coming to St. Petersburg!
June 12th 2011
Lisa | St. Pete Spa
Nayla makes me feel very comfortable - I love the place and the girls at the front desk as well! thanks! Suzette
June 9th 2011
Suzette V. | St. Pete Spa
I'm not sure about the employee names! sorry! But I dropped in yesterday without an appointment around 4:30 and luckily, someone hadn't shown for their appointment, The receptionist and the aestitichian were both very helpful and friendly and my wax was perfect! I've recently moved to the area from north Florida and finding new personal service professionals has been a challenge. I'm really glad to find Pia's....that's one I won't have to be searching for anymore!
June 8th 2011
Erin M. | St. Pete Spa
I had a fantastic experience, I wouldn't get waxed anywhere else. I have been waxed by different specialists there at Pia's and every experience has been great. Everyone makes me feel comfortable and keeps the entire process pleasant. Thank you!
June 6th 2011
Sara M. | St. Pete Spa
I had my first ever brazilian wax yesterday, and I was totally happy with the entire experience. Fortunately, there was no one in line after me, so Ashley allowed me to start late so I could put on the Relax and wax cream (numbing cream) and give it time to work. She kept me completely at ease the whole time. The spa is beautifully kept and the receptionist was friendly and helpful. I'll definitely be back!
June 4th 2011
Maresi B. | St. Pete Spa
Fantastic! The whole experience was great and Nayla is an amazing waxer. I don't live in St. Pete, I just visit, but this is the second time I've been to Nayla and I will always come back to her whenever I'm in town and in need of waxing. Thank you so much!
June 3rd 2011
Paisley M. | St. Pete Spa
Once again Nayla has provided excellent service. Her professionalism and skill makes her an excellent choice for anyone looking to get any kind of waxing service. I recently referred her to a friend and she is now scheduled for her second visit and bringing a new friend for a waxing service.
June 1st 2011
Edie | St. Pete Spa
I had an amazing experience! My eye brows look great! Will for sure be back!
May 29th 2011
Danielle | St. Pete Spa
It was my 2nd visit w/ ashely...she did the bare brazalian and brow wax..
Very professional and I was in/out in a timely manner...
I haver referred her name to approx 12 different people!!
May 29th 2011
Meagan S. | St. Pete Spa
I have finally found somebody who knows how to shape an eyebrow. Nayla makes my eyebrows look wonderful everytime. I told her if I ever moved she would have to come. Not only does she do such a great job she is so friendly and makes having your hair ripped out with wax a relaxing experience.
May 27th 2011
Christina Y. | St. Pete Spa
I always have a good experience when I am at Pias. They are very professional and spend a nice amount of time on my service. They are very professional and very good at what they do. I would never go anywhere else for waxing services.
May 23rd 2011
Susan W. | St. Pete Spa
Had my complete bare waxing by Ashley. This is the first time I was taken care of by Ashley. The service was exceptional as usual. Thanks again!!!
May 22nd 2011
Kim J. | St. Pete Spa
As always the service is exceptionally well, coming to Pia's and knowing the staff is always a pleasure. You feel as if your walking into one of there homes.
Both Pia and Nayla have a warm heart and a special touch for perfection. Pia's will forever be my waxing studio.
May 22nd 2011
Mireya h. | St. Pete Spa
I went to the St. Pete location. This was my second time at this location and again I had a great experience. The aesthetician was professional, friendly, and seemed knowledgeable about her practice. No negative comments or suggestions here!
May 18th 2011
Jacci R. | St. Pete Spa
Always very satisfied with the eyebrow wax. The technicians there take so much time to make sure that they do a perfect job. I no longer trust my brows with anyone else!
May 16th 2011
Jayne M. | St. Pete Spa
I have only had two eyebrow shapings at Pia, but both times I left very impressed and satisified. They give my eyebrows such attention and detail that I have never gotten anywhere else. My eyebrows have never looked better. I will be back, and I will definitely be back more often.
May 15th 2011
Heather S. | St. Pete Spa
AWESOME....Always feel like a million dollars when I leave my appointment!!!!
May 15th 2011
Nora A. | St. Pete Spa
The studio is a great experience every time I visit from check in to check out The studio is clean and girls are friendly. Nayla always makes me feel comfortable and I am so glad i found this studio or I would not be waxing every month. Thanks Nayla!
May 14th 2011
Jennifer H. | St. Pete Spa
The receptionist gave me a very warm and welcoming greeting and gave me some sangria (that stuff is definitely recommended!!!). Neela is a FANTASTIC waxer...she works fast and thoroughly and keeps the conversation going. This is a little bit of a drive for me but I would never consider going anywhere else!
Thank you for such a great place!
May 12th 2011
Amanda | St. Pete Spa
Ashley was the associate who performed my waxing and she was wonderful. She was knowledgeable and treated me with respect. She was professional and friendly and I immediately trusted her with my eyebrows! I will definitely be back!
May 11th 2011
Janette G. | St. Pete Spa
This was my first time at Pia's. I felt very comfortable with Nayla and left pleased with her work. I will be coming back and have recommended her to several friends. Yisenya was also very nice and helpful when I called for directions. Keep up the great work girls!
May 9th 2011
Mari | St. Pete Spa
Nayla always does a great job and always remembers that I prefer hard wax when I come in. And she's quick, too!
May 6th 2011
Jane P. | St. Pete Spa
As always a pleasant experience. From the moment I walked in until the moment I left. The receptionist was great and Nayla has a gift. I've had waxings done plenty of times at many different places but Nayla is the only one who is fast, thorough and makes me laugh during a completely bare wax. I personally couldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Pia for existing! :)
May 6th 2011
Miranda S. | St. Pete Spa
Nayla is always a delight. Very professional. I love the atmosphere of the shop. The young lady that is her receptionist is great, also.

The Sangria is a nice touch, too!
May 3rd 2011
BB | St. Pete Spa
Pia waxing studio in St. Pete, and Nayla's service and expertise has been consistent since frequenting this place for almost a year...consistently on time, consistently pleasant, and consistently good at what she does. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
April 28th 2011
Carrie Z. | St. Pete Spa
Great visit as usual. Receptionist was friendly, Nayla was on time and performed the wax quickly but still took the time to make sure that I was completely satisfied with the results. (tweezing, taking care of ingrowns, etc.)
April 25th 2011
Lauren P. | St. Pete Spa