Reviews by Location:

Nayla was great, as always. I referred my best friend to her and she will be coming soon. Thanks, and merry Christmas.
December 25th 2008
haley k. | South Tampa Spa
I live in Seattle and have family in Tampa. Everytime I make trip to FL I schedule a waxing at Pia. The experience and price is uncomparable to anywhere else in the country! Your staff is professional, knowledgable and curtious.
The most important factor is the pain level - absolutely much less than I've ever experienced. I look forward to coming into Pia and the overall experience.
December 25th 2008
Kathy A. | South Tampa Spa
First of all... THANKs to your team for getting me in last minute for a much needed Holiday Wax. Ericca did an outstanding job!
What I love most about Pias is the consideration your staff shows the customer as well as the efficiency of the whole waxing experience.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas
December 24th 2008
Toni F. | South Tampa Spa
I was in for a pineapple body scrub and it was awesome! As soon as I walked in, everyone was friendly. The place was homey and clean. I don't get serivces on myself very often, but I love getting gift cards for others.
December 24th 2008
elizabeth | South Tampa Spa
I am so relieved to find a place to come home to where I can get a good wax. The staff was so friendly and they made me feel so comfortable and at home.
I had a completely positive experience and I will definitely be returning whenever I am visiting my family here.
December 22nd 2008
shannon h. | South Tampa Spa
Paola's facials are AMAZING. She is very knowledgeable about skin care and have made another appointment for next month with her.
I also had the pleasure of meeting with Pia who not only is friendly but also VERY informed with skin care but also is PASSIONATE about her business and her customers. She believes in her store and feel will only get more successful. Amanda who works with the appointments was also great and gave me first class treatment when checking in and out! Overall it was an PLEASANT and divine experience and look forward to next months services.
December 21st 2008
Victoria E. | South Tampa Spa
December 21st 2008
Kathy O. | South Tampa Spa
I always look forward to my visit at PIA. The atmosphere is so relaxing and pampering. It's my special time . Emmy is an example of the caring and customer-servicing staff you have. Thank you for putting your clients' needs first and foremost.
December 20th 2008
Cynthia R. | South Tampa Spa
I recently went to Pia for the first time and was very impressed with all of the employees as well the facility. I will definitely return for other services.

December 19th 2008
Cara B. | South Tampa Spa
From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted with a friendly and calm vibe. The salon was clean and had an inviting atmosphere. The nail tech did an amazing job on both my hands and toes.
They never looked better. I also enjoyed the conversation and the calmness of the nail tech. I would definitely recommend this spa to a friend!
September 3rd 2008
Angela N. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience when I came to the salon on the 26th of August, the receptionist was very welcoming, as well as Ericca. I thought the salon was very well kept and clean, an overall relaxing environment.
All questions I had regarding my services and other services the salon offered were answered and the employees seemed very knowledgeable. I will definately be returning to this salon in the future.
September 3rd 2008
Jacquelyn S. | South Tampa Spa
I love your wife and I have begun to be frequenters for various services over the past year. We have also given gift certificates as gifts lately.
I have had many massages over the years at other establishments, but my wife and I both so thoroughly enjoyed our massage by Michelle recently.
I am not usually one to write reviews, but I thought it might be especially important since she is a fairly new employee. Her gentle and comforting personality is only trumped by her abilities as a massage therapist.
I felt her technique was perfect and specifically suited to my needs. Thanks so much,
Justin Jones
August 27th 2008
Justin J. | South Tampa Spa
I felt comfortable and relaxed. I loved the environment that i was in. It was clean and smelled fresh. The music that was played was peaceful. I had a great experience and will recommend to others and return myself.

August 20th 2008
Fatima B. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was wonderful. I wouldn t change anything about that afternoon.
August 13th 2008
Regina M. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was great! I was in a rush to get a pedicure before going on vacation that same morning. When I called the day before to ask if that was possible, the receptionist was more than helpful and recommended the Espresso pedicure treatment. When I arrived, Paola was efficient and my nails looked awesome! I ll definitely be coming back again. Thanks!
August 12th 2008
Pamela S. | South Tampa Spa
The new staff member that you recently hired at your So Tampa location did a great job on my eyebrows! I can t wait to re-schedule with her on my next appt!
August 8th 2008
Eileen N. | South Tampa Spa
My experience with Michelle was delightful! Her services (relaxation/swedish 50 minute massage) were perfect and her
personality was ever so pleasant and kind. I enjoyed my time at Pia so much, that at the end of my massage, I decided to schedule my first brazilian wax with Michelle in a couple of weeks!
Thank you Pia, and Michelle.
August 6th 2008
Rachel J. | South Tampa Spa
This has been the third experience with PIA and this experience was just as great as the other two. I call and usually get scheduled the same day because of my flexibility to whomever they schedule me with. Sol, Ana, and Nayla are all great and professional. The ambiance is relaxing and the waxing is quick and almost painless.
August 2nd 2008
Tammy A. | South Tampa Spa
I have been coming to Pia now for a few months and it has always been wonderful. I have never had a bad experience. That staff is very friendly and helpfull. I also tell all my friends about Pia so that they can have the same wonderful experience that I have.
August 2nd 2008
Wendy L. | South Tampa Spa
Orit and Errica were both wonderful and made my experience relaxing and rejuvinating. The massage I had brought my body back to normal. My skin looks so much fresher after the microderm facial. I will definitely be back!!
July 31st 2008
Silke C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience! I came with a gift certificate not knowing what kind of experience I would have.. There are definitely a lot of spas around south tampa but I would say this has been my favorite.. As a mom of two, it was a wonderful way to relax for an hour!
July 27th 2008
Michelle S. | South Tampa Spa
She does a fantastic job with my eyelash extensions!!! I receive so many compliments about how natural and real they look. She even recommended the divaderm product to help my lashes grow and it is working really well!!!! this latest retouch was by far the best! I didnt really have alot of lashes on the inner lid. This time she could go farther toward the corner of my eye and i couldnt stop looking at them on the way home. Thank you to everyone at PIA for quality service and for taking the initiative to perfect your skills in making me look my best!
July 23rd 2008
tara c. | South Tampa Spa
My deep cleansing facial was amazing. Unfortunately I can t remember the name of the lady who worked on me, but she did a fabulous job. Really thorough! Will be back.
July 22nd 2008
colin c. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent !
I was an old PIA customer . I was in Tampa for 24 hours, and SOL acompodate my schedule and did and excellent job waxing ..everything
I wish I had a PIA en Annapolis, MD where now live
thanks again SOL
July 21st 2008
Lucia | South Tampa Spa
Pia is a very welcoming spa and is a place I d recommend to all my friends. The employees are very welcoming and personal and their is not the stuffy air of most day-spas. It s a great place all around!
July 17th 2008
Megan F. | South Tampa Spa
Each visit at Pia s has been absolutely fantastic. The staff is extremely friendly and most helpful. My waxing services always produce wonderful results. This was my 3rd visit and Ana is the best. Living in Naples, I have tried a few spa s in my area. I have yet to find aa experienced wax tech. especially when it comes to the brazilian. I know that Miami is right across the alley, being originally from Boca Raton, I have yet to venture that territory. I do however return to my favorite stylist in Boca Raton and probably will forever. My fiance and I have a home in that area so I try to plan my visits around our trips over. My mother lives north of Tampa so sometimes I go to Pia s then to moms! Honestly, the service provided by Ana and the entire staff @ Pia s is worth the drive!! Thank You so very much. I wish you were here in Naples..maybe someday, until then see you next time.
July 16th 2008
Misty M. | South Tampa Spa
Thank you Emmy. You gave a great facial and really spent time on extractions. My face looks great today and I can t wait till my next appt. Also, I appreciate the peace and quiet. When I come in for a facial I just like to close my eyes and enjoy it without conversation. Your e great! I have scheduled another appt. with you in Aug.
July 15th 2008
Anna B. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first visit to your salon and for a service I had never had. I did have a friend come with me (which made me less nervous). Every one was just so nice, made me feel very comfortable and we are already planning our return trip - and I ll be bringing another friend along as well! Ana was the person who did my wax and she was terriffic! The lady that greeted us and checked us out was just as nice, answered our questions, very friendly and personable.
July 10th 2008
Patti B. | South Tampa Spa
As always, my experience at Pia was relaxed and efficient. I did have to wait longer than usual, though it was not a problem for me. Pia did a great job on my eyebrows and was pleasant to work with, which is how I have felt about everyone who has provided a service for me at Pia.

One of the things I appreciate most about Pia, over any other salon and spa I have tried, is that no one tries to sell me more than what I am scheduled to receive. At other salons I have felt pressured to try new services that I wasn t sure I wanted, or wasn t interested in paying for at the time. At Pia, I feel as though I can go in and take care of upkeep (waxing) without feeling as though I need to do more. That makes it so much more enjoyable when I choose to do more, which I will actually do more often without the pressure.
July 10th 2008
Danielle D. | South Tampa Spa
My massage was heavenly, Orit is clearly the cornerstone of this establishment, as her talents are stellar. I can t wait to recommend her to others and also to come back for another massage. I really really needed a massage and she was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.
July 9th 2008
Jill M. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was kind enough to extend a free wax invitation to me by newbie waxer Michelle. I accepted, of course, trusting Pia s methods and training. Michelle was GREAT! She made me very comfortable, and instantly, I knew she had been trained very well, which was certainly not a surprise. I thought she did a fantastic job. Michelle also asked me to be honest and give her feedback, but all I could say was that she did great! I think once she gets the hang of it, it will be a speedier process for her, but I appreciated the time she took to make sure the job was done well. I would certainly feel more than comfortable with her again. Thank you so much for the offer!
July 9th 2008
Melissa V. | South Tampa Spa

Ericca is the best bikini waxer on Earth!!! She did a phenomenal job. It has been several months since my last wax visit. In the waiting room yesterday, I was nervous because I expected it to be a painful session. However, I was very pleasantly surprised afterwards because I did not recall feeling any pain nor stinging. I think that what helps is that Ericca is a pro. She moves quick, is very friendly, knows how to calm the skin, and is finished before you realize what s going on. I still cannot believe how simple it was...I had been worried about nothing! I will continue to recommend Pia to my friends. I am so happy I found this salon!
July 8th 2008
Hairfree a. | South Tampa Spa
Great job on my eyebrows! And the price is so much reasonable than other spas in the area
July 8th 2008
Eileen N. | South Tampa Spa
Paola was the technician that did my manicure and it was a very pleasant experience. She was gentle and she was thorough and her technique was flawless. I am going to come back for a pedicure and I will be requesting Paola.
July 8th 2008
Jill M. | South Tampa Spa
As always, loved it!!!! From the minute I walk in, everything is an experience I enjoy and look forward to. Love all the products.... I read everything and try all the testers. Thanks
July 7th 2008
Cynthia R. | South Tampa Spa
I drive from Gainesville just to get my waxing doing with Nyla. I have worked in salons for over 5 years and never had such a good experience with an esthetician. She does a precise, clean, quick and rather painless job. I recommend all my girlfriends in Tampa to go to her.
July 7th 2008
Mandi N. | South Tampa Spa
Orit is the best. I have been dealing with an achilles tendon injury for weeks and she knew just what to do to give me relief.

I love the environment and staff.
July 2nd 2008
Meri M. | South Tampa Spa
I absolutely LOVE going to PIA!! I am new to the area and have tried several places before, once I found out about PIA and actually went for a visit I haven t been anywhere else. Everyone there is sooo nice and very professional!! They do an awesome job for a reasonable price!! Thanks so much PIA!!
July 1st 2008
Lauren H. | South Tampa Spa
Hmm...What more can I say about Nayla? Actions speak louder than words - and I keep coming back!
June 29th 2008
Kristi V. | South Tampa Spa
My first time at Pia was great. The staff was very polite and informative about the services Pia provides. I was new to the Tampa area and found Pia via the net. The website was very user friendly and I would recommend Pia to my friends!
June 29th 2008
Tina | South Tampa Spa
Great job! I love the atmosphere of Pia s (the color and decor). Nail tech (Paula, though I may be spelling her name wrong) did a thorough job on my pedicure and my feet and feel great. I also like Zoya nail polishes so it was nice to see that your salon uses them. Lastly, that glass of sangria was fabulous!
June 28th 2008
Dina A. | South Tampa Spa
I love the glo mineral products. Please keep them in stock forever. Thanks.

June 28th 2008
anna | South Tampa Spa
The experience was much better than I had anticipated. I had never had my back waxed before so the pain aspect was on my mind. My tech made me feel assured and after the first couple of pulls my mind cleared and we were simply having great convesation and the process moved along quickly. She answered all of my many questions and was very good to work with. I am not sure I am saying this right but the lines she gave me on my back and arms look great.

The greeting staff also made me feel welcome and relaxed me with a nice glass of red wine. Overall the experience was better than anticipated and I have made my next appointment.
June 27th 2008
WAYNE O. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first vist to Pia esthetics (I just moved here from Italy!) and the fisrt thing that appealed me was the soothing perfume that permeates the room, then the relaxing environment, with the waiting room full of lotions to use and teas to drink. Everyone was smiling (both customers and staff!) and it was the perfect lunch break from a busy work day.
June 25th 2008
Roberta C. | South Tampa Spa
Paola s pedicures are top-notch. Whenever I tell my boyfriend I ll be home late because I m going to Pia first for a pedicure, he looks at my toes and tells me it looks like they were just done yesterday... and I go every 4 weeks! They have never ever chipped. She s great!
June 23rd 2008
Ashley S. | South Tampa Spa
Everytime I have been well taken care of. The entire staff is friendly. I tried somewhere else closer to where I live, but I won t be making that mistake again. It is certainly worth the drive.
June 20th 2008
Tara S. | South Tampa Spa
Great job! Quick and painless. It s nice to know if Pia isn t available, I can still get an appointment with someone who is efficient and pleasant to be around.
June 19th 2008
Jana C. | South Tampa Spa
I had 2 services - waxing & pedicure. Waxing was with Ericca and pedicure was with Paola. Both were excellent.
June 19th 2008
Charleen R. | South Tampa Spa
As always I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. Emmy was great as usual, and the receptionist was very nice as well. My friends think I m crazy to drive all the way from Largo, but I think I d be crazy not to!
June 15th 2008
Adrienne B. | South Tampa Spa
Emmy was amazing! She was fast to provide the least amount of pain and educational information to care for my skin after a brazillian. She was obviously the best student in her class at one time! That has never been a plesant experience in the 5 years I ve been having brazillians, but this was. Please tell Emmy I said thank you and I ll see you in a month! I have already referred 2 friends to Pia and told them to ask for her. We will also plan to have some other services since Emmy was so great to tell me about the company Pia as well as everything else you offer. Thank you again!
June 9th 2008
Kimberly L. | South Tampa Spa