Reviews by Location:

Very helpful...I had searched for a day spa so I could purchase a package for our girl scout troop s leaders. Pia seemed to be the nicest one in town with the most to offer. The receptionist was helpful and I was able to purchase 2 really nice packages. I can t wait to come back for myself next time!
June 4th 2006
Jayne V. | South Tampa Spa
It was the best facial that I have ever had. Sol really did great work!
June 4th 2006
Sharon K. | South Tampa Spa
I was very satisfied with her work. She made sure that she didn t miss a spot and I appreciated that!
June 3rd 2006
Paola A. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was absolutely wonderful!! I plan to continue to treat all of my waxing needs at PIA Estetics. It was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end!!! You have got me as a lifetime costomer and I have also spread the word around to everyone I know.
June 2nd 2006
Ann M. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was great. I am very pleased with the service and the outcome. I especially like the e-mail reminder.

i will be back!
May 31st 2006
Stacey M. | South Tampa Spa
I Loved It!!! I ve never had a facial/spa experience before I recieved a gift certificate for the euro facial and was completly thrilled with my expierence, estician, and end result! After the treatment my face felt and looked a hundred times better. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. I have another gift certificate for a massage and pedicure and can t wait to come back!
May 30th 2006
Sara R. | South Tampa Spa
The overall experience was great. I came in for a wax and left with that and a facial! Both were fantastic and I look forward to coming back to purchase some makeup. Pia spent a lot of time with me going over colors and products etc. It was very relaxing and everyone was very helpful.
May 30th 2006
Cara | South Tampa Spa
It s always a pleasure whatever I get done at Pia. I love the new location too! Best of luck Pia!
May 30th 2006
Denise | South Tampa Spa
I loved my first experience at Pia! You are doing a fantastic job with all aspects of your salon - retail, customer service, as well as the spa services. I will be back to try something different next time!
May 30th 2006
Taylor B. | South Tampa Spa
I wish to thank Pia and Sol for making my first Brazilian experience a happy one. Pia took the time to make me feel comfortable about the procedure and Sol took the time to explain everything to me, treat me gently and calm my nerves. Both Pia and Sol are great assets to the Spa and I look forward to seeing them again at my next visit.
May 30th 2006
Rebeca S. | South Tampa Spa
First time waxing- Felt ackward until I met Pia. She was just wonderful and she was right, I do love it.
May 29th 2006
Gina F. | South Tampa Spa
I don t remember the name of the employee that worked on me, but she was great. I came in for an eye brow shaping and lip wax. The experience was very nice and I will be returning to try some other services.


May 29th 2006
Erika P. | South Tampa Spa
Absolutly a fabulous experience, The waxing,facial,and massage were heavenly! The staff were professional and friendly! I think your smart to perform the waxings first.Ha
Thanks! I will be back and also tell friends.
May 29th 2006
Rosanna | South Tampa Spa
Pia s is always a great and relaxing place to visit. The staff is the nicest and most caring I ve ever encountered at a spa. The service is wonderful, and there is no way that I could be unsatisfied with a treatment.
May 29th 2006
Kristina L. | South Tampa Spa
I came in for my second brazilian wax (my first was with Sol) and it was much less painful, just as Sol promised. Nayla was great -- very quick and efficient. So far, all of my experiences with the three estheticians (Sol, Nayla, Ericca) I ve seen at Pia have been wonderful. Everyone is always friendly and smiling, including the receptionists, so I always feel comfortable. I can t wait to come back!
May 28th 2006
Emily | South Tampa Spa
I had both a massage and a pedicure, and I was extremely pleased with both services. Both employees were knowledgeble about their services, helpful with my choices, and very friendly.
May 28th 2006
Amanda K. | South Tampa Spa
AS usual I look and feel great after every trip to Pia s. Sol is sweet and an artist with my brows.
May 28th 2006
Brooke H. | South Tampa Spa
Being 8 months pregnant is a great experience, but it takes its toll on you body. From backaches, neckaches, swollen feet and hands. I experienced the prenatal massage and it was wonderful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during and after the massage. I would recommend it to any woman from 3 to 9 months pregnant
May 28th 2006
Kelly A. | South Tampa Spa
2nd time visist was a great experience! I actually cannot wait to return and try more of your available services. The staff is overwhelmingly friendly and helpful and truly make for an enjoyable experience. Thank You!!
May 23rd 2006
Nicole C. | South Tampa Spa
Sol made it so easy to be waxed for the first time at my age. My Husband loved the new look and is will to pay for the plane ticket and the waxing so I will keep up th e new look.
New No Scream Cream was an add benifit and does work. Needless to say I ll be back.
May 23rd 2006
Elw | South Tampa Spa
The experience at Pia was phenomenal. I enjoyed being pampered during my pregnancy massage and everyone was helpful from the receptionist to the masseuse! I have told many others about the service and will be going back myself. Keep up the great work.
May 22nd 2006
Janelle K. | South Tampa Spa
I just had my first experience at Pia and it was wonderful! The place is so cute -- very relaxing, intimate and well done. The pedicure itself was also wonderful. The woman (sorry, I can t remember her name) took pleny of time and did my nails/feet exactly as I like them. I ve already made my next appointment and will definitely recommend Pia to my friends. Thanks!
May 22nd 2006
dana c. | South Tampa Spa
I had the pleasure of spending a day at Pia s with my girlfriends for my birthday. Everyone was so nice and I enjoyed my facial with Sol, Pedicure with Nyla and massage. I will always return to enjoy more treatments. You all have a way of making up feel special and relaxed.
May 21st 2006
Brooke H. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first Brazilian wax. I did not know exactly what to expect although I had read ahead on your website and found the descriptions of the various waxing treatments very helpful in deciding what I wanted to have done. Alex was very professional and I am pleased with the result.
May 21st 2006
Beth H. | South Tampa Spa
She was fabulous! Will definitley be returning for another massage with her. Would rate that massage as one of the best I ve had!
May 21st 2006
Tiffani W. | South Tampa Spa
She gave me a great massage ! I get massages regularly, she did a wonder deep tissue massage. Came in with back pain and left able to stand straight..
Thank you I will be back soon..
May 21st 2006
Arllene G. | South Tampa Spa
PIA IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. For me she is my Esthetician, my therapist and a friend now. I m going to miss visiting there when I move to Massachusetts. But I keep telling her she should open one in Boston or NYC!! See you all soon!!
May 21st 2006
Veronica | South Tampa Spa
I received the best bikini wax ever, even better than the ones i used to get in new york. after a week, i m still waiting for the hair to grow back. once it does, i m coming back. thanks!
May 21st 2006
Shadi R. | South Tampa Spa
As always, my experience was a pleasure. Sol is amazing and I love how thorough she is. I can honestly say I wouldn t go anywhere else for my treatments. I also picked up one of the new body scrubs & exfoliators when I was there and must admidt I m hooked!
May 18th 2006
Danielle L. | South Tampa Spa
Very nice and pleasant. Would recommend her to others.

Everyone in the office is very nice - always checking to make sure your taken care of - nice to see in a business.
May 11th 2006
Colleen M. | South Tampa Spa
Every time I have gone to Pia's, my experience is always great. I never have to wait long to begin my appointment. I have recieved many compliments from people when Nayla waxes my eyebrows. She is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Pia's to everyone.
May 9th 2006
Renee S. | South Tampa Spa
Our massage was fabulous. My husband I will definetly be back in the future.
May 8th 2006
Christin T. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first microdermabrasion at Pia's Spa. The overall experience was very impressive. It was relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I felt so good after the treatment and definitely will be back. I am going to get the full microdermabrasion package to get my skin back to where it needs to be. Nayla was very proffesional and took her time to do an excellent job.
May 8th 2006
Sharon P. | South Tampa Spa
She was wonderful for my eyelash extensions. This was the first time that I have had extensions and I was a bit apprehensive about the procedure. She was technically very capable and also quite personable and reassuring.
Thank you,
May 8th 2006
Tracy P. | South Tampa Spa
Ok...overall i really love your spa and most experiences are good ones....this one however was fabulous...Sol did such a great job and was so nice to eyebrows look so amazing and everyone is complimenting me on them...they are arched perfect...and my bikini is gerat as well....also on a side note...i was going out after i came there and was worried about my eyebrows and upper lip being red, she put some powder on me to dim it down and everyone said i looked great that night...she is awesome....i have never seen her before and will def be back for her =) and now i want to come back and buy some makeup because it felt so great on!!
May 8th 2006
cara | South Tampa Spa
The wax was SO great... I'm pregnant, and can't see below my belly, so I need someone else to make me look good down there. Sol did such a good job, was so nice and fast! I will be back in a few weeks!
May 8th 2006
Erika E. | South Tampa Spa
My Mom and I came in together for pedicures. It was a wonderful experience - so much fun! Everyone was very friendly and we left with pretty toenails and big smiles.

Thank you!
May 8th 2006
Barbara M. | South Tampa Spa
I just saw the new place for the first time and I love it!
Congratulations on the move.
A bigger better place but still the same great Pia atmosphere and service.
I have sent many friends to you ladies.... keep up the great work!
May 4th 2006
Amy D. | South Tampa Spa
As always, my appointment was *****! And, I must tell you, Pia and friends, that the Open House was absolutely first class and I expected no less. I am so glad I was able to attend and have the chance to try all your wonderful products and services. I am enjoying the goodies that I purchased and winning a door prize was the ultimate. See you soon. Lynn
May 2nd 2006
Lynn M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a great experience at Pia I felt very comfortable and the facial wax was quick and I was less red and had less irritation than at other salons. I was also interested in buying mineral make-up and Ericca assisted me in choosing the correct shade. Overall the experience was great! Thank you!
May 2nd 2006
Julie Q. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful time at the spa. The place is absolutely beautiful and everybody makes you feel welcome. The service is great. I will recommend the place to my friends and I will continue to. Thank you
May 1st 2006
Mirna Z. | South Tampa Spa
Massage by Orit was phenomenal. Pedi & Mani was great as well. Will be back for more massages!
May 1st 2006
Susan M. | South Tampa Spa
She was wonderful, I loved my massage so much that I got one for my boyfriend for his birthday today May 1. She really spent a lot of time on working my whole body. I will defenitly be back.
May 1st 2006
Lindsey F. | South Tampa Spa
What an AMAZING experience. Orit gave me the BEST massage I have ever had. I also experienced my first Brazilian with Nayla. AWESOME, AWESEOME, AWESOME. My husband LOVES it and told me whatever the cost I must keep up with it. Thx for such an incredible experience. I'll see you in a few weeks.
May 1st 2006
Liva | South Tampa Spa
Everything about Pia Esthetics was wonderful from the atomosphere to the staff. Pia did all my waxing and she made me feel really comfortable. She is so friendly and sweet which made me feel more relaxed. I would definitely recommend Pia Esthetics to everyone.
May 1st 2006
Emily | South Tampa Spa
I had a great presto facial with Nayla. I have had some concerns with my skin and Nayla has really helped with advice on products and always letting me sample before I buy. I really appreciate that, having been in the cosmetic industry for many years I find it important to sample your clients before they make an investment into the products. You have my continued service and I highly recommend your facility.
April 27th 2006
Jessica B. | South Tampa Spa
Your establishment was very clean! My daughter loved the decor! It was her first eyebrow waxing and Erica made her feel comfortable and relaxed. We ejoyed your services and will return again!
April 27th 2006
kellie | South Tampa Spa
I have had a great experience at Pia's. Everyone is very pleasant and the atmosphere is very calm and inviting. And thank you to Pia for the great wax :-)
April 26th 2006
Kimberly V. | South Tampa Spa
very much enjoyed. enviornment nice and relaxing. will definitely return. thank you
April 25th 2006
linda m. | South Tampa Spa
I had a European facial with Nayla last week and it was wonderful! I have already referred two of my friends to have the same spa treatment done in the upcoming weeks. I have had facials before, both at **** and Spa ******, and this one was far superior. Nayla is excellent, both at facials and waxing. I'll definitely return to have another facial in the future! What I really appreciate about Pia's is the reasonable pricing. Keep that up and you'll have a customer for life! Thanks.
April 24th 2006
Trisha R. | South Tampa Spa