Reviews by Location:

I was truly grateful to be fit in. I managed to get a same day massage, which is something that is usually unheard of. I loved the atmosphere at Pia's, very open, relaxing and homey. Everyone I came in contact with greeted me with a smile. Onviously, people working htere love their job! My massage was wonderful. I went in tight and stressed and came out relaxed and loose. Thank you!
March 7th 2006
Patricia I. | South Tampa Spa
Sol was very nice and did a great job waxing! Nayla is my normal appointment but it is nice to know that when you cant get an appt with our regular technician Pia's has someone else just as professional and knowledgeable to provide the service.
March 7th 2006
Candice R. | South Tampa Spa
I just wanted to say that the new location is FANTASTIC! And the service and overall feeling of the By Pia experience continues to be extraordinary. Keep up the great work!! See you soon!
March 7th 2006
Julie D. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is always so pleasant and professional! I am excited her business is growing, she deserves much success!
March 6th 2006
Erin D. | South Tampa Spa
I have had 3 sphynx waxes with Nayla. These visits are the first I have ever had for a waxing experience. She makes me feel totally comfortable and at ease. I love the results!
I tell all my friends about Pia's!
March 6th 2006
Susan M. | South Tampa Spa
Great experience!

Sol took the time to listen to my preferences (I am picky) and then had the skills to incorporate my preferences with what would look best on me.
March 6th 2006
tina | South Tampa Spa
She gave a great massage. I liked the atomosphere and people that work there.
March 6th 2006
jason c. | South Tampa Spa
I loved it all!! The sincerity and professionalism of the staff is great, & the location can't be beat. I felt the prices were very reasonable for the services rendered, and have already recommended the spa to 2 of my freiends. Rene'
March 6th 2006
Rene C. | South Tampa Spa
My first experience with a Brazilian wax was so very easy!! I didn't think it was going to be so quick and almost painless! Nayla was very professional and I am glad I came all the way over from Palm Harbor!

March 6th 2006
dana | South Tampa Spa
This is a very professional, wonderful and relaxing place. You are made to feel very comfortable as you receive your treatments.
March 6th 2006
Julie | South Tampa Spa
I have been to your spa about 5 times for a wax and everytime, no matter who the person is, it has been a very comfortable experience. Your staff is very friendly and professional.
March 6th 2006
Sarah | South Tampa Spa
As always, my experience was great. My eyebrows always look perfect.
March 5th 2006
Erin R. | South Tampa Spa
The location and atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming. Overall my experience was a pleasant and enjoyable one. I would definately come back again!
March 5th 2006
Cara | South Tampa Spa
I Am very pleased the way she did my eyebrows...she shaped wonderfully.

March 5th 2006
Marli t. | South Tampa Spa
Sol did a great job on my Brazilian wax and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. It was not painful at all (except getting the ingrown hairs out..that always hurts no matter who does it!)
March 5th 2006
Christy T. | South Tampa Spa
I had the Mossimo Facial with massage. It was so good I bought gift certifcates for two of my friends for the same experience. Akso had waxing done, they are all so professinal there I am glad i found out about Pia's.
March 5th 2006
Debbie L. | South Tampa Spa
It was a wonderful experience - as always. I was even a little late for my appointment and everyone was very kind and caring. I feel so comfortable with your Spa and all its employees I am even considering having a Brazilian wax done.
Thank you so much!!
March 2nd 2006
Ann C. | South Tampa Spa
She is fabulous!!! Wonderful and very professional! I am sending all my friends to you!

February 24th 2006
Jacqueline P. | South Tampa Spa
Very professional. Sol made me feel very comfortable. She did the waxing quickly and thoroughly. Everyone else was very friendly too and the new place is beautiful!
Thank you!
February 21st 2006
Angela | South Tampa Spa
I love the new place! It's casual elegance is very relaxing. I had an appointment with Nayla and she did a very nice job. I didn't sream or cry even once!
February 21st 2006
Cathy D. | South Tampa Spa
I absolutly love Pia Esthetics. I really do not know what I would do without it. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff make the experience worth every penny. I look forward to my appointment every month, and I leave in great cheerful mood. Thank you very much, and keep up the hard work.
February 21st 2006
Meghann M. | South Tampa Spa
Wonerful experience! I can't wait to visit you at your new location...will definitely be back! Thanks so much!
February 21st 2006
Helen R. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was great as always! I love the new building!!!
I am so excited for you guys! I think the new bigger spa rooms are great for waxing and massages!
February 21st 2006
Cara | South Tampa Spa
February 20th 2006
CHRISTINA C. | South Tampa Spa
I received a bikini wax at your salon and it was awesome!! It was the first one I have ever had and Pia did an excellent job. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely will be coming back. Thanks!
February 20th 2006
Lauren | South Tampa Spa
I love pia esthetics!! great friendly staff. very professional. i wouldnt go anywhere else!!!
February 20th 2006
Christine C. | South Tampa Spa
Once again, Nayla is great and Pia's is the beat place for a woman to go to feel pampered and beautiful!!
February 20th 2006
Julie R. | South Tampa Spa
I really enjoyed my experience. My appointment was made at the time I requested (something that rarely happens at other spas) & Nayla stayed late on a Fri. night to acommodate me. She did a great job- was attentive & friendly. She also did a wonderful job on my brows, the best wax job I've ever had. She listened to how I wanted them shaped & did exactly what I wanted. The new location is great- clean & spacious. Overall, I had a great experience. I will recommend it to all of my friends & family. Kate
February 20th 2006
Kate | South Tampa Spa
I really felt comfortable going here for my wax. Everyone made it so much easier.
February 20th 2006
Kelly O. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla and Pia, both were exremely corteous and informative regarding various products and services. it was my first time for a wax and i have since recommended it to many people.
February 20th 2006
christine | South Tampa Spa
Terrific! Pia was so patient with me. Thank you!

The new spot looks great!
February 20th 2006
Alissa R. | South Tampa Spa
I have been getting my brazilian waxes from Pia for over 2 yrs now. I have been to several different locations in the local area and by far the best service is at Pia Esthetics. She is friendly and professional, I would recommend her spa to anyone.
February 20th 2006
Evelyn | South Tampa Spa
Pia as always was wonderful. I told her how I had to have an emergency wax. I was out of town and someone wanted to go to a pool, and I was unprepared. Anyhow, they didn't do a very good job and thankfully Pia was able to pick up their slack!!! I'll never go anywhere else.
February 14th 2006
Michelle V. | South Tampa Spa
I had a Brazilian waxing done and it was a wonderful experience...if waxing can be called that! The staff was very friendly and the waxing itself was done in a efficient and prfessional manner with very little pain. I would highly recommend Pia Esthetics
February 9th 2006
Liisa D. | South Tampa Spa
I loved my experience at Pia's. It was my first time experiencing the shpynx wax. I was very comfortable and did not fear anything. Nayla made me feel confident about the outcome, and I would like to schedule my next appointment with her. I loved the set up and you guys can definately expect a return visit from me.
February 8th 2006
Artavia C. | South Tampa Spa
I really enjoyed my time at Pia Esthetics. Ericca did a wonderful job. I have been extremely pleased with my results and plan to visit again.
February 7th 2006
Michelle | South Tampa Spa
I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found such a fabulous group! Each visit has been very precise, painless, and actually quite pleasant ( as pleasant as Brazillians goes!). I will most definately recommend Pia to anyone.
February 7th 2006
Shelley T. | South Tampa Spa
I love my eyelash extensions! They are beautiful and so natural looking. Erica did a fantastic job! THANK YOU!
February 7th 2006
Kelly | South Tampa Spa
She was great! She did a great job on my wax and it didn't hurt as much. I would recommend her services to anyone.
February 7th 2006
Shannon S. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla has done my brazilian, facial, and, most recently, eyelash tinting. She's extremely professional and does a great job. I always leave Pia's feeling pampered and recommend it to all of my friends.
February 6th 2006
Helen Z. | South Tampa Spa
As always I had a great time at Pias. Everyone there is wonderful and they all do a great job. Don't know what I would without you guys. THANKS A BUNCH!
February 6th 2006
Kristina S. | South Tampa Spa
I had a manicure and pedicure with Ana. She was wonderful. It was one of the best spa manicure/pedicures that I have had.
February 6th 2006
Margie M. | South Tampa Spa
Best brazilian in town! Always comfortable and professional:)
February 6th 2006
Jennifer v. | South Tampa Spa
I must admit I was very nervous about coming from Orlando to have my first brazilian wax, but the experience was great! Nayla gave me my first brazilian and it was waaayyy easier than I thought it would be. She was very gentle (as gentle as can be), and made me feel at ease the whole time. It didn't take very long either. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as I had read about on other web sites. I chose Pia's after searching the internet for about a month. I looked for word of mouth recommendations for salons or spas closer to me, but found none. When I found Pia's website, all the questions I had were answered right there online. I bought and received their recommended relax and wax cream and it really helped! I haven't had a waxing without it, but if it's not broken, don't fix it... I emailed Pia's a couple of questions and they were very prompt about answering. I will definitely be back and can only hope an Orlando Pia's will come soon!!
February 1st 2006
Kim E. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent visit. Pia has wonderful customer skills. I was made to feel as comfortable as possible. (only good things to say). Thank you.
February 1st 2006
Andrea Z. | South Tampa Spa
my experience at pia's has always been a pleasant one. i have no complaints. everyone there is very sweet and helpful.
thank you for a comfortable experience.
February 1st 2006
frances | South Tampa Spa
i had the eyelash extensions done about a week ago, & i love them! they feel like nothing is there! they look sooo beautiful & natural! i love them.
January 30th 2006
amber e. | South Tampa Spa
Considering a brazilian wax is soooo awkward, Pia Esthetics makes the experience very pleasant. I HIGHLY recommend Pia Esthetics to everyone in the Bay area.
January 30th 2006
CA | South Tampa Spa
I was hesitate to go for my first experience. But staff was so friendly and made me feel comfortable from the minute I walk thru the door.
January 30th 2006
Ines T. | South Tampa Spa
Pia you did an outstanding job with my wax. This was my first wax with you and I was thoroughly's such a beautiful thing - waxing that is = ) Thanks !!!!!!!
January 26th 2006
Lisa | South Tampa Spa