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nayla is the greatest. i do my best to schedule all of my appointments with her.

dont get me wrong everyone and everything else is wonderful as well. not one bad thing i can say about pias.

just goes to show why i travel from Dunedin / Clearwater area all the way to you for my wax.

keep up the great work and thanks again.
December 5th 2005
donna h. | South Tampa Spa
I have always had a pleasant experience at Pia,
she did a great job getting the in grown hairs out and was pleasant throughout my appointment. Everyone I have dealt with at Pia has always made me feel comfortable and at ease.

December 5th 2005
Tori Z. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was great. She even touched up my makeup because I had to go back to work. She was very personable and made the experience very enjoyable. I will be back in a couple of weeks.

December 5th 2005
Kimberly B. | South Tampa Spa
I had a hollywood wax on Saturday 12/3. My experience was very positive as always. When I left I was smoother and happier.
December 5th 2005
Cori G. | South Tampa Spa
Very professional service, yet staff are still amiable. This was rather reassuring since it was my first brazilian waxing experience. Overall I am pleased with the service and cannot wait to do business with you again!
December 2nd 2005
Suzanne | South Tampa Spa
I love this website!!! After deciding to get a bikini wax I searched bikini waxes in Tampa FL. The search brought me to PIA. The website was very informative and the FAQ's answered any questions I could possibly have. I felt comfortable with PIA from the beginning...
December 2nd 2005
sara s. | South Tampa Spa
Very good first time experience. I'll be back in a week or two.
December 2nd 2005
Maggie Y. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla always does a wonderful job. She is very professional. I am very happy with the service that I receive.
December 1st 2005
Sallie O. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first wax with Zeyna, and she made it as pleasant as possible. It had been awhile since I had been in, so it was a little painful, but Zenya kept me occupied and focused on conversation which really helped. You have a wonderful staff there, and it is appreciated.

Thank You
November 29th 2005
Lyndette A. | South Tampa Spa
Pia was very professional and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
I have never been waxed before, and she made the experience much more tolerable. I was very impressed by the overall experience -- from the receptionist to the procedure, to the environment; it was lovely and I will be returning again soon.
November 28th 2005
Jeska G. | South Tampa Spa
I would like to say that I have gone to other places to have what you call a Sphynx wax and this is the first time that I have not felt uncomfortable. She also did a great job with my eyebrows. I am very satisfied with the shape. I also had less pain then other places. I am sorry to say that I have a terrible memory with names, so I don't remember the name of the girl that waxed me, but she was great and answered all my questions, including ones about the makeup line. I will definitely be back.
November 28th 2005
Traci C. | South Tampa Spa
Rosana did a great job with my manicure and pedicure. She was meticulous both with the nail care and the polishing. I can't wait to come back to for waxing and skin care services too!
November 28th 2005
Ana M. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla is always extremely professional and is the best wax experience I have ever had! I have been getting Brazilian waxes on and off for about 5 years now and just recently found your salon. I tell everyone about it! Thank you for always making me feel so welcome and I look forward to trying out other services from Pia Esthetics!
November 28th 2005
Alison R. | South Tampa Spa
First time I ever had a waxing treatment did not know what to expect. Nayla made the experience as relaxing as a waxing experience could be. She was great and very professional. I would definitely recommend Pia and Nayla's services. I will be back again.
November 28th 2005
Mariel S. | South Tampa Spa
Purchasing online was very easy. I appreciated being able to send the gift certificate directly to the recipient. I have not heard yet if she has received the gift certificate or not since it has only been a couple days.
November 28th 2005
Sherry O. | South Tampa Spa
Wow! Great Experience. It was my first time at Pia's and everyone was so welcoming. The atmosphere was very cute and warm. I had a wax and manicure appointment, both were done with perfection. I can't wait till my next visit!!
November 28th 2005
Jennifer S. | South Tampa Spa
She did a great job and is always very friendly and reliable!
November 28th 2005
Shannon G. | South Tampa Spa
My visit to Pia Esthetics was a treat - as always. I always look forward to being pampered by Pia.
November 28th 2005
Mary G. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first time getting a Brazilian wax and I could not be more pleased with the service and the results. Nayla put me at ease and made the experience as painless as it could be. I will definitely be back! I'm hooked! Thanks!
November 28th 2005
Rebecca | South Tampa Spa
Hello -

I would just like to say that my last waxing experience (3rd time) was great...just like the 1st and 2nd visits. I would just like to praise Nayla for her extreme thoroughness and confidence (she seems like she has been doing waxing for a very long time). I really appreciate her attention to detail and always making me as comfortable as possible. Overall, I enjoy coming in for my wax jobs ....FORGET SHAVING FOREVER !!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your service !!!!
November 27th 2005
Lisa | South Tampa Spa
Everytime I have come to Pia, I have had a very good experience.
November 26th 2005
Daniela | South Tampa Spa
I am always made to feel so comfortable at Pia, and connot think of a place I would rather come for all of my waxing needs. The receptionist is always so sweet and never makes me feel uncomfortable or self concious even in the most revealing of procedures. Pia Esthetics is a perfect example of what every spa should aspire to be like.
November 25th 2005
Courtney I. | South Tampa Spa
I have gone to both pia and zeina and they are both excellent though pia seems more experienced. I like that they both do a great job and make sure I am satisfied.
November 24th 2005
nathalie d. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla made me feel comfortable and was sensitive to my needs as a black woman. I had been told by another salon that a brazalian would not be recommended b/c of my hair texture. Nayla dispelled that myth and she was great! The service was professional and quick. I make another appointment.
November 24th 2005
Candice R. | South Tampa Spa
Excellent work on the eyebrows - my husband loves them too. The makeup products I purchased are fun so I'm glad you found them in that big drawer! Thanks for a great experience.
November 23rd 2005
Diana C. | South Tampa Spa
Nyla always does a fantastic job with my waxing. she makes me feel comfortable and is ALWAYS professional. Everyone at the spa is accomadating and very friendly :)
November 23rd 2005
Marissa G. | South Tampa Spa
Hi Pia -

I always enjoy my visits to your salon!! You and your staff are very professional and make the little bit of pain totally worth it.....

See you in December,

November 23rd 2005
Kim M. | South Tampa Spa
I used to be a regular customer of sphynx waxes in NY, but recently moved to the bay area and could not find a place. I was searching and searching, then found Pia. I have to say I was a little nervouse at first, but your staff made me so comfortable. I was not used of getting waxed with the warm wax, it hurt less. My overall experience was a great one and I would recommend Pia to all my friends and family.
November 23rd 2005
Erica P. | South Tampa Spa
She is great! She makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. It can be pretty nerve-wracking with your 'holiest of holies' on display, but she makes it feel like you're being waxed by someone who you've known forever. It's not weird at all.
November 23rd 2005
Jessica A. | South Tampa Spa
Zenya did a great job. She was quick and relatively painless (for a bikini wax!!!) She's very pleasant and my whole experience was very positive.
November 23rd 2005
Kasey K. | South Tampa Spa
Not that I think it need to be said, but Pia and the whole staff there is great. You are all friendly and welcoming and the salon has a great ambiance. I would never go anywhere else!

Have a great holiday!
November 23rd 2005
Laurie | South Tampa Spa
It was my first wax and Nayla was wonderful. She explained everyhting and put me at ease. Very personable and easy to talk to. I would definetly come back and am going to recommend your establishment. Very professional.
November 23rd 2005
Keri M. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla has a comfortable waxing technique that always leaves my skin smooth and clean without feeling irritated. Her charm and friendliness really puts me at ease during the proceedure. An all-around great experience - thanks!
November 23rd 2005
Dea | South Tampa Spa
new lashes look great! I've had so many compliments about them and everyone has asked where I got them done.

It's been almost a week now and they are still beautiful...alittle itchy at night after I take off make-up but no complaints.
November 23rd 2005
nancy s. | South Tampa Spa
During my last brazilian wax Nayla was awsome!!! When I first heard that Pia was hiring new girls after a long time of being waxed by her, I was at first hesitant because I never thought that I would find someone to wax as amazing as her. But Nayla was excellent, she saw that I was pregnant and took even more care with the wax and 'special' areas...she was really great & made me even forget that Pia was not waxing but someone else!!! thank you girls for making me 2 lbs lighter at every appointment, haha!!
November 23rd 2005
elana h. | South Tampa Spa
Pias is a great spa with extremely helpful, talented and courteous staff. I am always greated with a smile and a friendly hello. It is a pleasure to visit to everytime.
November 23rd 2005
Jennifer J. | South Tampa Spa
I believe Zeyna is the woman who helped me and she was absolutely terrific! I was really nervous and she put me totally at ease. She was extremely professional and very friendly. She also did a terrific job! I'll definitely be coming back.
November 23rd 2005
Carrie J. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla was wonderful. Both her and Zeyna are always pleasant and professional when I come in.
November 23rd 2005
Alexis M. | South Tampa Spa
Pia is always very pleasant and makes what is inevitably an uncomfortable experience as tolerable and pleasant as possible. Thanks, Pia!
November 23rd 2005
Sarah A. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time coming to Pia Esthetics and I will definitely come back! It was honestly one of the best massages I have ever had. Thank you!
November 23rd 2005
Lori F. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla was very professional and friendly. I would recommend Pia's to anyone.
November 23rd 2005
Becky S. | South Tampa Spa
I enjoyed my visit, it made me fell at ease as soon as I walked through.And Zeyna did everything to calm me down.
November 23rd 2005
Mary A. | South Tampa Spa
She was great! It was my first time for a leg, bikini and underarm wax and she made me feel very comfortable. She talked to me the whole time (which was long), so it took my mind off what she was doing. Everyone at Pia's is so kind and knowledgeable, that I have NO hesitation recommending them to everyone I know!! Thank you!!!
November 23rd 2005
Dulce C. | South Tampa Spa
My experience was great. Nayla made me very relaxed and took my mind off what was actually happening. I'll defin. be making another appoint. The results are amazing.
November 23rd 2005
Megan C. | South Tampa Spa
I was extremely impressed by both the day spa and Nayla. I just moved to Tampa from Miami and was looking for my go-to place for waxing and what not. I think I found it! Not only is the day spa charming, but your menu of services is varied and thorough and has a lot I hope to try. Nayla was extremely professional and did a great job.
November 23rd 2005
Abby | South Tampa Spa
Today was a great expirience for me. I even let Pia put make up on me. It was definetly a very different expirience for me.
Thanks to all you staff also. They are very friendly even with my loud mouth.
November 22nd 2005
Annette B. | South Tampa Spa
I thought the experience was great. Pia is very professional and made me feel very comfortable.
November 22nd 2005
leslie c. | South Tampa Spa
My sphynx wax with Pia was the least painful, most thorough one I've ever had. She even made me laugh!
November 22nd 2005
Vanessa C. | South Tampa Spa
Nayla always does a great job and makes for a very easygoing environment!
November 21st 2005
Christy G. | South Tampa Spa
I had my first wax appointment at Pia's Esthetics with Nayla. I had several brazilian waxes before trying out your salon. Nayla was quick, easy, painless and did a fantastic job. The wax was faster and less expensive than all of my previous waxings. I will definately be coming back to your spa in the future. Thanks!
November 21st 2005
H | South Tampa Spa