Reviews by Location:

Great! I moved out of state and came back to Pia ASAP and its the service that brings me back, the quality of the wax is just magnificent i love it!
August 15th 2012
Halima B. | South Tampa Spa
I got a perfect pedicure for myself and my mother in law and it was the most enjoyable experience. The girls were both welcoming and made us very comfortable. My legs and my feet were so soft afterwards and I loved the colors on my nails.

I would highly recommend this service!
August 12th 2012
Danielle M. | South Tampa Spa
I had a pedicure and it was wonderful, I will never go back to my old place again. She was friendly, the place was very relaxing and my toes look great. Can't wait for my next one.
August 9th 2012
Laurie W. | South Tampa Spa
As always, Pia's staff is friendly, thorough and fast! Always pleased.
August 8th 2012
Jody h. | South Tampa Spa
I received an eyebrown wax and eyelash extension on my last visit to Pia (also my first visit!). What a great experience! I have already recommended the salon to a few people, and I know they will love it too. Clean environment, cute decor, and professional staff.
August 6th 2012
Kristina M. | South Tampa Spa
I had the massimo facial and it was wonderful. Great relaxing and enjoyable experience! Front desk girl was very pleasant as well.
August 5th 2012
Liz F. | South Tampa Spa
I thougt my experience was going to be very uncomfortable and awkward for me and the person who had to wax my personal area.. But my technician was very nice and comforting.. She even at one point said..I think I am coaching you through this which made me laugh.. And comedy is always the best remedy.. Thanks!
August 3rd 2012
Alison R. | South Tampa Spa
She was AWESOME! I had half-leg wax, underarm wax, and completely bare bikini wax. While I was extremely nervous and certainly used unladylike words when each strip was pulled. She kept me busy talking (about my wedding, her marriage, and so on). If I wasn't from NY, I would absolutely come back to Pia for further services!
July 31st 2012
Jenni-Ann E. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful experience and your employees are very professional and fantastic. Thank you!
July 31st 2012
Roberta M. | South Tampa Spa
Great day for facial and massage. Treated extremely well. Can't wait until next appt.
July 30th 2012
debbi c. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was super friendly. I was very impressed by the atmosphere and the positive energy. Thank you.
July 25th 2012
Cassie H. | South Tampa Spa
She was pleasant and welcoming. She took great care to explain everything during the experience and to make me comfortable. I was very pleased and will return for further treatments.
July 18th 2012
Linda N. | South Tampa Spa
Everyone was wonderful and pleasant and very skilled. I had a great experience. I am so glad you started doing the perfect pedicure. I much prefer going to your beautiful and relaxing spa rather than a nail salon!
July 18th 2012
Michelle D. | South Tampa Spa
I came in to get a gift certificate and the service was great!
July 15th 2012
Amanda W. | South Tampa Spa
Beyond wonderful and I am so grateful for the excellent experience I had at Pia for my first bikini wax. I am new to Tampa and Tania was highly recommended by my sister. I will definitely be coming back to see her!
July 12th 2012
Melanie P. | South Tampa Spa
wonderful experience, very professional and courtesious from the time I booked the appt to leaving the spa....will recommend to everyone
July 11th 2012
connie c. | South Tampa Spa
I had a very good experience. Very helpful and informative. She put me on a skin plan, and I'm looking forward to executing it. My skin already feels better and can't wait for more services.
July 9th 2012
Marla L. | South Tampa Spa
As always, great and quick. I am booking in two weeks to get a facial by her and a massage from someone else. Since I have been a customer of Pia I am happy with the services at this establishment.
July 8th 2012
madeline p. | South Tampa Spa
As usual, I had a great experience at Pia's! I refuse to go any where else!
July 7th 2012
Tara | South Tampa Spa
She was amazing! Made me feel very comfortable. She did a great job on my wax and was very quick! I will definitely be back to Pia
July 7th 2012
Allison K. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first bikini wax and my Technician was great. She explained everything and she initiated a conversation so I would not get apprehensive over the procedure. I highly recommend and will definitely be back!
July 6th 2012
Lisa J. | South Tampa Spa
I had a fantastic experience in my deep tissue massage. He was very sensitive to my needs and took care of my most difficult muscles. He was also very friendly and ultimately very professional.
Thank you!
July 6th 2012
Tina P. | South Tampa Spa
I purchased a gift certificate for my daughter's birthday. I viewed many of the online sites for spas in Tampa. One thing I like about Pia is that they were one of the only spas that had current reviews. I also liked the idea of multiple locations for my daughter to choose from. The delivery of the gift card was secure and quick. The order process was terrific. Hopefully my daughters experience at the spa will be equally pleasant.
June 27th 2012
Ruth L. | South Tampa Spa
It was my first visit, compliments of a gift certificate. I found it a very pleasant, soothing experience.
June 27th 2012
Paula M. | South Tampa Spa
Wonderful, completely great experience as usual! Pia, you really are the best and your spa shows this.
June 14th 2012
Sara D. | South Tampa Spa
Thank you for making my first Brazilian wax a positive experience! You made me feel comfortable when I was feeling nervous. Thank you so much! I will definitely be coming back to Pia's in the near future!
June 6th 2012
Cindy | South Tampa Spa
I purchased the gift card for a friend's birthday present. The day before the birthday, I had lost the gift card and was beside myself. I called the S. Tampa location, and not only did they replace the gift card, they wrapped it for me. It was a memorable customer care in a world where you don't see it often. Thank you!
June 5th 2012
Lisa B. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first facial. I was nervous going in. Expected to come out looking awful. I had such an amazing experience. I was relaxed and pampered! As a mom of three, I don't get this often and I'm glad I chose Pia! My esthetician was incredible and knowledgable.
June 1st 2012
Dana E. | South Tampa Spa
I wanted to say thank you to Pia. My first experience with Pia Eesthetics was at the South Tampa location. I was warmly welcomed and treated extremely well. Brow wax performed was outstanding. I recently relocated from Washington DC - used to receiving spa services from a salon for 14 years in Georgetown. Finding services of the same caliber in Tampa/St. Pete has been a challenge. Thanks to Pia for believing in providing quality and customer service. I will definitely be back for brows and additional services!
May 31st 2012
Lauren | South Tampa Spa
Great! Very nice and gentle and very friendly. Talked through the whole thing like we were old friends. It was very comforting and nice. Very good job!
May 24th 2012
Kelly | South Tampa Spa
I was in for a brazilian wax this past Saturday. As unenjoyable this service could possibly get I did have a great experience. The esthetician was quick and very precise and made the experience more comfortable. I was in a previous time as well about 6 weeks ago with a different esthetician and also had the same experience. I was sent to Pia's by 2 friends of mine and I have continued to pass the referrals on to others. Thank you.
May 21st 2012
Tara S. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first time at Pia's and I will definitely return! I felt so special from the time I walked in all the way until I left (which I really didn't want to do). The tranquil ambience was so relaxing. Everyone was courteous and friendly. My Perfect Pedicure was Perfect! My Nail Technician was so gentle and pampered me to the T! Instead of Calgon, take me away, it's Pia, take me away!
May 20th 2012
Toni M. | South Tampa Spa
Wow. How come it took me so long to come to you? Your shop is lovely, and your service is wonderful. My Technician was great and I will be back. I will also find you for my skin care and pedicures! Thanks for doing a great job.
May 18th 2012
CK | South Tampa Spa
I have to say that I am more than satisfied with my first experience at Pia! It will not be my last, because a good brazilian wax is hard to find. Pia, was amazing! Professional and clearly very experienced.
May 17th 2012
KELLEY | South Tampa Spa
Great experience. My first time having a bikini wax and was very pleased with the level of professionalism and the outcome. Thanks!
May 15th 2012
Whitney C. | South Tampa Spa
I had a wonderful European facial the other day. I felt the staff member asked all the right questions and let me know what what going on as it was happening. i would definitely return to get this service again.
May 15th 2012
Amity | South Tampa Spa
I Love coming to see Pia. Every time my eyebrows are perfect after waxing. And each time I come in the spa is nicer and nicer. So nice just to sit on the couch and relax and smell all the great products.
May 11th 2012
Stacey S. | South Tampa Spa
Everything was great and professional. Nothing bad to say about my first professional massage other than I would come back.
May 9th 2012
Paul S. | South Tampa Spa
My facial was very relaxing and fantastic. I also got my eyebrows tinted and waxed. I appreciate how knowledgeable my technician is about skincare. I was having a problem under my eyes with dehydration and she offered her opinion as well as some sample products to help with the problem. I absolutely love my eyebrows! I strongly recommend her to my friends for her professionalism and her knowledge of skincare. My facial was a wonderful experience.
May 7th 2012
Candace | South Tampa Spa
Great service!! Got my sexy bikini done perfectly, and she was super sweet. Also, your sangria is delicious! Thanks for the great customer service
May 6th 2012
Maria P. | South Tampa Spa
Great! The only person I trust to do my waxing. She makes me feel comfortable and has a wonderful personality. Will always come back and book with her.
May 6th 2012
Diana G. | South Tampa Spa
This was my first visit to Pia, and I was very impressed with everything y'all had to offer. The reception was warm and inviting, offering me water, margaritas and Sangria for Cinco de Mayo. I enjoyed the ambiance while waiting for my treatment.

It has been years since I've gotten a bikini wax, and your esthetician made me feel like I've been getting them often. She was friendly and just the right amount of talkative to keep my mind off the pain. She did a great job on the wax.

I booked a massage while I was there. I will be back!

May 6th 2012
Carolyn H. | South Tampa Spa
She was excellent. Courteous and fast. The place always smells good when I come in.
May 4th 2012
Audrey W. | South Tampa Spa
I always come to Pia whenever I need anything waxed :) All of the employees are friendly and do a great job! I have never had a bad experience at Pia.
May 3rd 2012
Andrea L. | South Tampa Spa
I had found your spa by searching on Google for waxing near Sarasota. I am recent convert to Brazilian Waxing, and as my esthetician in Sarasota became unavailable in town, I had to broaden my search. I am so happy that I found your spa! I was a little apprehensive but your staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I loved the atmosphere! I am grateful for the esthetician for making sure that she ensured my comfort and went over any issues/questions that I may have. I must say that she is very thorough and I am a very loyal client now.
April 27th 2012
Ayesha | South Tampa Spa
Very relaxing and super nice. I love doing my waxing at Pia. I have very sensitive skin and they know how to be gentle to my skin. Thanks!
April 27th 2012
Paola T. | South Tampa Spa
Wax was great! Some how Pia's makes it relaxing...and it always looks great.
April 25th 2012
Liz | South Tampa Spa
First of all, I have been a client of Pia's for the last 10 years. I've seen her business grow over the years. I've had other employees service me; but, surprisingly, I received my service from Pia. It was great to see her and reminisce. The service was excellent as always. Keep up the great work!
April 25th 2012
Maureen T. | South Tampa Spa
I went on April 23rd and recvd a waxing. The service was great, the person who did it was wonderful and professional. my overall experience at pia's has always been a great one. thanks everyone at pia's! :)
April 24th 2012
Elaine S. | South Tampa Spa
My massage was absolutely fantastic!! She was amazing and I hope to come back soon. I also love the fact that my massage room was totally quiet. So many times, I've had a massage at other places and I could hear the reception area or nail tech area conversations over the music. But not at Pia! Thank you so much and I hope to come back again soon.

April 20th 2012
Jen H. | South Tampa Spa